The Foreign exchange experience in NYC

hi my name is Hana DOOL Allah I'm from

Madrid Spain I am 20 years old and I am

a film and media student i am not sure

why i picked New York it was more of an

insult impulse to be honest it's not

something that I planned I had other

options i went i want to go to San Diego

as well and I wanted to go to the

Netherlands actually but New York

suddenly became my first option and I

decided to come so I remember when I was

13 years old I went to London with a

friend and her whole family and it was

like my first trip alone with her and

her family and we only spent like a week

in London it was really fast and I

remember going back home coming from the

airport and I just started crying

suddenly and I never knew why that

happened and now that I look back in

time I think it would suggest it's a

person that I realized that I want to

not only live abroad which is trouble

and see more places and see more things

and it was like some kind of realization

like a show of reality of me saying I

don't want to be you know here all my

life in Spain or whatever it is and as

less I think that's the first time I

realized that I wanted to trouble and

abroad yeah the best thing about living

by myself here is how much independence

I have I mean when you leave by yourself

you get an event in any way but leaving

in other countries like you have have a

design control whether you want to go to

play to know whether you want to say in

whether you want to watch Netflix one

night or go out of the next one so you

can pretty much do whatever you want and

I think that's something that I'm

definitely going to miss when i go back

to Spain one thing I noticed about you

you're the first time I came here and

that is how it's a really be singing

chaotic cities but because of that it

makes you feel guilty if you stay in

your room at least to me I can't just

stay here I mean if I was back in Spain

if I was back home I'm such a chill

person like Netflix all day or TV or

whatever like I love staying home but

here it makes me feel really bad so it

pushes you to go out and do things and

meet people because I think this really

makes you feel like anything is possible

really like both the best and the worst

thing anything can happen to you and

that is a very exciting feeling if you

go to the street and you never know so

that's something that motivates 64 watch

this motivates me

I have three years theory about new

years I haven't used it yet because I

haven't left but I have the feeling that

New York City I believe in here is like

dating a celebrity because at first

you're like wow I plan to leave us here

you are overwhelmed by it then you for

living here and you get used to it like

this like it becomes your home like its

aggressive you don't appreciate you

going to Susan you're like whatever is

your home after a month you you don't

stop by every street and admire it just

your home but I have the feeling that as

soon as I me as soon as I leave I'm

gonna be like wow like that was amazing

that's like you know like they can come

a face like you take it for granted but

then it's over and you appreciate only

one whenever I tell my friends pictures

from here even if it's something good

you said like me in the roomie in a

random to friend from Egypt a normal

picture before them is like wow it looks

amazing to become your new york like

just think around the picture of any

street and people back in Europe they're

all gonna love it no matter of how two

pictures up so yeah we take it for

granted a year

the capital is usually in several places

there's always really felt you're not

home anywhere so you feel like we don't

go anywhere by the tens are you belong

everywhere home is not an actual house

it's where you you know where your life

is and that is the simply love you own

the memories you have