Money Exchange Rates In Phuket - Riding Around To Find The Best Deals on Currency Exchange rates

a very good morning from Phuket and as

you can see the sun is shining today

after a week of rain we've had some

medium to heavy storms over here some

parts of Thailand have been really

having bad and lots of floods but the

weather has brightened up in the last

day or so and as you can see we have

blue skies at the moment in Phuket and

today I want to talk to you about


that affects everybody that visits

Thailand whether you're coming on

holiday whether you're coming for an

extended stay or even thinking of moving

over here permanently and that is

exchange rates




now some of you will already know that

the BART is quite strong at the moment

and on all the world currencies are a

little bit lower prices haven't really

risen a lot in Thailand over the last

couple of years people are moaning and

complaining Thailand is very expensive

whilst on some respects I would agree

with that but generally the prices

haven't risen or if they have they

haven't risen a bit by very much what's

causing Thailand to be expensive at the

moment is of course the exchange rate I

never thought I'd see the day that the

pound fell under 40 baht and now it is

at 36 so of course if you're visiting

Thailand from the UK 36 bar to the pound

he's not very good and this is not going

to get you very far so of course this is

going to make Thailand seem a lot more

expensive if you visited he maybe three

or four years ago and then coming back

now it's going to seen that it's got

more expensive it hasn't got any more

expensive actually here I can still buy

a coffee or a chai tea for 20 baht which

I could do five years ago but

unfortunately if your money comes from

outside of Thailand of course that is

going to seem more expensive because

you're only getting 36 bar to the pound

whereas before you may have been getting

54 or even more so your money wouldn't

go further well as you can see I've just

arrived and today we're going to be

looking at the exchange rates I want to

go around a few different areas and look

at what sort of exchange you can expect

to receive if you're coming over here in

the next month of course exchange rates

are always changing so it's going to

give you an idea on on top of this video

what I'm going to do is in the comment

section I'm going to update the exchange

rate weekly for the main currencies if

there's a currency that I'm not covering

and you particularly want to know the

exchange rate just drop me a comment in

the section down below and I'll do my


ok I'm gonna have a walk across the road

now to the money exchange booth and just

see what sort of exchange rates if

you're staying in row I what you can

expect in this area slowly cap for the

exchange yes I just want to see what the

exchange rate is today I'll care the

u.s. dollar is at thirty point nineteen

the parent is at thirty six point eight

- okay so I think it's gone up slightly

since yesterday because I know it was at

thirty six point eight so we have the

euro at thirty three point two nine I

don't see the Australian Australian

dollar and they don't yet the Australian

dollar I think is it's not very clear

there Australia are there twenty point

three five and then the Euro thirty

three to nine okay so the it looks like

the pounds gone very very slightly when

I looked yesterday it was at thirty six

point eight zero and today it's at

thirty six point eight two so very very

slight change of course I'm gonna try

and see whether the exchange rate is

better in Qatar Karen and Pat song or

lower so we've got now a benchmark today

to go on because when I did the filming

yesterday the shopping Mount and the

exchange shop obviously that the

exchange could have changed since then

so don't really have a benchmark for

today but that's our benchmark so it's

at thirty six point eight two for the UK

pound okay well we're going to make our

way now towards no harm and take a look

at some of the exchange rates you can

expect in the near harm area

that exchange booth wasn't too bad

actually I know the money shop that I

normally use yesterday they were

thirty-six point eight zero and that

exchange booth today is at thirty six

point eight

so not too bad it's actually slightly

higher but of course that was yesterday

and the rain may have changed today in

Phuket town now a lot of people want to

know which which way is the best to

change money bring over the cash

exchange it in your own countries and

etc now it's always been well known for

a long time that cash is the way to go

when coming to Thailand to bring the

cash out and change it once you get here

you tend to get annex a better exchange

rate but of course you only know these

which once you get a hair out here

unless of course you've got some

information such as I'm giving out now

they're current exchange rate so you can

have a look in your own country and see

if you are actually going to get a

better exchange rate and of course if

you are then of course it makes sense to

do it before you come to Thailand it was

always the norm in the past that you

would get better exchange over here than

in your own country all the time I've

been visiting Thailand I've always

brought the cash out myself and changed

over here because I know for a long time

I've always been getting better rates

but of course these things change over

the years coming into no harm now

so I'm going to look for an exchange

booth or shop or whatever they may have

here silver I can get the current rates

now of course people ask which is the

best way to change money and I

personally prefer a money shot like I've

always found they give a slightly better

rate but of course times change and

that's why I'm going around now to see

what I can find and see whether the

shops are the best way personally I find

the banks will give you the lowest rate

of course you can change your money at

some of the banks they do have exchanges

but I've always found the banks to be

the worst and the airports to be honest

I wouldn't change a lot of money as a

exchange booth I'm just gonna pop back

and have a look

gonna leave my helmet on when that way

looks a little bit better

sweaty cap can I just thank you okay on

this one we have British Pound

thirty-six point eight five they well

this one's actually better than the one

in row I hereby point zero three so this

is giving thirty six point eight five

you've got the US dollar at the top

there thirty point two five the Euro

thirty-three point three Australian

dollar twenty point forty so on and so

forth so there you go

thank you coping cap thank you so there

you go it just shows by just moving well

a couple of kilometers are you're gonna

get a slightly very marginal improvement

it's not a massive amount of course I'm

going to try and see where I can find a

better one but this all comes down to

depending on a ham which you're changing

of it obviously the more you're changing

every little bit bit helps

I wouldn't recommend you change any

money at the airport or at least a very

very minimal amount just to get you to

your hotel because I guarantee you the

exchange rates at the airport won't be

very good wait until you get to your

resort your hotel see what's around you

work out what is the best way because of

course these little bits are going to

save you a little bit of money and

there's another exchange I don't think

it's open


it's not open that one okay so there's

about three exchange booths that I can

see in the net arm area not loads

one of those three he's closed at the

moment so it may be worth having a bit

of a ride around when you arrive here

and just see what's in your local area

what sort of exchange rates you get in

work out which is the best booth to go

to or indeed a shop if there's one local

if you're staying near Phuket town then

the NC Plus shop that we will be looking

at shortly he's definitely a good shop

to visit they always offer very very

competitive race

another exchange booth on the age of no

Hahn's I'm just going to have a quick

look at the exchange rate okay this one

is thirty six point seven five so a

little bit lower than the other one

further down the road the US dollar


twenty-eight depending on which one

you're changing 5130 point three

Australian dollar twenty point forty

Russian ruble point four four okay

the Euro thirty-three point three five

well we're just coming into Catherine

now I'm gonna have a look around and see

where I can find some money exchanges

of course I haven't mentioned that the

hotels also have or some of the hotels

will also have money exchanges so it may

be worth taking a look and see what rate

the hotel will offer you as well

normally the hotels aren't as good as

the money booths or the money shops

however it is well worth having a look

there we go there's our money exchange

so I'm gonna just have a quick look see

what great offering okay so we are now

in cata

see what the rate is compared to Nate

harm sorry cap tonight I just want to

thirty-six point eight five so it's the

same rate for the UK pound u.s. dollar

Australian dollar euro okay

token cap thank you

so it's a very similar rate over in

Qatar as watch it was in a heart so not

too much difference at the moment very

slight difference is not a massive


I've just turned onto cata Road this is

opposite that beyond resort cata I'm

going to try and pull up over here if I

can take a look at all the righties of

this move this one says cash only

so this one is thirty six point seven

zero so a little bit lower than the one


well we have one on there and one on the

screen thirty six point seven zero yeah

so it's the same as on the piece of


what we got the Euro 33.3 the dollar hat

well if you're changing anything up to

20 it's 30 30 and if you're changing

50-100 it's thirty point four so a

little bit of a difference not a great

deal there used to be a difference

between 20s and 50s in the UK pound but

looking at the exchange rates the last

few weeks I've noticed now it really

isn't worth bringing 50s anymore because

you're not getting that much more of a

better exchange rate for them at one

time you did use to get a better

exchange rate but slowly that's

disappearing okay let's make our way

further along now stop just outside the

night Plaza and there's a money exchange

there I just want to have a quick quick

look at what the exchange rate is okay

well we've got the UK pound at thirty

seven point zero one there that's the

highest I found so far

so that's quite good the US dollar

thirty point four four four fifty one

hundred u.s. sorry Australian dollar

twenty point five four so it does pay

around just pay to shop around there so

for every hundred you're going to get

three thousand seven hundred three

thousand seven hundred bars as opposed

to three thousand six hundred so that's

that's quite ok it's not a massive

amount but it's as I say if you watch

our changing a large amount of money can

make a bit of a difference what have we

got here Russian ruble 0.46 so this one

this exchange booth is the highest one

so far that I've found and this one is

just outside the night Plaza opposite

the pink restaurant in Qatar so that's

really good that's a good rate they

don't charge any Commission or that's

what it says we just now entered Quran

just going to have a look try and find

the nearest money exchange shop booth

whatever it may be there seems to be a

lot more booths and shops of course you

can use the ATMs and Drury tears on your

credit-card stroke a debit card but

there is a fee involved exchange there

yeah I'm gonna try and get across here

what the rate is here as the benchmark

for Karen okay

so what we have is the Australian dollar

twenty point two five and slightly

better here

a little bit less than the vote that we

just looked up the UK pound and the

dollar as well okay on now towards the

northern end going towards Patong I'm

trying to find another money exchange

just to see the difference between one

end to the other

seemed to be many money exchanges down

this part to be honest I haven't seen

any Autobahn

okay thirty-seven point one so again

this one's not too bad it's giving the

best exchange rate

okay Australian dollar 20 and the euro

thirty three point five okay so that's

not too bad

I didn't notice actually a sign on the

window and says I don't want people

photographing or recording video we're

gonna make our way now into pattern and

see what I can find

over in Patong but obviously being the

main area for tourists so ever it's a

better rate or a worser rate I'm

expecting to find a worser rate in

Patong but I'm hoping that it's going to

prove me wrong

just arriving in Patong now I'm going to

make my way along with the Beach Road


that's if the road is open I know a few

weeks ago they were doing some road work

some sort of works along that road and

they were done diverting the chat

traffic but I'm gonna go down there and

take a look I think if I remember

rightly there's a couple of money


down along that road I'm gonna try and

see where I can find a benchmark to go

off in pattern to start with then I'm

going to take a look at another three or

four different exchanges I'm not sure

where the shocks are in pattern

it's not somewhere that I come normally

to exchange any more money or ever have

done I can just see one there I'm just

gonna put the brakes on and have a quick

look at that one to give me an idea okay

let's go on have a look it helps by

leaving my helmet on I don't realize how

filming and then I can get a benchmark

for Patong

37 here euro 28 37 okay yeah okay

cotton cap okay so it's 37 in Patong

which it surprised me because I would

have thought it would have been a lower

rate here I know some of these money

places don't like selves being filmed I

think it's more of they worry about

security obviously getting robbed or

something people filming them etc my

intent is obviously just to show the

exchange rate gonna go a little bit

further down onto the beach road and

just see what the exchange rate is

closer to the beach lots of money places

to change Tom you're not gonna struggle

finding somewhere to change your money

but of course as you can see there's

another one there

lots of them about another one there

like four five now in a very very short

space see what the rate is here compared

to the last one okay

UK UK pound I don't see okay thirty-six

point okay I find it's okay

thirty six point four five or the pound

thirty three point five okay carbon cap

thank you

okay so that one is actually a little

bit lower to meet you wrote now in

Patong if I can find one along the road

so we've had a 37 and we've got a 36

point 7 6 I believe he was


quite a lot obviously I can't stop at

the mall take me all day so I'm just

picking certain ones out at random

trying to give a bit of space between


find somewhere to park I want to be

quite close to it that way I can leave

my helmet on obviously my cameras on the


rather than taking the camera out I've

got my own smile with me but of course

they'll say I'm recording then and some

of them don't like it when you're

recording so I want to try and part

where I can sort of jump off the bike

just look at there's one there I'm going

to see where I can just have a quick

sort of a look at that exchange


just see I could get powned he's 36

point zero zero so that he's the worst

one by far

okay so that's one to avoid straightaway

I can see the exchange rate isn't very

good on that at all so definitely one

there to avoid okay that's the worst one

so far on the beach road so it seems you

might get a good exchange rate

along the beach road

it's quite a lot along the beach road as

you can see numerous ones but I think

the rates are not going to be as good

along here for the back you go the

better the rate you're going to find I


find another one just to check it

further down


see if I can pull in behind

this sort of taxi and just stop here

just see the exchange rate a tizzy

okay what have we got I'll use English

pound as a benchmark

30-point English pound 36.7 are okay so

it's not quite as bad as the one before

and still not great so 37 is the best I

found but that's towards the back away

from the beach area

so now we're on ratcheted Road


okay thirty-six point nine six oh that's

not so bad

euro okay the US dollar thirty point 4 2

on the Australian 20 point five four so

again it really comes down to boot the

booth I think so some of the boots are

offering a reasonable rate and some

aren't so it doesn't really matter where

you are staying you're going to be able

to find a reasonable write rate just

because you're staying hungry doesn't

mean that you're going to get a lower

rate than you would if you were staying

Kathir as i've shown you can get for the

UK as an example 37 at the very best

down to 36 at the very worst bending on

which booth you choose just do one more

in Patong before i finish now this is

along one of the main roads i'll have to

find a name put it on the bottom of the


okay we've got 37.9 there

well thirty-seven point two zero nine

should I say so that's quite good for

the English pound its dollar thirty

point three seven


hero 33.4 chaos trolley ax

twenty point five four okay so that's

not too bad we've got the Russian ruble

whose 0.43 okay

and that's that value plus I will put

the name of the road I'm not currently

on at the bottom of the video now

because I don't know it's up on my head

what I'm going to do now is shoot across

to Phuket town to take a look at the

money shop and see what exchange rate

he's giving out today so to say how he

compares to the money booths as I say

I've always found the money shops to be

slightly better but things may have

changed since I've last changed any

currency the booths don't seem to be

doing too bad to be honest I'm quite

surprised they're giving okay not a

fantastic rate but a reasonable rate

especially considering we're in Patong I

thought the right over in Patong would

actually be lower the lowest of any way

but it's not it's roughly the same there

are a few exceptions of course money

booths you've got a really shop around

check a few out make sure you're getting

the best possible rate where there is an

exchange shop well actually poke it down

there are quite a few shops and normally

these give you a better rate then the

money booths that you will find dotted

around I'm standing right near the brand

new novotel hotel that's been opened in

Phuket town and the reason why I'm there

is right next door to this hotel is the

NC plus money exchange shop now I'm not

going to be able to film inside because

obviously this issues those regard

security and they're not keen on me

showing inside well I've just been

inside and had a quick look on the board

and it has I thought they money shops

rates are very very slightly better than

what I've seen today going around and

the money cubicles booths whatever you

want to call them the English pound

he's at 30 7.20 and I think the best one

I saw in the money booth was 37 point a

1 and 0 so it's not a great deal but if

you in Phuket town then this might be

worth the nca plus money shot might be

worth coming to I've always found this

shot to give you the best possible

exchange rates anywhere on the island or

as good as anywhere else if not better

so of course if you're changing a large

amount of money those small differences

can add up if it's only a hundred pounds

or $100 whatever whatever if it's only a

small amount then of course it's not

going to be worth the trip over to

Phuket town to this particular shop but

if you are changing a thousand or more

pounds or dollars whatever the case may

be if it's a large amount of money then

of course small savings do add up so I

would recommend maybe looking out for

one of these proper money exchange shops

I will put the address and all the

details link down below in the

description so until next time I'll

catch you on the next one