POE - Converting Random Currency to Chaos THE EASY WAY - Create your own store

what's going on guys drop a deuce key

here today we're gonna do another

beginner's guide for path of Exile and

this one is gonna go over how to turn

your random minor currencies into chaos

so in our last video we went through the

ins and outs of speed farming you know

for the brand brand-new player you know

running and gunning setting up a dump

tab filling it up before you check it in

this one we've now run and as you can

see here I went ahead and separated out

a whole bunch of things that we got I

set up some runs and did some runs on

stream after I did the video and I

wanted to go over a couple of different

options with you guys as to how you can

turn all of these currencies up here and

your fragments and some other things in

decay us the easy way now there are two

main ways to do this you can either if

you've gone ahead and bought yourself

some of these tabs you know like your

currency tab or your fragments tab you

know you can do them from right here

right so if you're new and you haven't

done this before via the fragments I

know a lot of you guys have done like a

you know a quad tab that's public and

you go ahead and set a value on an item

well you can do that with the frag and

the currency tabs as well right so if

you come here set this to public each

item individually priced and then for

instance you wanted to sell these

fragments now what we'll do is use our

pew e-trade macro check the price on

these bad boys and it's you know about

0.5 6 or 0.6 per frag so you could just

go a negotiable price chaos and then 0.6

here and we'll see if it'll take point 6

on the actual tab I'm not sure if it

does yeah see it does so you could just

do it via the tabs here but there's

another way that I'm going to show you

now you can do this similarly with the

kit the currency tab so if you wanted to

set an individual price here you first

set this to public then you go through

and you price out your vol orbs or any

of that now what we're going to show you

now is a trick that I've been using

since I started someone showed me this

and for this specific trick you don't

need to have any of the expensive tabs

so this is going to work out really cool


you guys if you don't have a lot of

money to invest in path of Exile so if

you guys have used the PUA trade macro a

lot of you guys know if you do an

advanced search it pulls up the website

we are now at pee-wee trade right this

is the PUA trade macro website if you

click this currency market button here

up in the top right you're taken here

which looks just like the standard you

know PE trade you know currency tab same

same functionality I used to use this

all the time sometimes I use them both

you can actually create your own custom

store here which is really really cool

so what you're gonna do is it'll say

manage your shop here at the top right

if you click that if you read here

authorization required please paste your

control P we trade URL below you

actually get this from GGG right so you

click this here URL link right it's

going to ask you to log in and then take

you to a private message here what I did

when I sent mine was just like need

trade code all I did was put that in the

subject and send right because you've

already got your two here I immediately

got a response with my code and then

let's pull up my already logged in

browser once you get that code you put

it into this website and boom now it

says you know have a good day drop a

deuce key logout if you want to so you

can pick the league that you're in and

then specifically what we're gonna do

let's use an example here so we want to

do our vol orbs per se so let's price

out our vault works real quick and when

we'll see that they're going for on the

low-end about 0.59 two point six one two

five so I'm just gonna go with 0.6 from

my vault orbs right so I have ten twenty

thirty that I want to sell let's go

ahead and pull up a calculator and we'll

do thirty times point six eighteen see

right so with this shop that we can

create I can say what I want to sell I

want to sell ball orbs thirty and I

would like to get eighteen see in return

right so now that I've set this up I can

click Save and bump and one

to do this it is now up and searchable

on this and the regular PUA trade

currency area right when you go to buy

currency you can now see that drop adieu

Sookie has 30 volumes for sale for 18

see right you can do this for all of

your currencies and anything else that

you could potentially get from those

currency tabs right meaning you can do

it for the timeless Splinter's you can

do it for incubators you can do it for

further any of this stuff it's really

really cool so what I'll end up doing is

after I've done some speed running for a

couple of hours

you can lick Li Jin here and you're

still seeing your little store item the

one thing I want to mention is once you

sell this item you need to come in here

and remove this store because you're

gonna keep getting whispered but what

I'll do after I run is I'll keep pricing

out things right up down you know 20 40

60 80 117 jewelers if I wanted to

convert them that way I could or I could

flip them over to you know fusing x' and

sell them that way this is 1 3 8 9 to 1

4 to 9 so we'll just go like a 1 4 flat

on this so 1 4 flat would be let's do

our calculator again 0.14 times

117 oops

times 1 1 7 and we'll get sixteen point

three eight so you could do 16 3 I

normally just write round down so I can

get them sold right away right so if we

wanted to do new offer jewelers orb and

this does autofill for you 1 1 7 16 see

and then save and bump right so once you

save and bump its up and for sale so

every time you want to add another item

you can do a new offer so you can just

sit here and kind of go through and sell

these things right so what your ultimate

goal is going to be is to convert all of

this into chaos and the nice thing about

doing it with this store setup is if you

take yourself about 45 minutes and you

set up and price everything especially

for you guys out there that don't have

the you know the nice currency tab or

the nice fragments tab you can you know

do this very very simply

get them set up and then you just start

popping in maps and start keep running

and gunning right you get in there you

start you know running some maps filling

up another dump tab because this one's

already all set up and ready to go and

then you start getting whispers and you

start selling these items it's a really

really cool trick and it's something

that I learned really early on and it

saved me a boatload of time right you

can convert I think the other night we

had like a full quad tab full of random

stuff and I set up all my stores and

within you know maybe an hour hour and a

half of me just continuing to run in

math I literally converted everything in

this tab over to chaos now one last

little tidbit of info here don't forget

that if you've got a bunch of gems I

like to pick them up depending on you

know how far along and how much currency

you have anytime that they have quality

you can go and flip them for jeweler for

gem cutters prisms right these gem

cutters preserves are worth a lot of

dough after you get up a whole bunch of

them right you get a nice stack of gem

cutters prisms and these are going for

1.28 1.3 so let's do like one point two

eight times what do we got eighteen

times eighteen twenty three point four

so we get 23 see for these gem cutters

so we're gonna put up one more store

let's do gem cutters so you guys can see

the process one more time

oops not promise we want Jim prisms 18

for 23 see and you can do this for the

exults you can do it for anything right

so you can set it up too to trade for

anything what does it not like Jim

cutter prism for oh I have an empty line

so and dumb okay so you can't have an

empty line when you set up your store

but as you can see we're starting to get

whispers coming in they're all trying to

buy stuff from the tab that I set to

public but these will go through too now

the trade site has been kind of wonky

lately a lot of times like we had just

done ball orbs a lot of times you can

come pretty much immediately and go

search and there I am while

duskie 30 up 418 see right you can find

yourself just about immediately for any

of these items that you put up let's see

if gem cutters are there already because

we just posted them sometimes it's

instant sometimes it's not but once you

set it up you just kind of go and forget

about it right let's see wild goose key

right there see so I've got 18 for 23

see and once they're there you're good

you're good to go

guys I'm gonna keep this short and sweet

thank you guys so much for checking out

this video the whole key or intent for

these these short short guides is for

the so you guys that are brand brand new

can start doing the speed farming that a

lot of the guys that you're watching on

twitch are doing they're converting

their lesser currencies into those chaos

into those exalts and they're doing it

really really efficiency efficiently and

that's how they're pulling in and

getting really really good gear you know

the faster you get and the more

efficient you get at this the better

what we've been doing just as a small

tip is there's three of us right that

have been running for most of the entire

league we alternate who has this job

every other day right so some days it's

me at the end they give me everything

that they had picked up cuz we just set

it on all open loot and we grab

everything we can and then at the end

you give it to the person that needs to

sell and you know if I'm just gonna be

sitting here watching Twitch or watching

Netflix or whatever I'll set up my

stores and just chill for a couple hours

and then the next day they get on I'm

like here's your here's your 2x you know

or here's your 200 C or whatever it was

that we got yesterday while we ran for a

couple hours it's a really nifty trick

and especially for you guys that can't

afford to buy the the tabs do it this

way even if you have just the bare-bones

you can get these stores set up and get

these currencies swapped in no time

guys if you haven't seen my twitch

stream it's twitch TV slash drop a deuce

key come on by anytime I'm on five days

a week I can answer your questions live

we can get you an invite to the discord

so you can ask any time whether I'm live

or not and if you guys have other other

tips or other ways you convert these

currencies throw a comment in the

description below thank you guys so much

for checking this out good luck on the

runs and we will see you soon