what's up everybody and I almost hit some student driver that's okay so the

Tampa Bay Lightning you're now playing the Boston Bruins I am so excited right

now because Toronto just lost though Toronto is my second home I like this in

a bit lightning and I hate the Bruins anybody that grew up in Connecticut and like the

Whalers don't like the Bruins and the Rangers are our mortal enemies, but anything to watch

them get destroyed five games five games 5 games! you heard it here first people

destroy the Bruins in five games the Bruins will take Game one and then

we'll just scorch the earth all the way to the fleet center whatever the hell

that stupid place is called it nobody cares about it. So some of you have been

asking me questions online and sending me emails which by the way there's my

email if you want any questions about what it's like to live in Japan let me

know. So I'm driving now because a lot of the questions that you've asked are

going to be answered in this video, and it's basically one question that I keep

getting over and over and over again. How do you get money like how do you get

money out there in Japan I'm like well funny you should ask...

So here we go I got $20 and I need to get Yen nobody here except on base

accept dollars and I live off base so what do you do? Usually the rates on base

I find are lower so I go off base to find the rate that I like it is when I

say lower it's maybe just like a quarter or seventy-five cents lower

but I'm cheap so I want to make sure that I get the best value for my

American dollar.. Dance monkey dance and apparently we have some Michigan fans

here living in Okinawa or maybe there's just a run on yellow and blue paint. Now

traditionally like a round town around the bases outside the bases there are these

places that you can exchange money and they all have little signs that say

money exchange and you go in there... again the exchange rate will

be a little higher and there it is and you'll see it because it has the

two little fluorescent signs that say money exchange and that's how you know

that they exchange money there oh by the way if you if you'd like to please

subscribe and like and share!! Most of these places do not have the sign

outside you have to go in but this one does so you look here and it says

obviously it says exchange you know you can go on Facebook whatever if you can

type that my keyboard doesn't do that and then you'll see like the exchange

rate for one dollar is a hundred and seven yen and forty-five cents I

believe that's the exchange rate it's much higher than it was earlier. You'll

have to remember that the exchange rate in Japan is higher numerically than what

we consider. So like one dollar American is going to be about 107 Yen and

forty-five cents yes so don't be an idiot like a friend of mine who's coming

to visit, and I said hey you might want to change some money in the United

States before you come to Japan so that you'll have some spending money at the

airport if you want to buy something in case they don't take card. And he's like

don't worry dude I got it all set up I got thirty thousand yen in coming. I'm

gonna live like a king... you only got 300 bucks bro and don't be stupid

on the customs form when you come over and when they ask if you have more than

$10,000 coming into the country say oh yeah I got thirty thousand that's not

really what you have, you have 300 bucks take it easy player...

and we can exchange some more money when you get here so there's no need to be

intimidated we're just gonna go inside I don't know if you can hear because

there's so much traffic wouldn't it oh it's lunchtime but there's lunchtime

traffic in Japan you should know that. Into the Toriii exchange and it's nice

open so we're just going to go I thought my cameras so so you come here and so

I've got like 20 bucks... Yes you're gonna be on YouTube, so yeah you say hi hi everyone!!

awesome so yeah Tori exchange it's awesome okay so here you see the today's

rates and it is 107 so if you're exchanging dollars to Yen you're gonna

get for every dollar you're gonna get 107 45 don't be nervous

don't be scared everybody's friendly if they don't speak English they'll speak

just enough to take your money! You put your 20 there okay and the process

is usually really quick and I'm just doing $20 for to show here we have the

calculator and it shows me what I'm going to get I'm gonna get two thousand

one hundred and forty-nine yen for my twenty dollars which seems like a

pretty great deal. So she disappears back there to what I can only assume was a

giant safe, guarded by armed guards and attack dogs so then she'll give me my money..


so here is 2 thousand yen, with the guy that looks like Bruno Mars yep and then take our change

don't be rude always a slight bow and Arigatōgozaimashita..bye and that's

okay bye bye everyone and so that's it that's how you exchange money in Japan

it's really quite simple it's very easy I got my two thousand yen and I am ready

to party... not really....haha

When you come to Japan

there's really no reason to be worried about getting money and there's really

no reason to like load up in United States on yen if you don't want to or you can

or if your bank is hassling you just come on out here and you'll see the

exchange places and you can just exchange money there like a normal

person. Side note I did realize that out here by the Torii exchange the rate is

usually maybe like 25 to 30 cents higher than it is here the main bases like camp

Foster and Kadena so if you live out here near Torii in Yomitan I

suggest and while you're out here just exchange

some money I wouldn't come out here for the rate itself as it seems like I have

a wasted trip we're so far away look that's it that's how you exchange money

in Japan that's how you get money to spend into local businesses and and

local restaurants which by the way are so much cheaper than anything I can find

on base kind of a short video but an important video so I'm gonna jump into

the Tampa Bay Lightning mobile and I'm gonna go home now if you know anybody in

the military active doing your spouse give them hug or handshake cause it ain't

easy and I will see you next video