Where to Exchange Money in Bangkok | Thailand VLOG


today I'm going to show you how to

initiate money when you come to Bangkok

you can come to this area my friend my

friend you can't hear too anxious but

it's so easy and I gonna show you




so now we're going to the from v1 Pro

change the fermentation in Thailand it

costs two fillings

I think you know

actually every the super 8 they have

like to to please

one is an orange one and once green one

so before like long time ago like there

is only one show

still it was really and my memory Bardo

sister or whatever like sbrega so to

change to the to Astoria to stop the

names to bleed out

if our our before they are already

noticeable Italy so yeah and today we

going to the green one the supreme

okay when you go down through the b14


it looks here


so today I'm going to shame mom gets

down to time on messy

actually today I'm going to shame from

Germany about two Japanese yen's before

I'm going to Japan but this one I'm

going to do an hundred es Dora

for you guys that you can understand

easy that hundred US dollar how much


and now it's like okay hundred-dollar my

32 pí

but for me gotten about like 3,000



yes we got 3,200


so you just have to bring the money any

courtesy you want to change

get your passport yeah when you come you

get a paper for you to write down

address like the hotel the room number

justjust good detail or number your

number write down the people

so yeah I hope this video and gonna help

you to get ashamed Manisa easy and in

good land in Thailand

if you come here to any currency you can

ashame to tomorrow you want to

came from time but back to your currency

is also you can do it in here

I got the money I'm gonna go get the

good food

so I'm beside to shame

two Japanese yen from Taiwan to Japanese

yen again

thank you up to towns

well it's not that easy

you can get it

in a middle range actually effort I

think I'm going to change change

Airport but I think because I'm here

already so ago she ate

Japanese yen try but you'll miss the end


okay I got nineteen hundred twenty

thousand yes

I spend

forty nine thousand seven hundred

twenty-five so I give them 15 thousand

and I gotta change here

is the Japanese yen


17 or so


the robbery is a good

they're pointy

yeah this is the how to have my issues

money and every time we're traveling

hope you guys understand


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I'm going to show you around the world