Witcher 3- How to EXCHANGE Orens & Florens for CROWNS plus get a LOAN!- Gameplay on ps4 (1080p)

yeah time for The Witcher 3 I'm done

I so ye has all these extra or ins and

florins yet year does not know how to

convert them in to crowns

Wow then what you need to do

let's go ahead and head to novigrad then

ye needs to go west of the higher I

Square just a touch to where my players

current position is and this shock keep

here does trader

for or ins and Florida's let me show you

how can I be of service

I would like to convert my currency dead


got some coin I'd like to convert into

crowns you've come to the right place

a better rich you'll not faint anywhere

in the city and now I am up 743 crowns

thank you Vimy pathology how can I be

absurd let us look at this alone what is

a alone I need coin guess I have to take

out a loan of course I'll arrange it

right away

just like that lady yennefer of

vengerberg long ago declared herself

your guarantor were these circumstances

ever to our nice besides we tried and

true methods for collecting debts

I think ye yennefer and now I have a

loan for a hundred pounds and that is it

for needing to find what a trade and

your money and now I am rich I have 1670


thank you very much and good night and


I went began