What happens with damaged U.S. dollars? | VOA Connect

just try to find the identified in fiber

parts like the mouth the nose eyes stuff

like that I probably finished it in

about an hour

I've seen worse lot worse we are in the

mill a currency division um any money

that's been somehow damaged to the

extent where you can't determine the

value this is the only place in the

world Alex except the US currency yeah

it's just a free service the government

provides we don't take any taxes out we

don't charge any fees it's just it's

kind of like having insurance on your

money if something were to happen to it

they reimburse you for it

we require 51% the note and it to be

genuine US currency and we pay face

value on it the largest about individual

is two million dollars that I can recall

and there was a case that a lot of

people just don't trust paying so when

the housing market crashed about ten

years ago they withdrew two million

dollars from their account and they

stored it in the garage for over a

period of years and water had they had

the money stored in a bag but water had

creeped in the bag in the notes had

solidified together when they went to

retrieve it

animals like to chew up money so

sometimes it's just if you leave $20 on

the coffee table the dog will come and

chew it up sometimes the dog will

actually eat it and the owner will wait

a few days and then wait for the dog to

process it out we do require you to wash

it off this case looked like it was some

kind of a ATM type of machine where it

caught on fire they claim in 38,000 some

of the money is totally burnt in this

bag here totally wet been sitting almost

a year so mold has grown on the sides of

and stuff so this stuff is still pretty

wet but it's it's not too bad to

separate and count them count them out

in batches of a hundred

typically although all of our cases come

through the US Postal Service we have a

Pio box and then those are delivered to

us by our armored car service usually

get about 24,000 submissions a year and

we reimburse just north of 40 million