hello guys and welcome back and here as

as you see look what I have here today

to show you this is a spectacular day

this is awesome I am so excited I am

really excited I forgot I forgot even

the two or three English words how to

how to speak normally this is amazing

guys the German of the pre euro German

mark the Deutsche Mark the famous

Deutsche Mark that many many countries

copied their designs in the 90s it's

spectacular guys it's amazing is it's my

blowing a friend of mine from from

Germany some of this find this bag no

technique in very very fine very fine

condition so it's it's amazing I'm I'm

speechless this is the most beautiful

series of banknotes

I have all the older series look the

beauty of the 1000 mark its is stunning

guys it's amazing where I'm literally I

can speak now I just can't speak now

it's it's amazing it's so amazing that I

have the pre-ordered Dutch mark it's

it's so amazing guys it's so amazing the

full series this series cost about 1500

euros or more

so yes it's amazing guys here's the five

the deutsche mark the ten revolution

I had only the five of the other ten

Dutch marks now I have the complete

series you bet here the twenty touch

mark it's it's stunning the designs are

are perfect the banknotes are in perfect

condition the beautiful fifty touch work

guys this is unbelievable this is


I'm I'm literally speechless now I then

100 the beautiful 100 we have portraits

of artists scientists

guys this is beautiful this is a dream

come true a dream come true the sound

microscope here that's stunning

that's really stomach another gorgeous

designed the 500 dark


that's unbelievable guys dream come true

I can't thank you thank him enough he

found these banknotes German friend of

his had these banknotes but he didn't

know the true value of the of the

banknote so a purchase from him for

about 100 200 200 euro about so for 200

euros this is a steal I real still the

beautiful beautiful and really big dad

not the one thousand dollar mark you

know in very very fine condition guys is

unbelievable unbelievable guys is I'm

really I cannot find the right words to

describe this this moment this day it's

a rainy day but I don't know why it's so

beautiful they are so so beautiful I

don't want anything now at the moment

anything look at these beauties look at

these beauties look at these beauties

guys is is

it's just stunning it's unbelievable

and you know why it's so unbelievable

guys because these behemoths are fakes

happy April Fool's guys I'm I'm really

really sorry again so I so I have a

bunch copy of these bank notes I'm sorry

guys I can't I have I have printed these

bank notes about two years ago on my in

my office because you know the Deutsche

Mark is very very expensive and today I

thought okay it's pretty full why not

tell guys I'm sorry I'm really really

sorry guys it's just I thought okay it's

it's April Fool's we have the pandemic

of coronavirus people need to laugh a

bit so that was the money there please

don't take this video as a quick baked

please I hope the likes I hope I don't

this video don't have many unlikes

sorry guys have happy April Fool's guys

cheer up stay at home take care of


stay safe it was it was it was good to

to dream about to have

to have the full set of the Priora Dutch

mark that completes it so that's why it

was unbelievable

so guys take this video with a bit of

Sark's this is the right expression

cheer up love happy April Fool's bye bye

and I see you in the next serious video

bye bye