How to replace a DieHard battery from DieHard Portable Power 1150


hello everyone today I'm going to show

you how to replace the battery or Naha

portable power

tomorrow is 11:50 myportal

portable power I didn't adjust for

hormones now it went dead

this one I bought five years ago is very


this one has a lot of features like the

coming star when you go to Europe your

battery is dead you need B to hear a

chime start to put up your power start

your engine right and also this model

has a power source

these are is a telephone DC photo for

your charger we have two of them and the

AC 120 volt AC and you have USB

connector and also you have inflator a

pump or your type

this is this one very helpful when you

own a highway and if your car not power

you can use it to boot up your battery

or you can tie replay your your your tie

when you have a flat tire you can use

the light to light up your pie at

nighttime and I say I didn't realize

that my portable power when dead after

one month vacation away I didn't just

this one's about to be charged for every

month on a wider power the battery went

dead so I kept this battery I know it's

dead and I thought to ask for more than

a day

I got only less than $10 and can go to

DC that's why I know that the battery is


I mean mister can I use them on your

place no new one so in the back of this

menu right and I read for customer

service to replay it part you have to

call him up like 172 7 7 6 4 or when a

hundred see is 64

ok so I order online i order all right

now today the new batteries coming back

to see my new battery and they give me

to open range to open to the terminal of

the battery

and some school and boat at the new

battery it cost me 35 dollars ok it's

cheap it's not expensive but did you buy

the new one the new portable power it

caught you $120 so better to change a

new battery it cheaper

ok I'm gonna show you how to replay this

ok ok to replay this battery what tools

you need absolutely you need a meter the

multiple meter to check the voltage of

the battery then me Phillips screwdriver

a small one in the big one if you have

two small one that's ok

and you need to open range this one go

with the other a new the new parks right

from manufacturer give to me I've

invited great this one we call number

eight and number three look like a

metric metric

stand outside is it metric okay to

replay this battery pick up the find out

be careful this one here right I won't

let them touch each other

no Ludacris know if if the powers still

have Park batteries to have power in the

back of the battery they come over here

the batteries a year in the second year


I thought you take out all the school

around too long screw in the back here

you need the long sucker

but all the leak screwdriver baby

okay okay this is the battery okay

closer they see how are they this is the

negative terminal this is a positive

terminal so you need to open range

before one side open another side let me

open Oh before you remove the battery

just check check see how much fun test

would be so we supposed to be like 13

volts I want other pin bones I got only

four bones okay

only for bones very little that's why I

say you have will play the new one so

let me remove battery



now you opened another side

little bit darker on my camera that's

why I had to put the lights


hey double Munna

okay before you move out of battery

you gotta put some order come with a

wire on the top so that we have more

room to pull out a battery okay cause

he's all the way got to pull down all

the terminal here for the connector put

inside labels so that you have more room

to put it out otherwise get stuck all

right okay let's compare they compared

is ego Owen and did you need one does he

eat three on the same

okay they poop the same the second I

have a manufacturer die huh but they

make it in China it's okay me in China

okay so let me see oh the problem is the

problem is the one currently with Hagar

we would hacker than the new one anyone

only five point five and the whole one

need sit boy sit

that's okay it's okay

okay put this one away they're all one


okay before we put a new one in

you got to check up on this okay check

the bunting up the new one to see how

much how much

I got them our cow bones cowboy 7 1 DC

okay I'll poison Boone DC so that good

good okay okay now we start believing

okay remember when you put it in miss

true that parsley go to positive

negative go to the negative okay

oh my stop put in here

we push back this way here you can use a

rim or the open but you don't arraign is

good to wrap the whole thing but make

sure don't touch the passive negative

together they're going to explode and

after after that you can check my bonus

check the light or the feature box then

you have to let is on task for one night

no one one day include a

this battery is very helpful when you on

the on the road something happen to your

car in lots of power

you need it because sometime in the

winter time the battery went dead how do

we retire because you can help loosen

part okay now it's good oh now you can

jack off

you can check it you should have one

festive there okay

you see we got cowboy 7 1 DC which is

good and this one for inflator right let

me hit this one good keep running okay

let me check the voltage in the front

oh no I gotta put it back here make sure

that each other the chip and like a

hundred percent ok here we go

one represents poor charge okay and the

checkered AC Mitchell a over

okay I hung up Tony one born AC okay

it's good what else

okay I'm gonna check the lights nice all

right all right I'm gonna put everything

back to normal

put the cover back and we each cap for

one day

put a cover back miss Judy are the

battery had to be secure they're not

moving okay that'll be sick you put a

power bar

okay put everything back for the color

back some people when they have this

kind of portable power or to loosen up

your battery in your car is that when

they open and then they tow is no use

they cool away if you know how to talk

with you and tie down like oh no you

save a lot of money okay this one come


you spend $35 for the new battery

you say how do you buy the whole one

brand new unit cost you a hundred twenty

plus tax and shipping so what is around

135 dollars for the totally brand-new

this is only five years old and they

used many times I got to have two other

people on the highway and they give me

some money on to help them out I said no

I don't need that money

but I got to help people oh yeah it's

very helpful five-year save me a lot of

money for cattle cattle on the highway a

black eye

okay that's good and you have too much

food out here

okay after that you gotta put it back

here okay foresee kill the night will

come out otherwise swung swung around

gonna hurt each other and then do it in

drop there's no jump down remember this

one the cover put back to the usual and


okay echappe is easier okay after

replace our new battery you need to

charge in the new battery for 24 hours


you have to own your own power supply

here in the back here

and lock it in for one day because a new

one even don't know anyone but it's low

current I have Co phone 12 point 7 1 DC

but local and I believe you're gonna put

this one in to get more choose from the

power for 24 hours right so to that we

want to get full power okay right now

I'm put in charge for 24 hours you see

right now I got 71 percent even don't

bring new battery you have power ful

vantes but low current it's not enough

to push push to put your battery in your

car you need to a hundred percent okay

71 percent is very low even though you

have proven this so you got a lip here

for at least half a day so that you got

foo up jars

okay okay I think my dear Oh is any

right now and I this video may have

everyone who want to topple to save

money and do what I would do it right

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