What Is The Value Of Iraqi Dinar To US Dollar - Want To Know Watch Now

hey Steve Dickerson answering your

question what is the value of the Iraqi


against the dollar right now it takes

about one thousand one hundred and

sixty-six dinar for every one dollar and

so it's basically the value of the Iraqi

dinar is worth like a tenth of a penny

to put it more in layman's terms I think

it's a great investment personally I

believe that the dinar is going to RV

and that means reevaluate really soon

not exactly sure when that date's going

to happen I do know that the country of

Iraq applied for credit today which is

pretty exciting so there's some cool

things that are happening if you're

looking to get involved in the dinar

investment then I would urge you to do

that you can get about a million dinar

for like a thousand dollars so you know

you could spend two or three four

thousand dollars and when it does

reevaluate even if it rebounds 20 cents

30 cents tremendous return on your money

so I think good things are going to

happen with this particular country we

as America have too much invested in

that country just to let it collapse

totally so anyway with that said if

you're looking to invest in the dinar

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about the value of the dinar right now

and actually what it's worth than that

take care talk to you soon bye-bye