Path of Exile Awakening: What Are DIVINATION CARDS? - How Divination Cards Work & Where they Drop

get a ziggity here and welcome back

friend on the path of exile awakening

guide in this video I'm going to show

you guys what divination cards are how

you can find them how you can turn them

in and how they work

divination cards are a new item type to

the awakening expansion pack that are

laid to deterministically farm for

specific uniques items and even currency

orbs the divination cards that you'll

find in game are actually created by

members of the community as a part of a

supporter pack bonus for the awakening

expansion pack this includes the theme

the actual item you'll receive and the

flavor text all decided by a community

member when I earlier mentioned

deterministic farming this means that

you can farm in a specific way to work

your way towards a specific item now

previously in the game if you wanted to

find say a cow's primacy you would need

to farm up enough currency to be able to

purchase it off another player or hope

that you got lucky to actually drop one

for yourself well now you have a way to

are more aligned the odds in your favor

and actually getting the specific item

that you want for example the battle

born card just here gives you a unique

ax now it can be any one of a number of

different unique axes but cowspiracy is

one of those so by farming specifically

for the battle born card you can have a

chance of getting a unique ax which

could then in turn be the camp's primacy

that you're after now this is achievable

because divination cards actually drop

in specific locations the location

depends on the actual divination card

itself some divination cards have one

location and others have many locations

the result of this is that an

alternative to randomly mapping or

farming bosses and hoping to get lucky

with the drop you're looking for you can

actually potentially if a divination

cards that exist for the item you're

looking for farm a specific zone that

those divination cards drop in and

slowly build yourself up asset there are

a number of different ways for you to

find out where specific divination cards

set drop and what they actually give but

one such way is the path of Exile wiki

there'll be a link for this page down in

the description below

I'll also be likely to make some guides

in the future for how to farm specific

sets and the items that you can get from

them as well so here's some points on

how divination cards actually work now

in addition to dropping in specific

locations for example the battle born

currently drops in town stronghold or

count streams so basically those two

sets of zones can drop this

battleborn set for a unique axe now in

addition to that they have their own

drop priorities which is uncommunicative

this is kind of like a hidden

behind-the-scenes thing and then you

have an actual amount of cars that you

actually have to farm up

so the battleborn you need five cards to

be able to complete the set

for comparison's sake we have the gem

cutter which Awards a gem cutters prison

and this is a three out of three set

that can be farmed in either the mines

or the Crystal veins now another thing

to know about divination cards is that

when you turn them in you actually get a

item returned that is the same item

level as your character's current level

so for example if I turn in the

battleborn here I'm going to get an item

level 59 acts now when it comes to

uniques this doesn't affect the actual

uniques that you can get this can still

give me any unique acts but this can be

an important factor to note if you're

looking to try and get six linked items

where it doesn't specify that it'll be a

six linked item or if you're hoping to

get a higher level piece of jewelry or

armor or something like that that's

going to be more relevant to you at

higher levels a good example of this

practice in motion is the carrion crow

set this set Awards a random piece of

armor with a life roll on it now this is

great for leveling but if you find

yourself not needing a piece of life

armor at the moment most of your gear is

good your level 30 most of it's pretty

good and your levelling just fine you

can actually hold on to it until later

so you can turn it in when say your

level 50 or 55 when you may actually

need some better armor or maybe you want

to turn this in later game and use it as

a crafting base to augment and then

later regal so if you do hold off from

turning this in when you do turn it in

it'll be the same item level as your

character and you can potentially get a

better base and a better life role so

the result of this is you may have to

make a decision when you complete your

divination card set even if you

completed the set in normal cruel

difficulty you may want to hold onto it

until endgame or it might be something

that could help you out in the leveling

process and then you want to turn it in

earlier so what do you actually do with

the completed set once you have one well

once you make it to act 4 at least in

normal you can come over to the NPC here

named to suni and then go trade

divination cards and you can trade the

actual card set as long as it's

completed - to suni for your item in

return so let's see what I get from the

battle born here I managed to find

myself a dieters not a bad little unique

and then of course we know what we'll be

getting from this one the gem cutters

pretty obvious stuff

I got myself a gem cutters prism so guys

hopefully you enjoyed this look at

divination cards I really like this new

mechanic because it doesn't step on the

toes of existing content but rather

enhances it and provide some alternative

means of farming it's also really great

for self found characters too if you

have any questions about divination

cards feel free to leave them in the

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I'm Ziggy D and thanks for watching