how to convert USD to Canadian or

Canadian to USD on quests trade so first

of all log into question as you normally

would put in your username password

login so it will bring you automatically

to your trading session if I look at my

balances current so I have zero CAD zero

Canadian and 2500 USD so if I want to

let's say I want like for example today

the the US has dropped compared to the

Canadian so if I wanted to so if I

thought it was a good price to buy some

US dollars and hold on to them so I can

convert without needing to buy something

or buy any stock if I if I have US

dollar or Canadian and I want to buy a

stock on the on an opposite exchange

it'll convert for me automatically but

if I just want to trade I just want to

convert to my Canadian to the US or my

u.s. the Canadian without having to buy

a stock that's in the opposite exchange

I can do that via so right now as you

can see I mean I'm in trading platform I

would have to go to accounts platform so

from here the top left from I'm in

trading if I want to convert usd/cad or

vice versa

I would just go to accounts so once I'm

under in accounts I go to requests under

requests you'll see here exchange funds

transfer funds transfer investments at

withdraw funds so what I want is

exchange funds so I would go to exchange

funds and I picked the account that I'm

I want to convert so in my TFSA exchange

between Canadian and US dollars in

margin and registered accounts so what

do I wanted to do I want to exchange

Canadian to us or do I want to exchange

u.s. to Kat so I would have to choose

what so because I have us right now I

would have to exchange us the cat and

then the action

I could either specify the amount of

Canadian that I want to buy or I can

specify the amount of us to sell so it's

usually easier to for example it depends

what you want but if you already have us

and you want to convert it in a certain

amount in u.s. then you could choose

specify the amount of us to sell if you

wanna if you want a a thousand dollars

Canadian let's say but you know you have

enough to cover so you could say I want

a thousand Canadian and convert take as

meant as much to us as required usually

quest raid their fee is 1.5% above spot

price so if you if the US and game is

trading at let's say 1.24 you should add

a one point one point zero sorry one

point zero one five times one point

twenty four so you'll probably end up

buying your US and at that price so you

just put the dollar amount and then you

click on submit and that's it it takes

like I'd say less than two days to

lesson two business days for for the

conversion to happen and then once once

that occurs if you go back to trading

you're gonna see you're gonna see in

your balance and your balances you're

gonna see that you you have some

Canadian cash or some US cash vice-versa

alright so I hope that answers your

question regarding converting us to

Canadian or vice versa if you have any

more questions please put them in the

comments and if you find this video

useful go ahead and share it with with

your friends thanks