Colombian Money Explained + Tips

what's up guys welcome back to my

channel my name is Christian and today I

want to talk to you guys about Colombian

dinero making it rain with the pesos is

that that I come to make it rain with

10,000 pesos let me know the comments

anyways let's move on the currency use

in Colombia is the Columbia vessel and

we have several different bills in

Colombia we have about 1000 Basel 2005

thousand vessel ten thousand vessel

twenty thousand vessel fifty thousand

vessel and a lot of people don't know we

have a hundred thousand pesos at seven

different bills this a hundred thousand

bass was super super rare to find in

Colombia it's so rare that even the

local Colombians have never even seen

but anyways one u.s. dollar exchanges

for around three thousand pesos one

Canadian dollar exchanges for around two

thousand three hundred pesos

one arrow exchanges for around three

thousand five hundred pesos and one

pound exchanges for around four thousand

pesos so as you can see further currency

can go a long way in Colombia now let me

show you how much the seven different

Colombian bills are worth in your

currency here we have each bill with

around how much it exchanges for in US

dollars Canadian dollars euros and

pounds these numbers aren't exact and

can be different depending on when

you're watching this video here we have

old bills side by side with the new

bills the only ones that remain the same

are the one thousand bill and a hundred

thousand bills so keep that in mind

there's also five different coins in

Colombia a 50 peso coin is like having a

penny in the u.s. 100 pesos is like

having 10 cent 200 pesos is like having

25 cents 500 pesos is like having 50

cent 1000 peso is like having a dollar

and I'm not talking about worth in this

example I'm talking about significance

so you can kind of get a picture in your

head now it's important to know that

cash is king in Colombia so expect to

pay everything in cash because most

places don't take cards if after

watching this video you still having

trouble with the Colombian money I

recommend that you get the currency

converter app just to be safe nothing

that I like to do is just to divide

everything by 3 so let's say I'm out and

about and I see something I like and I'm

gonna buy it cause 9 thousand pesos I

just do 9 divided by 3 in my head and

then I know that it will cost me around

3 dollars right and then another thing

is every time I spend 50,000 pesos I

know that I spent about 15 to 16 dollars

and I'm mostly talking dollars because

since I'm Colombian American that's the

currency that I'm most familiar with so

everybody around the world as watcher

from all over the world don't get upset

if I'm not explaining things in your

currency all right so now that you're

familiar with the currency you want to

know where to get the money from but

first I'm gonna show you what I do what

I do since I'm Colombian is I have a

Wells Fargo account in the United States

right and I did some research online and

I found out that Bank Colombia

bancolombia and Colombia have like a

partnership with Wells Fargo in the US

so I can just easily wire transfer my

money from the u.s. to Colombia this has

made it really easy for me and if your

Colombian you can do something like this

but I'm guessing that most of you

watching this video are not Colombian

cuz you try to learn to love your money

so I'm gonna show you some places where


we draw your money the five biggest

banks in Colombia are bancolombia

vivienda BBVA Bancomer without

bankruptcy lengthy like I said I have

bank Colombia and it has a two thousand

five hundred pesos ATM fee and that's

about seventy nine cents per transaction

and doing a little bit of research you

can find out which bank works best for

you and after you find out what bank

you're gonna use I recommend to only use

ATMs inside of shopping malls or very

popular shopping mall here in Colombia

and Mexico and this is a place where a

lot of foreigners use to withdraw their

money and I recommend to also after you

withdraw your money

don't leave the store right away go

around walk around the store for a

little bit if you need to buy something

this is the opportunity to buy it and

then leave but don't leave right away

this is because a lot of themes like to

wait outside of ATMs looking for their

next victim so it's just a lot safer to

do it inside of a shopping mall and then

afterwards just walk around a little bit

another thing to avoid a lot of fees I

recommend to take as much money out as

you as the ATM lets you and then go home

put it in a safe place and then take out

as much as you need but don't go around

walking with too much cash on you

because you have to keep in mind the

minimum wage in Colombia is around

800,000 pencils that's about two hundred

and fifty US dollars and you just wait

you 600,000 Bessel's that's almost what

somebody makes in a month so that's just

too much cash strapped on you and that's

a lot of money in Colombia so go home

put that money in a safe place and take

out as much as you need the main point

of this part of the video is don't walk

around with too much cash on fire guys

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