Dominican Pesos To United States Dollar Exchange Rate | Dominican Republic Currency


I'm here what you call it the Minka was

there you know that what we usually

change our moaning here i'ma show you

how much is the exchange rate at the

moment all right guys I just I changed

some money today January 4th 2020 and

that is the rate 50 to 90 a change $20

and that is the change 1058 pesos you

can see my name there i'ma show you some

things that you can buy here at the

store and how much will cause a versus

the u.s. right guys and here are some of

the prices that you can see versus the

u.s. 129 basis and this is it two houses

and which is here is a hundred and

twenty three bags mm what else can you

see persons the you is let's say Oh see

you can have this small gallon I don't

see any price for this one but you can

see this one right here it's a hundred

and forty nine pesos and you can compare

your prices versus the US and here is

this huge down long but this one doesn't

have a price

what else can I show you

if you are looking for coconut milk

these forty five pesos beings are full

five days more beans 40 pesos which is

you know less than a dollar ketchup 65

days 14 hours it just to give an idea of

prices to the end of the medium Republic

groceries 95 faces and this is the 16

asses 95 faces and another example is

this border of coke is 1.25 it's 55

bases here which is about well which is

a dollar