Pangea: Sending Money to Latin America or Asia? Watch This First!


hey there this is Joe Libby I hope you

are having an outstanding day you know

I'm always keeping my eyes open for apps

and programs that that aren't scams that

aren't ripoffs that do what they say

they're going to do and are going to

help people in some way or another maybe

make their lives a little easier maybe

save them a little money

maybe maybe make them a few bucks here

and there so the one I have to talk

about today isn't for everyone but if

the circumstances are right it might be

for you or it might be for somebody that

you know the program is called Pangea

it's a money transfer service and if you

are a u.s. resident you can use it to

transfer money to family and friends in

Latin American or Asian countries and

I'll tell you this it really does work

well it transfers the funds very quickly

and it does what it says it's gonna do

now you can make a transfer up to I

think this is right up to two thousand

nine hundred ninety nine dollars at a

shot the minimum amount you can send is

twenty dollars and there is a four

dollar and ninety five cent transfer fee

but that's that's all the way up to two

thousand nine hundred ninety nine

dollars we tested this out and we

discovered just how well it works let me

pop over to my transfer history so you

can see so I live in San Antonio Texas

and my sweet friend Angie lives in

Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico and so I sent

her twenty US dollars which at the rate

of exchange was I think three hundred

sixty-five pesos

and let me show you what this did I used

my debit card to transfer the funds and

here's how everything worked out we did

this on February the 28th I initiated

the transfer at 102 p.m. Central time

and the processing went very very fast

it was complete and the money was in her

account by 4:00 p.m. that's remarkably

fast now is it it is it always going to

be that fast I don't know maybe not I

mean there could be other factors

involved but it does what it says it's

going to do and I'll tell you what it is

free to sign up but also if you use my

promo code which I'm showing on the

screen right now then when you initiate

your first transfer you will get a

twenty dollar bonus from Pangea now full

disclosure I will get a twenty dollar

bonus too but you know I'm not going to

recommend something just to get the tiny

amount of money I really do think it

works well and if it if it is a fit for

you I think it can benefit you and if

it's not a fit for you maybe it's a fit

for somebody you know so please share

this video if you if you know somebody

who you think would benefit from this I

hope this was a value to you and if you

can make use of it enjoy using Pangea

this is Joe Libby the anti-scam

blackbelt signing off for now have an

outstanding day bye now