Tijuana money exchange dollars for pesos

hey what's up youtube back with your boy

luke hey guys today we're going to be

talking about exchanging money in mexico

and whether or not you should exchange

your dollars for pesos or pesos for


and the answer to that question is if

you're going to be in the border towns

such as tijuana juarez laredo nogales

no do not exchange your money for the

most part you're going to be just fine

with dollars

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to my channel i lived in tijuana for 10


i know what i'm talking about folks just

bear with me okay you see these pesos

right here

there's absolutely no reason for you to

change your dollars

for pesos unless you're going to be

going down there

paying money to an official mexican

government office

or paying something like a water bill or

an electricity bill at a kiosk

otherwise stick with dollars dollars and

border towns are going to be welcomed

they're almost going to be preferred


what you don't want to do is you don't

want to cross the border and change your


at a change house and you're going to

lose three four five percent right off

the bat

then you're going to go and do whatever

you have to do in mexico then you're

going to cross

back across the border into the united

states and you're gonna change what you

have left and you're gonna lose another

three four five percent

okay and trust me if you're going down

there to party in zona north day

you're not gonna get the best bang for

the buck for the peso okay

now in south mexico things change

i am specifically talking about border

towns such as

tijuana tecate san luis palomas

ciudad juarez laredo brownsville texas

down there uh

in renosa okay the u.s dollar is going

to be preferred

also folks keep in mind that keep in

mind that atm cards and debit cards do

work in mexico okay

and a lot of the atm machines in mexico

will give you an option to give you

either american cash

or mexican pesos anyways hey i've seen a

lot of videos on youtube where

you can tell these people have just

crossed the border for a day and they're

making a video about their day trip to

mexico and they say change your money

that is bs that is not true i'm very

seldom do you actually need to change

your money okay

so remember that folks stay with the


toss the red until next time see you