How To Change Loose Change Coins Into Dollars.

hey this big daddy shouldn't hanging out

the supermarket so he's the coins star

right here I clean my place yesterday

and all this changed right here is I

don't know it's what I would what I got

so now Here I am I'm going to go up here

I get cash did a coin can exceed 10% of

10% so every dollar or losing yeah


see what happens

I guess

I think that's how it works

hopefully I don't get my fingers

you know what sucks I think there's a

total paste on here somewhere

I don't want to give that out

well if there is maybe a confident

with a $14 so far

10% all authorities are 50

that's a pretty big mark oh man I think

about it all this time I could have just

went to the liquor store and buy


okay so grand total I think is

40 something dollars

you know I should have done I should

have taken out those quarters

that's why six dollars are gonna say but

anyway life lesson to be learned so it's

still going I think that's it I'm done

okay let's see what happens

no I never did


okay so I get to spend 4468 at sander


anyways I guess in retrospect I should

have kept my quarters but that's how you

change your change into stuff with

Coinstar all right Big Daddy Singh

I get changed my change into gift

certificates you can change your change

into key certificates I'll see you next