Visitor's Guide to Money in London 💷(skip the currency exchanges)

if you're confused about getting and

spending money here in London as a

foreigner I'm gonna explain some things

that you need to know by the way if

you're new here I'm just and I make

videos for people who are coming to

visit London and all of a special a

freebie for you at the end of this video

okay let's start with the basics the

currency here in the UK is a great

British Pound and the symbol that's used

to show the pound is this one right here

how much the pound is worth compared to

the currency in your home country

fluctuates every single day so just use

a currency converter website or app to

figure it out for yourself if you hear

somebody say quid that's just slang for

pounds which is kind of like how

Americans save buck and 100 P or 100

pence go into one pound the smallest

paper bill in the UK is 5 pounds and all

of smaller denominations are in coins

including 2 pounds and 1 pound okay in

terms of getting cash for your trip

London is very very card friendly so

unlike other places in Europe where you

always need to make sure you have a nice

chunk of cash on you you don't really

need to have that much here because even

small street vendors will accept card

here's what I recommend that you do to

make sure you do have at least some cash

on you when you're here in London back

when you're at home before your trip go

to your bank and order some cash in

pounds I would say get about 50 pounds

per person that you're going to be

traveling with and your bank will

probably give you a decent rate so

that's a great place to get it then when

you're here in London if you end up

needing more cash just use your debit

card and go to one of the cash machines

here and get cash that way I don't

recommend that you bring cash in your

home currency to the UK to exchange you

just don't want to really be carrying a

lot of cash around with you anyway plus

it's a kind of a whole ordeal to find a

currency exchange place to be able to

exchange it and add a decent rate


if you need to get cashed while you're

in London and you need to find a cash

machine try to find one that's

associated with a bang those ones

typically will never charge you money to

withdraw anything from your bank account

and if the cash machine asked if you

want to withdraw in your home currency

or in pounds always go in pounds because

sometimes the conversion rate in the ATM

isn't very good you'll actually lose a

lot of money so about using debit and

credit cards in London

like I said London is very card friendly

and so much how I barely ever have any

cash on me but what you'll want to do

before you come over here is to check

with your bank to see what kind of

foreign transaction fees you're gonna

get if we use your card over here you'll

also want to notify your bank that

you're going to be abroad so when you

start using your card over here they

don't think that it was stolen and

completely cancel it on you and you want

to ask if they have any partner banks

here in the UK because sometimes your

bank won't charge you for cash

withdrawal if you use one of their

partner banks abroad and use one of

their cash machines depending on what

kind of foreign transaction fee your

bank charges every time you use your

card abroad you might want to actually

consider getting a separate card for

travel that doesn't have any fees there

are lots out there and every country has

different options but you can start with

the company travel X and see if they

have anything available in your country

but you'll be able to find other stuff

with just a quick google search

if it's your first time in London I have

a free London 101 guy that you can grab

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withdraw in your home no that's not

right that's wrong

oh my gosh okay relax relax wind relax