Cashing in Over 300 Pounds of pop cans!! ((Not Clickbait)


what is going on everybody so we're here

at my grandma's house

we're taking this big-ass truck loads of

pop cans up today and I mean a lot of

hot guys check this out

like 50 or 60 bags of pumpkin


so as I was getting my water and stuff

like that dad already put fuel in it and

we're ready to go all right all right

all right so we're back he's back here

strapping his pumpkins down this is

gonna be crazy guys so write down in the

comments below how much you guys think

we're gonna make it's a lot of pumpkins

all right so this is an idea guys

these are those big giant industrial

trash bags huge bags

my double axle trailers

all right so we got the truck all hooked

up to the trailer here we're good to go

but now it's strapped a strap down great

we gotta fix up [ __ ] hold up here we go

again all right so we had to make a pit

stop real quick

again that had to go over to the

neighbor's house feed the cat because we

forgot on the way down here but now

we're making our way

he's up there feeding the cat then we're

on our way down here and then we're

going to huncle gots a trailer we're

gonna drop off his stuff and then we're

gonna make our way to drop all these pop

cans so we have to pack there this is

like I said guys leave a comment down

below how many pop cans or not how many

popkins about how much you think we're

gonna get for these pop cans I don't

know the exact price but when I figure

out like if I can find out what the

price of per pound is I'll let you guys

know that cuz that'll give you guys a

hint but I think there's 53 bags or

there's either 50 of the rears somewhere

there's like 50 something bags of pop

cans and some of them are crushed and

some of them are not crushed but I think

most of them are crushed but don't quote

me on that but it's crazy

oh that's go back down ah here we go

so now if you can see the guy that's

walking down the road right there that's

my uncle he's uh he's walking this way

because he probably thinks something's

wrong with the truck and trailer because

we're stopped here but he doesn't know


that's talking to the guy back there a

few moments later alright so we've made

it here to recycling place pop cans ago

let's shoot I guess I don't

well we're here it's gonna be a lot of

Hopkins and it's also it's 40 some sense

I got here and local cooking so it's 47

cents a pound

so at 47 cents a pound we got 53 or so

the bags of pumpkins so put that in the

college for what you guys think and how

much we're gonna get crazy it's been

like a solid like five minutes

they almost got them all gone now we got

about this little bag one big bag

all of these

with the least 12 more bags it's crazy



two hours later 37 pounds of pop cans

that's crazy

so 337 pounds of pop cans

that's unreal so if you guys guess we're

going to tell you guys how much we're

gonna make off this 337 pounds of pop

cans there's no joke and then we have

one piece of aluminum but I'll let you

guys know how much we're making

alright so if you guessed a hundred and

fifty nine dollars in 44 cents you are


because whoo that's a lot of pop kids a

lot of pumpkins I figured it'd be more

than that honestly I figured it'd be

like like two or three hundred bucks but

you never know it the price of cans is

like only like 40 or so since or

whatever it is that's kind of harder on

it to get more out of it but all in all

though not bad so as we're here at the

plant where they do recycling stuff like

that check this now this is kind of cool

who would have thought they'd have this


pretty crazy alright so we're out

alright y'all so we took the trailer

back to my grandma's house now we're

back in the car and Oh someone's calling

who's calling

oh well that was the uncle Colin I don't

know what he needed he was trying to get

ahold of dad dad's inside the gas

station getting some stuff on a weekend

soda or something

but yeah we went out there took the

trash cans out we just realized though

we looked at the receipt and stuff like

that that we did not get the on the

thing it said like 45 cents or 47 cents

on the sign outside but we end up

getting like 33 cents or something like

that a piece or per pound so we kind of

got gypped but is what it is like I said

it's more money than what my grandma

didn't have we gave her all the money we

didn't keep any of it so she can use it

for like bills or whatever she wants to

use it for which is cool and they got

him out of her garage some double plus

but we're gonna go over to Taco Bell

real quick I think I've tree leave here

and get some breakfast because I like

talked about the breakfast it's not a

paid sponsorship but talked about you

want to sponsor me hit me up two hours

late oh right all right all right so

finally back to the house it's been

crazy today I there was lost time I

didn't film and last time I did do but

we went to throw stuff to swarm with the

pop cans and then we came back to the

house unloaded my uncle's trailer I

think I put that in the video I don't

know but did that and then we go back to

our grandma's house come off the trailer

in the truck and then we end up coming

back the house went got the our

neighbors that were staying out here

basically in the RV they're going back

to Pittsburgh the guy that we like

surprise with the cake and stuff so

they're going back to Pittsburgh and our

Pennsylvania I don't know where I they

live but anyways they don't live in

Pittsburgh they're going back that way

they're staying at a campsite I guess

tonight and then they're gonna finish

the drive tomorrow and then we got in a

car when it got to Mansfield did some

running around there and now we're

finally back to the house and I'm gonna

like time to rest watch some Netflix

whoo guys so it's been a while we also

did this today that wouldn't got our

motorhome going back so that's cool but

uh hold although it's been a pretty

chill rest of the day guys nothing

really going on I might be going to a

Blue Jackets game here in a little bit

so I'm gonna cut this vlog start a new

vlog just in case that happens so hope

you guys enjoyed the video if you guys

got your guesses right has awesome

comment down below

I don't know and yeah I don't know

so like I say every single day I guess

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on keepin on Dillon bring it down see

y'all tomorrow please