How to buy Electroneum on SimpleSwap | Exchange Bitcoin Cash to Electroneum


hi guys

and welcome to the simple swap

cryptocurrency exchange

in this video we will guide you on how

to buy electro neum in just a few simple

steps using our platform

so let's roll first

let's take a closer look at the

electroneum project

electroneum is an anonymous

mobile-friendly cryptocurrency that runs

on its own blockchain

the electroneum project differs

significantly from other


focusing on mobile devices fast

transactions and smart micropayments

the electroneum main goal is to use the

power of blockchain to unlock the global

digital economy for millions of people

in the developing world the electroneum

team makes acquiring cryptocurrency

as simple as downloading an app nowadays

electroneum is a leading mobile


and took place in the top 200

cryptocurrencies by market


sounds cool right electro neum is

definitely worth your attention

ready to get some etn coins

start with selecting the coin that you

want to exchange in the usand section

using the drop down list

you can also use the search bar

just start typing the name of the

cryptocurrency or its sticker


next enter the amount you'd like to


now select neum in the uget section you

can also use the search bar


after that you will see the estimated

amount of etn you will receive

please note that there is a minimum

amount for every exchange

do not send an amount less than the

minimum one

then you need to enter the recipient's

electro name address

be extremely careful and double check

your electro neum address

your etn coins will be sent to this

address right after the exchange

all right now all the necessary details

for the exchange are entered

once again make sure that all the data

is correct

if everything is okay click the exchange

button and you will be forwarded to the

exchange page

at this stage the status of your

exchange is waiting

here you will see the address to send

the indicated amount of bitcoin cash to

continue the exchange

you can use the qr code to speed things


after we have received the deposit to

our address and the transaction has the

required amount of confirmations

the status will be indicated as

exchanging which means that your

exchange is in progress

while our system is sending you

electroneum the status changes to


and you will only have to wait a little

for the coins to reach your address


now that's it your exchange is completed

and you can see the indicated status as

finished in most cases

the exchange process usually takes up to

30 minutes

see how simple it is in case you have

any questions left feel free to ask us

in the comments below

or contact our friendly support team

using email which you can find under

this video

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