How To Buy Electroneum (ETN) on KuCoin - Electroneum Tutorial #ETN

aaron here and i want to show you how to

buy electro neum

this coin this project this team is

booming right now hopefully it's moving

back towards its all-time

highs which happened uh end of 2018 or

beginning of 2018

end of 2017 a lot of excitement

happening and i'm going to show you

what i think is the easiest way to buy

electro neum now there's different ways

of buying electro neum let's go ahead

and head over to the computer right now

and if i click get involved and it says

how to buy

etn you can see the exchanges that

you can purchase electro neum on or you

can trade

for electro neum some big ones are gonna

be kucoin

this is one that i'm gonna show you how

to use

again if you do not have an account with

kucoin go ahead and use the link below

that would be much appreciated

um it is a little bit of an affiliate

link well it is an affiliate link so

that helps me and the station

make a couple extra sense here and there

so it's very very helpful i would

appreciate that

uh will be global is also a very big one

and hit btc

so if you head over to here's my account

i'll show you that in just a moment

but coin market cap if you go to

electro neum and if you go to market


you can see the biggest markets for

electro neum

are going to be kucoin has the biggest

amount of 24-hour volume

uh as of this video it's 2.8 million


will be global etn for to btc is 1.15

so uh and then kucoin is also the number

three and four

trading for usdt and also uh with


so if you already have will be global if

you already if you already have hit btc

top 10 you should be fine um but if you

don't have any of these exchanges

uh it would make sense to go ahead and

sign up with

uh kucoin it's a really really great

exchange incredibly secure which i'm

going to show you

how to do that right now so heading over

to my

kucoin account you can see right here

that i

have already sent 0.034

bitcoin to my bitcoin wallet on the


exchange so step number one is going to


sending bitcoin from wherever you're

wherever you have bitcoin

uh it could be coinbase gemini another


it could be an exchange like bittrex or

um some blanket on exchanges even like

robinhood whoever you're buying bitcoin

go ahead and send it over to your kucoin

wallet so you would click deposit right

here and that'll give you your

address where you want to send bitcoin

to so once you have bitcoin in your


um wallet it'll look something like this

depending on how much bitcoin that you

sent over

and then you can go ahead and the next

step is actually an

added layer of security so you're going

to go ahead and click something called

transfer right here

and this is where you want to send it

from your main account

to your trading account you can click

this blue highlighted amount

under available amount and that'll bring

up the um

the maximum amount of bitcoin that you

can transfer and then click confirm

and that is it okay the next step that

you're going to do

once you've transferred that to your

trading account

is move the mouse on top where it says

trade and then move it right

where it says spot and click spot

and this is going to open up what could

potentially be a very scary and

intimidating window

it's going to ask you for your six digit

trading password now this is a password

that you created

when you created your kucoin account so

go ahead and enter

that six digit password and once you

enter that password it's going to


open up the trading window

so right here it already says btc where

my mouse is you want to keep it there

and in this little window here you want

to click that search bar

and you want to type in etn electroneum

now if you scroll down you can see etn


btc you can click that

and now you can buy

electro neum because remember etn is the


for electroneum if you head back over to

coinmarketcap electroneum

etn so make sure it says etn

now to buy if you just want to buy right


all you would do is click market

and it'll do the best market price

so you'll just buy it at whatever price

it is right

now which often is a good idea if you

just want to get in

so what i'm going to do is click 100

so this is about 325.61

of the equivalent of usd

uh 0.0341 etc

bitcoin and i'm just going to click buy


green button you have successfully

placed the order successfully

and let's see that's probably all

i need to do so now if i click kucoin in

the top

left it'll bring me back to that main

screen that we started

and then you will bring your mouse over

assets on the top right

bring it down when and then click this

kind of space here

all right so we are here where it says

assets overview

and if you click trading account

right here it'll then

show that i successfully have 326


of electro neum so exactly what i wanted

to do

now we need to do is click transfer

and i'm going to transfer from the

trading account back to my main account

so i'm going to click this blue

highlighted amount next to available


and then click confirm

and now on the top i'm going to click

main account i know this is a couple

extra steps

kucoin is much more secure but it's much

more annoying so

follow this clearly and you will not be

confused already so now

you have whatever how much how much

dollars how much bitcoin you transferred

or you converted into electro neum

and now what you should do is

move this electro neum onto your actual

electro neum

wallet that's the wallet that you have

you can have it on a desktop or you can

have it

on your phone it's the same wallet

so from your phone or from your desktop

wallet whoever you're logging in

you will send this electro neum

to your actual wallet on your phone

or to your electro neum wallet so if you

go to you can go ahead

and create a wallet

if you don't already have a wallet

though link below uh

there is another affiliate for that as

well that would again be

appreciated so all i would do is click


right here it's going to ask me for

an address a wallet address so i'm going

to go ahead

and find that wallet address right now

so i pasted my wallet address i did the

exact amount of electroneum i wanted to

send and now i'm going to click confirm

it's asking me for my trading password


let's go ahead and put that in so

actually it requires you to do

all three which is extremely secure

so it requires a trading password you

have to send an email verification

and it needs your google authenticator


props to kuklin for making this very

secure so i'm going to go ahead and fill

this out

click submit and i'll show you the next

page all right i click submit

and that is it that is an insane amount

of security i'm actually very impressed

so um

i like that i like that kucoin is

stepping up i've never seen

any other exchange require a six digit

password an

email confirmation and if you did

google 2fa or if you're doing sec a

tooth a two-factor authentication

it requires that as well so now

we'll see if it is in my electro neum

wallet so it may take a little bit but

let's see if it's there

alright so now we have the transaction

completed it is received in my

electroneum wallet uh this took about

took about an hour to show up last night

but i'm making this video

the following day that's why the

lighting is completely different

but took about an hour to send the

electro neum from

kucoin to my electro neum

wallet address which you can see right

on top here

three what is this 33 332

etn so that

is how to buy electro neum and also how

to send it to your electro neum

wallet and kucoin again just to recap

is a little bit more complex than other

exchanges but that complexity is

actually making it more secure there's a

lot of steps to go through

for verification and identification and

two-factor authentication and all that

stuff so

if you already have a wallet where

electroneum can be purchased from like i

showed in the beginning of this video

all those different

wallets all those different um exchanges

you can use one of those but if you


again kucoin is great you can use the

link below if you'd like to sign up

if you don't already have electro neum i

have a referral code below as well

it's a super tiny referral code it's um

i think i get like five percent of what

you mine it's very very small but

if you don't already have it that would

be um much appreciated because these

videos take

uh more time than you think to produce

so i'll end the video there thank you

for watching hope this was helpful

any questions let me know in the

comments all right bye-bye