what's up what's up everybody welcome

back to couch collectibles guys I know

it's a little different we're doing a

livestream in this video instead of

doing a regular upload so I know it's

gonna be totally different but what I

wanted to do is just come on here and do

this live stream of these rare error not

error well I guess there are error coins

in here what's up Golden Catherine

Angelica nice to see you guys in the

chat but basically guys what we are

going to look at our error coins euro

coins euro coins that have errors we'll

get to it real quick basically I just

want to do a short short live stream of

this instead of doing a regular upload

because I don't think doing a regular

upload edited upload would be I don't

think it would make sense for this type

of video because it's gonna be very

quick super simple all the coins have

the similar similar type of errors but

it's definitely something that a lot of

people who don't really care much about

foreign currency foreign coins euro

coins all that stuff they usually just

pass them up and don't collect them so

here is the first image now this image

here is Mike fiers comm make sure you

guys go check him out this image here is

struck with two reversed dies what's up

everybody I see you guys in the chat

Leon pewter is Corning card hobbyist

coins all dayit Olivia golden Terra JC

well what's up guys what's up with them

I'll move over here so yeah so basically

if you ever come across one of these one

cent euro coins make sure it does not

have to reverse dies because obviously

that is going to make the coin valuable

now some other pictures what's up for

Richards Wow this is early Richard yes

shout out man shout out with soap what's

up with Richard we're not doing the

regular live stream right now the

regular live stream will be tonight at

8:30 p.m. East Coast time where we will

be coin or a-hunting quarters finishing

those off and we got some half dollars

that I totally forgot that I had in that

box up there from last week so we're

definitely going to be searching through

those tonight now this is the second

image this is

same thing if you guys ever come across

if you guys ever come across the sorry


what's up sparrow what's up thumbs up

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thank you guys so much man alright so

here is this one alright so yes if you

guys ever come across the euro five cent

coin make sure you guys are checking the

reverse dies because as you see both of

these here are both reverse dies it does

not have an obverse on the coin meaning

the front of the coin if you guys are

not familiar with coin terminology the

obverse is the front the reverse is the

back of the coin alright here is another

image here is the 20 cent euro

alright but I figured to do a livestream

about this video instead of doing an

upload just because it's so so simple

just look for these things that have the

same reverse on both sides early stream

yes David Morse the what's up quick

collector 731 the regular livestream

will be tonight at 8:30 p.m. East Coast

time where we will be coin roll hunting

but yes look out for the twenty cent

euro coin with two reverse so it's got

two backs of the coins on both sides and

then here is another euro coin now this

is a little bit more interesting because

this one is actually struck with two

reversed dies but one of them is a 20

cent euro cent and the other is a 50

cent euro cent so that's pretty cool

that is a mule coin there with the 50

cent and the 20 cent so just watch out

for that type of stuff because I do find

these coin or all hunting sometimes I

know I got a bunch of these in my

collection however I do not have the

error ones that are muled like this but

man that would be awesome to come across

something like that working on editing a

video awesome coin collector portrait

hey guys if you guys are watching the

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the live stream yes that is a mule corn

you were right Leon what's up Gerald

what's up what's up what's up Dee coin

hunter I just messaged you back on your

comment dee coin hunter what's up Joe

Miller live stream during the day

awesome yeah if you guys want to donate

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live stream I know a lot of people were

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all right so here is the last image that

we got this is the two thousand struck

with two two thousand France coin this

is struck with two obverse dies so

instead of having to reverse it has to

obverse what's up to a Miller bloom I

thought yours had two different types of

metal well there there are various

different types of euro coins out there

but we're just looking at ones that are

struck with two Albert's dies so there

is two obverse dies and then like I said

on these other coins to reverse or well

that's a twenty cent muled with a fifty

cent coin and then both reverse dies

both 20 cents both five cents and both

one cent so just keep an eye out for

that stuff because they do exist all

right now let me see if this thing's

right yep that's right alright sweet

what's up guys couch I got your package

today I believe it is $1.00 nice I hope

you like it Leon I hope you like it

what's up Jack shivers what's up what's

up man all right guys

am I talking the chapter here about four

more minutes and see what's up with you

guys just chat and then tonight we are

doing the regular 8:30 p.m.

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also what else do we got on the schedule

here I just put a thing on my community

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Facebook live coin roll hunts so maybe I

don't know I'm thinking about just to

grow a Facebook audience may be doing

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regular one here on YouTube so maybe

I'll let you know keep you guys updated

if we end up doing that what's up Louis

James David say can't see him that long

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short livestream about euro coins worth

money and uh what's everyone saying and

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there I know this is a super short a

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