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Croatia this video is the last one out

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money euros of course are the official

currency of most of the European Union

countries Croatia is a part of the

European Union however we still have our

own currency and you is really important

for creation because Croatian currency

Kuna is fixed to the euro now let me

explain that a bit further since we

entered Europe

Croatia has been introducing many

changes one of them is adjusting so that

at one point when we change to Euro the

transition wouldn't be so difficult that

is why Croatian Kuna is fixed to Europe

and what that means is that basically

always one euro will be worth

approximately 7.4 kunas it doesn't vary

as much sometimes one euro will be worth

7.47 kunas and other times one euro will

be worth let's say 7.42 kula but it will

always stay around 7.4 mark it won't

vary as much and now let's start with

the conversion first we are going to see

how much 1 Kuna to Kuna and five una are

worth in Europe 1 Puna is worth 13 cents

to kunas are worth 27 cents five corners

are worth 70 cents and now we are going

to see how much 10 coulombs 20 kunas and

50 kunis are worth in Europe 10 Cunha's

are worth 1 gyro and 35 cents 20 kunas

are worth 2 euros and 70 cents 50

Cunha's are worth 6 euros and 80 cents

let's continue and find out how much 100

Kuna and 200 poona's are worth in Europe

100 Cunha's are worth 13 euros and 50

cents 200 Cunha's are worth 27 euros and

now let's find out how much Croatia

biggest banknotes the 500 kunas

banknotes and 1000 canal bank note are

worth in Europe 500 kunas are worth 60

80 euros 1000 owners are worth one

hundred and thirty five euros of course

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