Money Exchange in Manila (Philippine Peso to Korean Won)


boo hi my name is Amir and today women's

officer Serena exchanged into my Ayala

Avenue branch because kupatana Korea for

five days or five nights ago now Korean

Won Marin Shalom on our branches sir

mati Alabam Baguio Quezon City passing

and the geek City so first thing you

need to do is to sign up in the website

nila which is Zarina and then

receive Cuyuna

call via email confirm now you in your

payment so Alana Mumbai it is a counter

consignment and some bostonia pickup you

next thing is but now I received an

email confirmation Dena I operate a

momentous branch now opens Ava's Ayala

branches a limp inna allatheena branch

salmon and cumin garlic and my near the


Simone LRT aisle or open town Ortigas

then mobile Odessa a sale and then

wanting la alianza remember five minutes

at dinner dismay when the ionic trying

so purpose of needle and given the

Hainan ID and then 4:14 flora room one

for what for

so Sabina gongs a guard for online

reservation come and there's another

option predicated on a petite miss

Belmont exchanged a favor

so we began knocks on your number and

then tattletale communicated by register

or the reserve online Kayla young buck

fill out the form and then major

methodical in Ohio so I suggest them

excited Monica online and then wait for

their call a confirmation via email

next thing is Papa pita say I knew you a

man como como you exchanged no alumni

and Kisei exchange rate in Agrabah go

every day

you begin Allah higher than receipt like

this at Nikita you come economy by bear

and your in peso so afternoon jalapenos

playa pilar kuhn Enuma detail stuff like

you know so begin your long interval

tickets no passport and then to valid ID

comb with each other player overseas so

after in Havana Mara know the typical

onion receipt and I a new breakdown no

better now but I thank Allah with who

are of course as your reference public

is an enum business okay so I wanna

complete on around two hundred fifteen

thousand Korean Won which is equivalent

to eleven thousand three hundred ninety

five pesos Philippine castle so pocket

Manisha and every my materia medica all

as mass popular from Korean Won to

Philippine peso afternoon movement on

Gaza for you

Agra hand doesn't travel tax to so many

as I'm alive it's a blue be walk and as

a hotel 101 so

going to make another video of that and

then I let you know home anima Biden

traveled us don't branch now yeah

there's also another way to do that

online federal most of the time like you

can see the lucky cylinder cap enough

problem okay and then after that I'm

going to make another video and then

also we Korea the Korean and one more

thing Kiana pellicano papalexis arena

the publishing process nada

unlike some Banksy guru Catalina vídeo

para la manera de una bolita you

many more but intimacy guru better


Kalen and was my hero epic poem about


usually I have a young fella and then

getting the nominal exchange rate near a

parent so Brock Antigua so I suggest to

me my lap it's a serene exchange didn't

look like say Indy Machado Mohammed

again since uh ninja

much mobility process Cotulla the hope

Aaron do this a Gulen for the process of

online reservation and then tomorrow

names like Kovach's January 19 his name

along the halwa which is January 18 so

a day before I don't like not wanna get

you Verena been a political seminary

okay okay so if you have any questions

just comment down below thank you so

much for watching again this is Amir

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