where to get foreign currency in the

Philippines if you've been to the

Philippines before then you've most

likely worked out how you like to get

your foreign currency when you're in the

Philippines but for the newbies I'll

tell you what I do when in the

Philippines when I need Filipino pesos

and what I believe the smoothest and

easiest way is for those of you looking

for the best air fares and accommodation

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comparison travel website holiday escape

travel in the pin comment below around

four to six weeks out from traveling to

the Philippines I usually order around

nine thousand pesos online through

travel XCOM dot au and for my USA

viewers it would be travel XCOM I will

put the links in the description below I

find that the exchange rate is around

the same as other foreign exchange sites

online and I don't worry too much about

the point - or point three and the

dollar when ordering a small amount of

pesos in Australia I can pick up my

pesos within around five business days

and they'll email me to tell me what

date my order will be ready

I can then pick it up from my local post

office which for me is very handy as my

post office is only around about a two

minute drive from where I live I do

believe in the USA things work very

similar to the way they do here in

Australia but for our USA viewers be

sure to check out the Travel XCOM site

for all the up-to-date information and

as I said guys I'll put the links in the

description box below so what do I

believe it's important to order pesos

prior to going to the Philippines after


can I get pesos in the Philippines you

may be thinking the answer is yes you

can get posters from money changes which

you can find at the airport and all

throughout the Philippines but if you

don't know where to find it you may have

to ask around and sometimes for whatever

reason the money changes may be closed

for an hour

and you'll have to wait and you never

know really know what rate they're going

to give you especially when they see

you're a foreigner for me I'd like to

get my vacation off to a smooth start

and knowing I have the money for a taxi

or a grab ride from the airport to the

hotel and to be able to pay the hotel if

I haven't already done so online also

usually my flight will arrive around 6

p.m. in Manila so but it's all my clear

immigration and get settled into the

hotel I'm looking to get some food and

having Filipino currency ensures I'm not

searching around the city for a local

foreign exchange shop and really guys I

do try to avoid the small foreign

exchange shops as much as possible in

fact I haven't used one myself

but I have seen YouTube video where

foreigners have been given a lower rate

than the advertised right so my best

advice is get some foreign currency

before you go and as I say avoid the

small foreign exchange shops ok so right

now you might be thinking yourself well

you only take nine thousand pesos that

will go fairly quick so what do you do

after you're nine thousand pesos is gone

and you're needing to get more money

there are many different ways people can

get foreign currency while in the

philippines apart from the foreign

exchange shops run by a small business

owner you can obviously go to an ATM

that accepts your credit or visa debit

card but some places in the philippines

the ATMs have been known to run out of

money and some people say the fees can

be a little high which when i use my

debit card in 2018 I think the fees were

between two and three hundred pesos per

transaction now to me that wasn't too

bad and certainly not my first choice of

obtaining pesos when in the Philippines

and guys just a little side note here

it's always good to have at least two or

three different ways to obtain money

when you're in the Philippines for

example if you were to lose your debit

card or credit card it can take some

time to get that replace when you're in

the Phillipa and say you know

other ways to obtain money while you're

there so always they have at least two

or three options available and another

option is a travel card where you can

load up a certain amount of your money

in your currency and all be accepted by

ATMs in the Philippines with no fees

charged at least that's my understanding

I did use a travel card back in 2013 and

I wasn't charged any fees but perhaps

things have changed in 2020 I don't know

but it's something to check out and

there are several different options

around obtaining your money through

online services while you're in the

Philippines services such as worldremit

and all but remit and many others

depending what country you may come from

you can send your money to yourself and

go to a collection point in the

Philippines with your ID and collect

your money there for me I like to use

Western Union and I've done so since

2013 I find Western Union very easy to

use and the money is available within

minutes so by the time you transfer the

money online to yourself and walk to the

nearest Western Union Center the money

will be cleared and ready to pick up and

there are many Western Union pickup

locations all over the Philippines which

makes it really convenient to use and I

find the fees or anything from three

dollars upwards depending on the amount

that you're transferring also you might

find when you go to pick it up at some

locations they might charge you a very

small fee now I'm not sure what that fee

is always about but some places they

charge it in other places they don't

with Western Union so I'm not really

sure what the go is there but sometimes

it might be in our 30 or 40 pesos as I

say everyone's different as to what

service or the way they want to get

their Filipino pesos and usually when on

holidays I don't worry about comparing

the rates too much as I look more for

the ease of transaction and quick access

with no problems from getting my cash

but whatever weiu and access your money

when you're in the

Phillipines one thing I highly recommend

is to get the pre-ordered pesos by


similar type of services in your country

before you go I'll guarantee you that

once you're in the Philippines you'll be

glad that you did get those pesos before

you left and when in the Philippines

where will you keep your cash is really

something you need to think hard about

forget your wallet in your back pocket

unless you want to lose it to a manila

pickpocket expert they'll be looking for

such a gullible foreigner who does such

a thing what I always do is have a money

belt that wraps around my waist and sits

underneath my clothes it's very discreet

but be sure to go somewhere private to

access your larger notes out of that

money belt

smaller notes and coins can go in your

pocket for easy access for smaller

purchases or jitney or bus rides etc

money belts to purchase are very

inexpensive and it probably advised that

you just take a spare one in case you

lose it or it breaks on you while you're

in the Philippines so that's pretty much

what I do around getting Philippine

pesos when I'm in the Philippines and

that works for me very well if you have

been to the Philippines before what

works for you it would be great to read

your comments below and to give people

who are new going to the Philippines

some different ideas that may suit them

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