Can #Gamecredits Be The Crypto for #Esports

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and guys you know i love

video games and cryptocurrencies

and the relationship between the two


and with engine coins recent 40

surge i felt it necessary to do

a little more digging on other video


related currencies and i found one as

you can see right here

game credits is an esports solution

for digital item ownership um

it's an esports token okay they're

targeting the esports industry

and while i was reading uh publish ox

which is a great blog site for crypto

news i'll put a link down in the


there was an article posted by the ceo

of game credits detailing just exactly

what the company is so before we dive


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i aim to bring you real world use case

so you can know where to put your money

so you can have a better future guys

that's all i'm trying to do

but like i've obliterated

before on this channel gaming

esports and cryptocurrency are going to

have a very very tight relationship

so when all that being said let's get to

know a little bit more about

game credits okay game credits

is an esports platform that is designed

to add a rewards dimension to any

existing game

this is done of course by using

blockchain technology

and few companies in the space have been

around the blockchain for as long as

game credits

their mission is all about making it

possible for all games to be

played to earn games play to earn games


what he means by that is your android


your um in-game achievements um

fortnite's type deal you know what i


uh the ability to do certain things in

the game and get real world

payment for it that's the focus with

game credits that's the focus would play

to earn games

now not only have they made huge deals

and developments in the last year

but they've been around since the

beginning of this industry since 2014.

he says this was before he knew what

cryptocurrency was

much less had a solid vision of the

potential that played to earn help

for making the world a happier and more

prosperous place to live

this was before steam blockchain was

even created by dan lirimer

a blockchain which would allow for the

creation of splinter lands one of the

earliest pioneers

of successful play to earn gaming uh

don't forget to check that out sweater


pretty dealt this was before the word d5

was even work

and before anything anyone knew anything

about decentralized exchange

we all know that we have come a long way

the team behind grain

credits has been watching all of it

unfold confident in the fact

that they held this vision first perhaps

even making it possible

for all these more recent projects to


not only have they always been here

watching but they have been making huge

strides to stay current and competitive

plus they are always in the trenches

doing their absolute best to reach the

world of mainstream

gaming that's the key mainstream that's

where they want to be


because think about it engine coin they

got that major pump just from being

listed okay

xd infinity ubisoft binance that


if they pull off one of those type of


thousand percent gains anybody

this is a uh below is a screenshot from

the front page of the site

um it's where we started the video

um in the end game there's an in-game


where you'll find a list of games

currently on the game credits platform

by staking your game to back a project

on the list

you can earn game rewards from total

rewards pool many of the games currently

on the games

credit list are already played to earn


of one form or another so this backing

reward offers you an opportunity to not

only support game credits as its own


but to support the games that they

support by earning even more we work

rewards if you are holding game credits

on an exchange you should learn about

this program as soon as possible and get


uh browse the list of games and pick a

few play you

can then use your game credits to

benefit the ecosystem

so this is uh places where you can

purchase game credits i've also been

able to get some

on abra i'll put a link down to ever

wallet 2 in the description

um he says don't rely on any of his

articles just read the white paper

it says the proof is in the pudding the

proof is in the pudding well

can't argue with the pudding

it uh we are proud to have been added to

the game credits platform

we have accumulated a 1.6 million game

oh this is coming from screen land yes

so they added splinter lands

screenshot from screen lance they've


switzerlands to their platform and now

splinter lands you can earn game credits

through there

simply put guys game credits is looking

to pierce

the gaming industry and enable ownership

for gamers they also have nfts

as you can see here that have already

been minted

by game credits creators

through this app here i pulled it up for


this would be the creator portal okay

this is where you can um support games

sign up to become a creator

that was cool okay

uh create your in nfts buy nfts

you know get down with some of the games

like that's kind of what this

reminds me of

and i know uh i'm curious to see how

many people remember

uh if you remember uh get at me down in

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so can so i can see who i'd hang out

with at the cookouts

kidding but yes game credits guys

does it have the potential to be another

engine coin maybe we never know

we never know with these things but

it's better to have it's better to be


for it and then then to not be ready at


and watch it happen we know

that esports and cryptocurrencies are

the future

so all the projects that come into the


that are trying to bridge the gap with

that relationship

need to be projects that we focus on not

financial advice

but it's common sense people and

common sense put together over time and

make you

a couple dollars but yeah i put links

down in the description so you guys can

check out game credits um

get involved with the process like i

said uh i was able to get some on

abra but they do have a list of other

exchanges that may be more suitable for


but yeah that's all i got for today's

for this today's video guys

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