Welding gas bottles buy or lease? ( My thoughts)

what's going on YouTube today I want to

talk a little bit about welding gas

bottles shielding gas and oxygen

acetylene and whatnot I know you can

lease these bottles and it's getting

hard to find somebody that you can buy

from which I found somebody a company my

local welding supply store that I was

able to buy these bottles here but uh I

talked with arrogance air gas is like

the the big company that everybody uses

and my neck of the woods and I'm sure

they're like pretty much all over the US

so I'm sure that you've heard of them

so everybody uses them they will not

sell you a bottle they want to lease you

a bottle I call them and I wanted a

bottle of oxygens just for bottle

auction I didn't I didn't price the

ceiling guess with them because the time

I called him I was just interested in

the bottle oxygen and they told me for a

300 cubic foot bottle that it would be

one hundred thirteen dollars a year I

would have to come into their store

which is about 30 miles from either

close the store and fill out a credit

application they would have to run my

credit to see if I was approved and I'd

pay them one hundred thirteen dollars

and I'd leave with a bottle ox and then

when it got empty I could carry it to my

local NAPA store which is about ten

miles up the road and they would

exchange it you know I pay them whatever

their fee is to exchange it and then

every year they would send me an invoice

and I pay them hundred thirteen dollars

mmm so I called my local welding supply

store that's about 20 miles from me 25

miles tops and I asked them do they have

a brand of a company that they dealt

with that all right sell you the bottle

they said that they did and these are

Wells coke bottles I went down there and

I asked them about a shielding gas

bottle I'm going to the shooting gas

bottle as well 75 25 this is a 390 cubic

foot model this is a 282 foot cubic foot

oxygen bottle this is the the biggest

oxygen bottle you could get I don't know

why that you couldn't get auctioned by

the same size but this is the biggest

thing so yeah so that's what I got this

is what I what I paid for get the camera

to focus here you can see the oxygen

bottle 282 cubic foot it's for 68 99 390

cubic foot of argon co2 69 was 1124 70

with tax and all but I know that's a lot

of money but if you take what they told

me for the 300 cubic foot oxygen a tear

gas was a 113 dollars a year if you do

that times four that's four hundred

fifty something dollars so in four years

you pretty much paying for this bottle

if I died went with air gas and paid

them one hundred thirteen dollars a year

in four years time I've cut a ball and

on that bottle right there you know or

with our gas you just pay them the money

and then you you never own anything and

say if I say if I kept these bottles ten

years well I want to pay 1100 and what

would that be eleven hundred thirty

dollars in ten years I have paid for ox

and bottom I still wasn't on the bottle

so let's say twenty years

I'm thirty years old let's say what's

that I need bottle slump sixty so thirty

years you're looking at uh over three

thousand dollars so I do have a bottle

by doing it this way and I'm sure if

this company never goes out of business

that somebody else would uh you know

allow me to trade it in on something I

had the paperwork shortened where I

bought it paid for the shielding gas is

the same way so with if I would have got

both of these like I say if thirty years

I've been over six thousand dollars you

know I've got it for 1,100 so to me

that's the way to go on something like

this if you're going to keep it now if

it's just something you're playing with

you need part time you make at least one

for a year too short on money or

whatever but I wanted to go ahead and

save up and buy mine that way I'll be

ahead of the game and I wouldn't have to

worry about it having a credit check for

auction bottom all that mess

chose to just go ahead and do it this

way because I thought it worked out

better for me all right you take one

more thing I forgot to mention the

reason I did not buy a settling model to

go with this I'm using a or we'll be

using a propane oxy propane set up and I

have a 40 pound propane cylinders I

bought to go with one of those weed

burner torches so I'll be using it I

don't have it in here it's kept outside

obviously away from this but uh so I

just got the shielding gas model for my

welding and then I'll be running an oxy

propane when the torch I will be doing a

separate video on the torch setup and

the torches I got and everything all the

tips I got everything so that'll be in a

separate video thanks for watching