Advanced Auto Parts is ditching GearWrench tools for TEQ Tools

hey guys what's up and welcome to my

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let's head on into advanced autoparts

today now I got some really interesting

information as I walk through the door

there was a sign kind of placed around

that said new tech correct tools coming

soon well it's not soon because they're

already here

let's take a look at them and I'll tell

you my thoughts I'm gonna tell you guys

that this isn't a new tool it's a

rebranded tool why because this was

originally branded as cur essent and

that is a brand that apex tools owns

wait gearwrench is also owned by apex

tools but look it this is made in Taiwan

this socket is decent quality it's got

nice gnarling it's got deep stampings on

and then you compare it to this socket

here from tech correct and you can see

that it's got light stampings it does

have gnarling it's not beveled but it's

made in China and this socket is a dead

ringer for the new Mastercraft brand

which is also made in China at Menards

so here we have some tech correct Torx

bits compared to some gear wrench and

you can see that the stampings aren't as

deep we lost that gnarling around it and

they're both made in China now the

interesting thing is is these are the

same price they didn't change the price

and it's in the computer as the same

price same thing here with this next set

when we look at these hex bit sockets

these are both made in China but they

are at the exact same price so here

we're now going to look at their

ratcheting wrenches and these again they

are exactly the same so knowing that the

country of origin on some of the

products are China you have to take them

for what they're worth

now I bought gear wrench and I bought it

at advanced auto before but now I'm kind

of disappointed because I can't easily

swap my items add advanced auto if

they're not going to carry it in the


and here's another comparison if you

look at this Torx bit driver you look at

the tech Pro one verse the gearwrench

one the color is the same the molding

and the grips the same the country of

origin on these it's the same the price

point didn't change so hopefully

hopefully the quality did not change on

this i've yet to use these but just

giving you as much information so you

can make an educated decision about this

product don't get me wrong there is some

good things that can be made out of

china now i have one of these double x

45 degree angle ones but if i was to

come in and look at one of these

straight nosed ones i would pick up the

Harbor Freight Quinn one because it's

cheaper unless you can get some deep

discounts on these it doesn't make sense

to buy some of this new line and again

the tech correct Pro is going to be made

by apex tools which apex tools makes

many other different branded lines

that's important when we look at some of

these sets here now tell me that that

ratchet doesn't look familiar it does it

looks like husky tools which you can get

at Home Depot so again at least you know

the manufacturer behind these give you

some ability to think about the quality

but at the price point of a hundred and

eighteen dollars for this hundred and

fifty two piece set that's got to be

really compelling because I can go to

Home Depot and when they have a hundred

dollar special I can get a hundred and

eighty pieces or 199 piece set for

cheaper these are just very interesting

the price points very interesting so I'm

just giving you information about the

manufacturer which will maybe be able to

tell you a little bit about the quality

so switching gears here something I

would recommend is something like these

Rhino max ramps these are super awesome

they make life super easy super quick

and super safe you just put them down on

a flat surface drive your vehicle up

throw down some cardboard change

look around and get out so these if you

get 20% off them buy them online pick

them up in store great deal and I will

recommend to not buy a fluorescent work

light in 2019 we use LEDs so definitely

don't buy the double fluorescent work

light this section needs revamping

before we leave let's go out on a high

note and talk about the loner tool

program they have as I think this is a

pretty decent offering they have so you

put the money down the full price of the

tool you bring it back when you're done

you get your money back it's pretty

straightforward know that somebody else

use that tool and validate that all the

pieces are there because when they have

so many tools like this anywhere from

break and chassis heating and cooling

driveline drive axle valve spring

compressors exhaust harmonic balancers

AC clutch compressors torque wrenches

and even serpentine belt toolkits you

just got to make sure everything's there

so if you don't own some items like a

code reader they do and can do that for

you if you slap down your driver's

license they'll let you take their code

reader out to your car scan your codes

get the parts you need but if you do it

on your own you can also clear your code

so that's a bonus if you don't have one

at home or you don't have a shop that

will just do that for free so this to me

is a value add that not everybody else

has or does so guys thanks for tuning in

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hopefully you learned something today if

not in the end remember work smarter not