Convert and Exchange US DOLLARS for Ghana Cedis GHC like a PRO

yeah yeah ship from the shores of Cape

Coast Nigeria Sierra Leone send the gold

black gold they were hauling for 100

years it was hard then kept striving to

be free from Marcus the war can't forget

Kwame for reparations they did





hi this is Emma when I welcome you to

the Yenko Africa YouTube channel you're

all welcome as promised I stated that I

would be coming on every now and then

just showing my face just letting you

guys know that I'm here I'm a real

person and you're welcome I think each

and every one of you who have subscribed

to this channel I look forward to the

great things that we will be sharing

with you guys and things that you'll be

sharing with us and so today I'm going

to be speaking to you about conversion

and how important it is especially if

you have never been to Ghana or if you

have been to Ghana before if you're like

me you learned on the old currency I've

been back several times using the new

currency but for some reason in my mind

keeps reverting back to the original

system that I learned on and it's so

important for us to you know keep

ourselves sharp because you don't want

to cheat yourself you don't want to be

cheated but it's also good to stay

abreast of the current conversion rate

so today I'll be discussing that with

you guys and I hope that you'll find

that helpful if you haven't already

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bless each and every one of you and here

we go thanks for tuning in so the

lighting in here for this isn't the best

but I want you to just see the various

denominations this is the 50 all right

it's kind of orange in color this is the

20 it's purple and green and then the 10

is green so I should just stick with the

main the dominant color so the 50 is

kind of orange brown it looks right on

here but it's really like an orange

brownish color okay the 20 is purple the

green one is the 10 all right

the blue one is the 5 the brown one is

the 2

it has let me see if I can get it

focused better for you okay

you see clearly should see a little bit

more clearly there it's the two and it

has kwame nkrumah

on it kwame nkrumah and then the one

okay it's red alright red and pink so

once again the fifty the fifty is brown

and kind of orange color it although it

may look red here the purple is a 20 the

10 is green the five it's blue and the

brown is two and the one is red and pink

alright so I'm going to tell you what

this would equate to when you convert it

to today's current rate and this is

going to help you I hope that you will

familiarize yourself with it and help

you know exactly you know what kind of

denominations you may want to handle and

have depending on what you're doing okay

and also its if you have been to Ghana

before and you use the old currency and

you know you're used to counting by

millions and so on and so forth then

you'll know and even if you use this the

conversion rate has changed so you

really need to know what it is or some

have an idea of what it is at this time

alright so one moment Shalom okay guys I

appreciate you listening to this point

and I'm gonna try to sum this up as best

as I can but I would advise you to

practice a lot not just a little and

keep up with it by going to Google I'm

going to show you where you can go but

now that we familiarized ourselves with

the bills as far as the colors I do want

to let you know too that the size is

very um you'll see that the 5 the 2 and

the 1 are actually smaller than the 50

to 20 and the 10 and according to the

men the 50 does not fit comfortably in a

standard male wallet so you want to keep

that into consideration as well I'm not

sure about the 20 but I definitely know

the 50 is larger alright and so also

let's go let's just go ahead and take a

look at it

Google as far as the converter alright

so you want to go to Google you want to

type in something like CD $2.00 or USD

to CD and that's going to give you the

conversion rate okay and so you can save

an app on your phone a converter and so

when you get to the airport what you're

going to do either at the airport

airports usually don't have the best

trade exchange rate you may want to wait

until you get into town

or you may just want to get a few

dollars at the airport okay that's

probably gonna be the best if you're

catching a taxi local transportation

troll troll troll or anything of that

sort okay and if if you need to go

shopping or something immediately you

want to have some cash on you but let's

just say you come to Ghana with 500 US

dollars okay that's going to convert to

two thousand seven hundred and eight and

one Ghana Cedis okay now it's the same

value but it's just the five hundred

dollars that you're going to give them

this is how much they're going to give

you so you want to make sure you get

larger denominations because you don't

want to walk around with a bunch of you

know ones in your hands or twos and

fives okay you want to try to get the

larger denominations depending on the

amount that you're giving them okay so

once again you're gonna go and look up

on the conversion on a converter online

or on your app on your phone and you're

going to see that for example five

hundred equals two thousand seven oh

eight let's see what a fifty each equals

so if you get a 50 all right the fifty

and that's this is a US dollars to Ghana

Cedis let's do the CDs to two dollars so

if you give them if they if you want a

5150 of the Ghana cedi is equivalent to

nine dollars and twenty three cents and

US dollars so it's it's over the nine

dollars but it's not quite ten so for

every 50 that they give you that's the

same as a US nine dollars and 23 cents

so nine dollars and 23 cents in u.s.

dollars equals 50 Ghana Cedis okay and

so take some time with these it's going

to take

while for you to memorize them and don't

try to really memorize them as standard

try to get a roundabout number for me I

try to stick with about at the current

rate at about the five dollar range

because right now one US dollar is about

542 okay and that's been increasing as

far as the you know the five portion of

it so it could be up to six by the time

you travel but hopefully it stays around

that amount and so it makes it easier

for me to convert so let's just say you

have a ten all right a ten dollar bill

that's going to give you fifty four

dollars and sixteen Ghana Cedis if you

have a let's say a ten Ghana cedi that's

equivalent to a dollar and 85 cents and

the United States dollars okay if you

have a twenty dollar CD a 20 Ghana cedi

that's going to be equivalent to three

dollars and sixty nine cents in the

United States so just play with this get

familiar with the with the bills know

what they look like the size differences

and keep your converter on you okay

always keep in mind find a good number

that's easy for you to convert in your

mind because sometimes you have to think

really quick to find out if something is

a bargain or not okay so hopefully that

works for you and thanks for tuning in

and look for more videos if you haven't

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you have a wonderful day yeah yeah ship

from the shores of Cape Coast Nigeria

Sierra Leone Senegal black gold they

were Harland

the years it was hard then kept striving

to be free from Marcus the wall can't

forget Kwame for reparations they did

pray tonight

and I know we do say go Africa yeah go

Africa Africa Africa