How to sell GIFT CARDS for CASH!!

hey guys we're gonna free him in a

budget and today I wanted to talk to you

about titling gift cards for cold hard

cash so I saw a video that Wendy

Valencia did a couple weeks ago where

she talked about buying gift cards for

your family

through a couple websites card pool

comment and raised calm and they sell

discount gift cards and I was like

that's awesome and actually went on and

bought a couple which I will talk about

in a little bit but also I was like you

know what if they buy gift cards I bet

they sell gift cards and I've had some

gift cards that I've had in my wallet

for not a year or two that are just

sitting there it sure would be nice to

you some but you know what they're just

sitting there and I was like you know

what these can be better used a side

hustle and I'd rather just just get the

money for them I don't need I don't need

regal gift cards when we don't even

really go to Regal and watch movies I

think it's a waste of money and Regals

not the best movie theaters around

hearings yeah and just different places

like that and I'm like bonefish I don't

eat fish I don't see food yeah I'm from

Massachusetts and I don't eat food um so

just different ones like that and so I

went on to the two different sites and

was like alright which one can I get the

most bang for my buck and of course I

knew that they're gonna take a small

percentage of it so first one I went to

was raise calm and I'm sending up a good

process and you need a credit card and I

was like what let me just put in my

debit card network and nope it legit

said you need a credit card you cannot

use a debit card and so it's like what

no that's ridiculous I don't use credit

cards I follow Dave Ramsey no no credit

cards so I don't carpool and they let me

register with out a credit card

no problem so it's like alright carpool

wins but each one has in person comes so

with carpool they you type in the card

number they

everything and then they give you a set

amount so for a $20 gift card they may

give you 17 dollars whatever it is and

then after they give you that price then

you can accept it or deny it and then

when you scroll down a little bit then

they give you a check book price or an

Amazon gift card price and if you choose

the Amazon price it's six percent higher

than the check price so I did four cards

and half of them I do the Amazon it and

half of them I did is just check because

I did have some more in son presents

that I wanted to get and I shop on

Amazon so much so I gonna be trying both

out um so got some Amazon them for for

gift cards I'm getting $86 which i think

is incredible and what were the amount

one was pure one that was $50 and I got

like 40 something dollars back from that

one a bone fish a.i you had to mail them

in a a another regal one so different

different ones so that was carpools

experience and I'm gonna leave links

down below for both carpal and rays and

if you do sign up through them whether

it's by yourself

I do get $5 so there's that no more

additional cost to you but I do get $5

for them um so then when I was going to

purchase my gift cards I had to get an

iTunes gift card I excuse me I went to

both sites and raised with actually the

better deal for that iTunes gift card

then Interpol might not even had an

iTunes gift card racers have more

options and gift cards so I just went

through them and then when you signed up

for them and they sent you an email

saying you have to spend $50 you can get

$10 off so I'm

the curtain anyways but with the

discount I think it paid like 46 dollars

with it so it was four dollars short

so item getting an Amazon gift card on

top of that for me

and that would bring it past the $50

betting again um see $5 so I think I got

the Amazon gift was $15 the itunes is

$46 and then with the the $10 off that

came into like $51 and I got a free and

son gift card for me so it worked out

well so that's my experience with card

fundraise and I thought this big great

video for the for the holidays when

you're trying to make some extra side

hustle on cash or after the holidays

when you get a movies gift card from

your great aunt sally and there's no

Riegel's in your area or you don't shop

at that store or wherever it may be

so i hope this video is helpful if you

know of any other sites like this or

ones that are helpful or different ways

that you can earn some extra side hustle

by selling gift card to anything like

that please leave it below in the

comments I'd love to hear your input and

your feedback so thank you so much for

watching and I will talk to you there