Black Desert Online: What to do with Gold & Silver bars

welcome back everyone at 7 News 257 here

today I am back on black desert online

on the Xbox one and in this video I will

be showing you what to do and how to use

gold bars silver and the silver bars

that you get so this is a question that

I have been asked on a couple videos and

I see posted in the server chat all the

time because a lot of quests reward you

with gold bars they also reward you with

silver bars and of course some times

you'll find silver bars from enemies so

basically what they are is they are a

more compact form of currency or the

base currency in black desert online so

the base currency is silver as you can

see in my inventory up at the top left

hand side of the inventory I have two

million two hundred two thousand and

eight hundred and thirteen silver that's

your currency that you buy stuff with

you can buy stuff with it from other

players you can buy stuff from NPCs you

can buy basic life skill equipment all

kinds of stuff that's your universal

currency now the silver bars are a

reward from certain quests and a

possible drop from monsters the gold

bars are a reward from quests and

basically what it is is in this game

your silver has weight so you can

convert it into gold bars to transport

it and it doesn't weigh as much now

let's go ahead and figure out how

exactly we do that what you're going to

need to do is you're gonna need to find

a storage MPC so in every major city

there's going to be a storage NPC if you

go to your world map and then you press

down on the d-pad to find an NPC you can

use the left and right bumpers to cycle

between all the diff

main MPC types and you're gonna want the

one that looks like a little chest and

that's gonna be find the storage NPC now

this NPC is very important because it

does allow you to store items as well as

function as a currency exchange then you

pull the right trigger and it will set a

waypoint of which you can auto walk or

auto ride to wherever that Waypoint is

and most of the time in town it's pretty

accurate now at this NPC we have the

option to go ahead and exchange the gold

bars or silver bars for silver and we

also have the option to use silver to

buy gold bars you cannot buy silver bars

one you'll notice right here once the

textures load in here is our friendly

banker then we'll go to the currency

exchange and you'll have basically three

tabs you'll have the purchase tab where

you can buy all the different variants

of gold bars you can buy the 1g ones

which are basically the equivalent of a

hundred thousand silver all the way up

to the ten thousand G bars which that's

like over a billion basically you lose

ten percent is what it boils down to if

you buy a gold bar the cheapest one is

gonna be a hundred thousand one hundred

so actually I'm not sure if that's ten

percent but there's a little fee that's

charged in other words it's way too late

for me to be doing math so I don't

recommend just willy-nilly converting

your silver to gold bars and your gold

bars to silver just keep that in mind

now when you convert something you're

gonna see two balances down at the

bottom you're gonna see my balance and

then you're going to see held in storage

now the thing about held in storage is

the balance that is held in storage is

the amount that you have in that

specific town on the map this currency

can be used at any of the NPC's in that

town but if you go to a different town

or city you will have a different

storage NPC and that means you'll have a

different currency exchange which means

you'll have a different held in storage

balanced for that currency so in order

to convert the gold bars or silver bars

that you have you would pull the right

trigger and go over to the sell screen

at this point you can see that the gold

bars the 1 G's sell for a hundred

thousand silver you can press a to sell

it and then you can automatically sell


of them or you can just convert one

which in this case I'm gonna go ahead

and just confirm by pressing the Y

button to sell one gold bar which now

gives me held in storage a balance of

300,000 you can do the exact same thing

with the silver bars if you want or you

could enter a custom number if you're

gonna enter a custom number say I want

to sell five bars just go ahead and

enter the number five and then press Y

and there you go

I just sold five silver bars that I

picked up each silver bar being worth

twenty thousand so now my held in

storage balance is four hundred thousand

now if I want to remove this held in

storage balance unfortunately what I

have to do is go ahead and buy gold bars

I'm not going to go ahead and buy gold

bars because then I'd be losing silver

and it's not really worth it to lose the

silver so keep in mind you can exchange

your gold bars but when you exchange

your gold bars or the silver bars that

silver will end up in the held storage

of the town that you exchanged them in

just keep that in mind as you're

adventuring but it is less weight to

carry the gold bars in your inventory

than to carry all of their converted

silver or at least that's the way that

it's supposed to work I still have to do

a lot of testing and see exactly how the

weight situation works as to how much

silver versus how much gold and all that

but I'll get into that later this is a

video simply to answer the question of

how that everything works in terms of

using those gold and silver bars now you

also have another option at this NPC

that I should mention and that is the

warehouse option each NPC for storage

you will have a separate warehouse and

you can put items in the warehouse

so you can go ahead and freely take

items out of the warehouse or you can

put items into the warehouse as long as

you have enough warehouse slots you can

also see the items that you have in

different warehouses however you cannot

actually physically take the item out of

the other warehouse unless you are at

that specific location or use the

transport feature so for instance in

haidle I have more stuff in the

warehouse but I can't actually access it

from this storage just a quick tip for

you guys to go along with your currency

you can have currency stored in a

warehouse or technically the bank

whatever you want to call it the

currency exchange in that storage you

can have silver in another town you just

will not be able to access it or use it

unless you take it out of storage or you

are in that specific town so hopefully

this video answered your questions on

using gold bars and silver bars gave a

couple little tips to some of the other

mechanics that you can use that MPC for

if you have any questions feel free to

leave a comment on the video I will do

my best to answer all questions for you

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