Gold Bullion Coins - Buying and Selling. EPISODE 5

hey guys this is Chris Brigandi I'm here

with Justin burgundy of Burgundy coins

and collectibles in New York City today

we're talking gold bullion so just a

quick history real quick in 1933

FDR took us off of the gold standard so

all of our paper back notes were backed

by gold coin so real quick here this is

a $20 gold certificate you could

literally redeem this at your nearest

Federal Reserve branch there's 12 them

around the country for us it would be in

New York City on Wall Street so you

could literally bring this $20 note into

the Pharaohs rebuilding and they would

give you $20 worth of gold coin so these

are all the different types of gold

coins we had in the late 1800s and early

1900s so he would give them this piece

of paper and they would give you this 20

dollar gold coin this is the Liberty

Head type and then this is the later

type from the 1900s saint-gaudens

so a little bit of history and then we

didn't make gold coins and it was

actually illegal to hold gold coins

until 1986 so that brings us to the rest

of the gold bullion you're gonna see

here Justin's gonna go ahead and tell

you a little about the most popular gold

coin we sell here so these are the gold

Eagles they started minting them in 1986

they have Lady Liberty on the front and

a gold eagle actually - Gold Eagles on

the back they are considered one ounce

coins but they actually weigh 1.0 909 to

account for the additional copper alloy

used to make them stronger and more

durable they are traded as one ounce

coins the copper has no significant

value in it and there's two types of

them there are the uncirculated so what

you see here which is what we recommend

for all of our customers they have the

lowest premium and they're the most

liquid in terms of gold coins you can

buy however there are also for

collectors additional proof strikes that

come in fancy caps and boxes they cost

significantly more and they're not

necessarily a great investment but they

are something that the government does

offer for those of you who might be

looking for pure gold you can also get

the US Gold Buffalo which comes this way

and it also comes as a proof which we

don't have in stock at the moment once

again it's kind of the same thing the

pricing is the same but some people do

prefer pure gold

and the last option or the last two

options we typically have here are the

Krugerrands which is the original gold

bullion coin and we also have the

Canadian maples which is Canada's

version of the Gold Eagle obviously with

a maple leaf instead so those are mainly

what we sell as far as gold bullion and

obviously we also buy these so if you're

looking to invest in gold we always

recommend the Eagle first but people

also have Krugerrands they like maples

they're a little cheaper too but the

most liquid and what we saw the most of

obviously you see the stacks of American

Eagles also what we do a lot of our

larger size gold coins they're pretty

cool again they're a little bit more

collectible so you're gonna pay an

additional premium so here this is gold

panda very popular coin Chinese go panda

there so this is a 12 ounce size so

obviously significantly larger determine

we'll be using the Hobby as hockey pucks

they're really thick almost you know

resembling a hockey puck a couple other

countries this is an African coin again

you're paying high premium here but a

coin like this they only minted a

hundred up so you're playing the

collectible game with that as well so if

you're just looking for gold value gold

bullion value you know States stay away

from these type of coins another we

probably get five to ten phone calls a

day five to ten people walking on and

dojo talking about gold bars

everybody's fascinated by gold bars they

think especially if you're a novice you

think that's the way to buy gold to

begin with we really really steer people

away from gold bars however what's that

there's tons of fakes on gold bars so we

do a little bit we do the smaller size

the smaller you go they're really hard

to fake there's a really popular 5 ounce

10 ounce eyes and kilo size which is

over 30 ounces those are the stories you

hear on the news somebody bought a gold

coin from you know a pawn shop or

jewelry shop or even a coin dealer who

didn't know any better and it turns out

it's filled with some dense powder like

tungsten or some crazy you know a

magician or a doctor if you will put it

inside so unless you're buying something

small and they make great gift

Barr's but we really tell people stay

away from the large bars they're really

easily counterfeited so the last thing

we wanted to show you here this is gold

nuggets these are this is how gold is

pulled out of the earth

so it's it's actually two forms usually

it's gold dust or gold powder you see on

TV and on all those shows on Discovery

or history channel and you know they

collect all the powder and they put it

in however sometimes you get lucky when

you're mining and you pull out large

ingots like this so this large one here

is over 2 ounces it's 75 grams all the

other ones a little bit smaller

now you don't melt these normally when

you get the flakes in or the powder you

melt it and it turn into coins like you

see but when you pull out large gold

nuggets like this they're highly

collectible they usually sell anywhere

from two to three times over their

weight value so if you have a one ounce

coin and let's say gold spot price is

1300 an ounce you're really probably

gonna pay about twenty five to three

thousand dollars for these from Alaska

right these yes specifically these are

from the Yukon Klondike area which are

too old rivers that are mined and you

see those on the TV shows that's usually

in Alaska where they're mining for gold

so they're really cool and especially

what adds to the value is if you get

really cool shapes to it so this one and

it's a little flat kind of boring but

this big yeah it almost looks a like a

piece of like volcanic like crag almost

it's really cool so people buy it not

just for the gold value but for the

artistic value people make gold chains

out of them they put them in rings

especially the smaller pieces or

earrings just a real cool piece of art

on top of it I don't have anything else

to add no just it's amazing when you

really think about the fact that you

know you could start with something like

this and end up you know later on with

something like that it's pretty cool

yeah that's the name stuff on last let's

talk about price real quick

obviously gold trades off the Gold Live

Gold market so depending on what the

price is that day that's what we buy and

sell them for and yes there's a small

premiums again we recommend going with

the Gold Eagle today for example Gold's

trading around 1330 the market today is

very volatile

just in less month that's gone up about

a hundred bucks and it's ten percent

loss in the stock market in four days

which is definitely not helping or

hurting right so who knows where gold is

gonna go usually goes out to the

opposite of the stock market but right

now it's sinking a little bit with the

stock market so we don't tell people

daily what to buy or when to sell

because that's not what we do we just

handle the merchandise so if you think

gold is going up you buy it you think

it's going down you get sell to us again

really tight premiums on this this is

stuff we buy and sell every day here

whether you want one ounce or even a

small piece a tenth of an ounce or if

you want over a hundred ounces so

whatever you're looking to buy or sell

we can help you out there if you have

any questions just give us a call go on

our website we have a good informational

page about gold bullion we're just

coming our store we're more than happy

to help you adjust tunes at the front

usually behind the counter and handle

all this stuff all day long so any

questions just come on in please like

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you at Brigandi coins and collectibles

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