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Quinn glitters I am with my little fists

of helper today and we are going to be

doing a video on the liquify brain it's

a video that one of our viewers asked to

be done or he asked for some more

insight more information on the screen

so let me give you the background story

liquid town is a little town that was

settled over 200 years ago in the

northern pigments very for nose I think

it's close to the Kimberley region and

to give you some insight with the kyeper

at the time in the eighteen early

eighteen hundreds you know multiracial

people who they were colored people and

they were a mixture of quite cool people

mixture of slaves and so to move out of

the Cape Colony and settle in a little

place on the video outskirts of the Cape


so the this group of people refer to

themselves as equal people and had that

in itself has its roots in a tribe of

Khoikhoi people which was also very

similar to the word Iroquois and all the

words request derived from that where I

don't exactly recall what the tribe the

Khoikhoi tribe was called and they they

named that little settlement liquid down

so while the missionary was settled in

that town from the missionaries thought

that I would introduce Queens Oh money

to the creek poor people and because

back then they were still using the

barter system we if you add a chicken in

hired a sheep then I would trade you

gosh a few chickens for a little lamb or

something to that effect

that says how they trade it back then so

the London Missionary Society thought

that would be a good idea to try and

introduce money to this group of people

and they would trade with the

neighboring towns so they had to

instruct specifically in or specifically

for the hikmah people they had to

instruct in London and they brought down

the coins and that was in 1815 to 1816

1817 and at first the Queen's didn't see

much circulation because obviously

people who are used to using a barter

system it would take time for them to

adopt a monetary system however you know

the East documented evidence that a

small portion of these Queens did

circulate and the current Queens that we

have they are all in very circulated

condition you know two hundred years

later we still Arabic so on those of

these worn down coin so that tells you

that it circulate to a certain degree

and this much controversy about the

subject because this you know a single

person and is following that claims that

these coins never circulated and

therefore not South Africa's first

indigenous coinage however the consensus

amongst most coin collectors in safety

is documented history historic evidence

as well as the actual coins themselves

they prove that these weren't circulated

and on the reverse of the five reign you

can see what those goons look like you

can see that the point they would be a

depiction of what of five pins looked

like or five pennies as well as the

little turtle doubt which is the symbol

of the London Missionary Society which

would have been the obverse I think of

the coin at the time so even the South

African month acknowledged this being

the first coinage mented for South

Africans and used by South Africans two

hundred years ago and they commemorated

that require town coinage with us five

rained so now this video gives more

insight into the history of the liquid

town people and as well as wipers of

African mint so to commemorate him using

the screen let me know your thoughts in

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