hi guys welcome to my channel

hello no boo ba ba goo Oh a poll that

I'm that big ol gal in Hong Kong

jumpin on pasta in yo yo feminine Hong

Kong little Pocoyo

sorry bye uncle I guess apparently penis

so he says in composing your geisha to

pound 1000 Hong Kong malar at the family

code tournament one head up nut for a

tournament for a 500 Hong Kong dollars

Chennai one for Unicode then fill her up

at the ball

then I $100 $100

the punycode pump her up gentlemen oh

I'm tipsy Hong Kong dollars the


gonna pop her up tournament box and 2000

dollars bond affords

no a bum rap it's a memento and honors

you know compilers and I'm a pretty good

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and come join dollar and repeal God my

guy didn't put up any penis then I'm a

couple oh then I'm and for a

five-point dollar dollar


the free in decode nothing okay now put

them up for him hot up in a landfill I

going dollars from dollar pian really

good Tim up your hair up two dollars

it's like a pocket in a landfill I won

Hong Kong dollar coin gods


don't add up

I said hopefully on home it really good

upset them up when I'm hot up then

develop on a pink penis in a month I 20


uncle dollar DPN the Brenda could nah

throw up your head up then the book that


last four I went ten cents on Khandala a

pan and since the oil Amina pretty good

a guy up on a twenty cents up on a fifty


playful at yong-ran phenomen for icon

but nothing I'm Hong Kong money peso and

1001 compressor is six thousand four

hundred pesos

and 500 Hong Kong professor is three

thousand four hundred pesos I 100 Hong

Kong the bezel is 640 pesos 50 Hong Kong

naman po the peso is three hundred

twenty pesos the ended 30 pesos spree

and protection on Bert osa filipinas 20

Hong Kong dollar naman po SI is one

under 28 the sauce 120 we are under 28

press escape of economic unit as a


then Hong Kong dollars so guy stuff you

can afford Aloha support I know param

for $10 Napa pan and put poeple in

diners man cinnamon put a pin dollar

coins jingle coins from piano key naan

bread Klose subpoenas the peso is 664

and sauce Paris la piscina Paris lamp oh

and I belong to the nunnery - rah Papa

peloton play points where a person a

person cannot abide about killing but

possibility is I'm from dollar in

America peso is that a sauce


come banana man photo vessel is twelve

and eight days and hours


I confirmed a line demand for soy is six

and forty then Elvis one bad rpm Boy

Wonder Boy

very good

50 cents I'm tradition snowman poem

vessel is 3 and 20 centavos


when - since when - since Hong Kong

where the sense Hong Kong the press or

is 1 and 28 then doubles 1 and 26 on

Wilshire at the pinnacle yeah let me

shut up and put there by 26

come on walk I've been since and since


and since Hong Kong the press'll is 64

centavos so 60% bubbles an employer that

was really good how do you have for

money now vinodini daddy i 1698 and baby

boom wanna convert a man pune

principessa a ten thousand eight hundred

seventy two and their petals and avos

well my point villain on a bug and cell