Careeach HR tracker (WP-809) : Unbox, charge & pair | HPB Healthy 365 program 2018





we are going to unbox the carriage HP

fitness tracker

let's take a check her out of the box

inside a box there's a tracker as well

as a user menu I know this is a tracker

let's remove the sticker and we need to

remove this from the strip let's unhook

it from the strap and the first thing

you'll notice is that there is a USB

sign over here this indicates that we

can charge it using the USB so in order

to charge we need to pull it out so it's

a little bit tough

okay this is how it looks like when you

pull it out

now the recommendation is to charge it

using a power bank and we recommend that

you charge it using the low ampere which

is one ampere or less as two point one

we actually damage the tracker so we're

going to use the one ampere charging pot

on your power bank to church this

tracker so the context is behind so we

need to put it this way

it's a vibration and you can see that

the trekker is charging

what a tracker is charging let's take a

look at the user menu

so for getting started it says to press

and hold add a touch key zone for about

8 seconds to power up the tracker so

let's do that this is the touchstone

we're going to touch and hold it and you

can see that it's loading

most about eight seconds you can see

that it has powered up and you can

toggle between the different modes

okay currently the time in a date is not

set primarily because you need to

download the how to 365 apps and pair it

with your phone in order to get the

correct timing right so let's leave it

for charging and over here we need to

join a challenge and I healthy three six

five and instructions on how to pay and

I'll post at the end time so to power

off we need to home for four seconds at

a touch zone on the user interface so

basically we need to go to the from

where and touch for about four seconds

and there's a question to power off if

you would select yes and hold it day and

there's a vibration and D trekker is now

powered off there's a limited product

warranty where you can call the support

hotline or email so you want e is for a

period of one year

clicky tracker is water resistance is

able to withstand splashes but do not

swim with it and over here it shows how

to charge the batteries basically is

telling us that you can charge it for

about two hours so to not leave it

charging overnight s step me shut under

battery life so basically I think this

is the operations on the tracker itself

so we need to start up our healthy 365

apps if you have not downloaded apps

then you will need to download it from

the Play Store so it's telling us that

have known steps record that so they're

just ignore that message and the first

thing is that you need to do a half

declaration so go to the questions and

answer no to all the above questions so

basically if we have any yes then you

may need to consult your doctor so let's

select no and confirm so we have done

our health declaration and this is the

dashboard for the national steps

challenge season four basically we will

go straight to the apps so the current

season variables are the carriage H R

which is our tracker is currently pet

with the o tempo HR tracker so we're

going to select the carriage H R and

it's asking us to sing your steps so we

have not have any steps so we were just

like yes to change your tracking mode

so yes detector our tracker so you

select it

so we have successfully pet our tracker