The Secret INVISIBLE INK on Banknotes

today's modern banknotes have an

abundance of security features that make

them increasingly difficult to

counterfeit and easier than ever to

identify fakes and what's by far my

favorite of these features is UV ink

remember those invisible ink pens used

to play with as a kid well they use our

income money so in this video I'm gonna

look at some basic examples right the

way up to the creative masterpieces of

21st century banknote design and if you

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first up the US dollar the older-style

notes including the one and two dollar

bills do absolutely nothing at all but

then the newer series display a single

vertical stripe it's an efficient way of

keeping the cost down on a mass-produced

currency and fits with their clean and

classic design and yeah it might seem a

little boring but it's better than the

canadian dollars which do literally

nothing under UV light even their

brand-new state-of-the-art vertical note

which is probably my favorite banknote

ever released does literally nothing

things start to get a bit more

interesting with banknotes such as the

pound sterling the New Zealand dollar

and the East Caribbean dollar which will

display their denomination in

fluorescent numbers again is pretty

basic but it makes an efficient and

effective security feature the pound

sterling in particular features this

orange yellow checkered pattern which is

really quite difficult for criminals to


you'll also notice that with a lot of

paper banknotes they have these random

flecks of color scattered all over their

surface that's something they

deliberately put into the paper at the

pulp stage and again is an extra layer

of protection against counterfeiters now

here's where things get creative

many banknotes use UV ink to highlight

some particular pattern or element of

their design the indian rupee for

instance east candy glow and on the

reverse the country's architecture comes

to life with brilliant color on the

south african rand various patterns and

illustrations light up including these

rock carvings by the sand the indigenous

people of southern africa and the urine

becomes considerably more interesting to

highlighting stars and emblems on both

sides of the notes one of my favorite

uses of UV on banknotes is to illuminate

animals as seen on the new Australian

dollars the five dollar sees an Eastern

spine bill the ten dollar of co2 and the

fifty dollar are black swan in flight

similarly the Philippine peso features

an array of ultraviolet animals such as

a Parma civet a tarsier and a blue nape

parrot the Norwegian krone also features

a native animal the Atlantic puffin and

finally we get to the really elaborate

banknotes the Mexican peso is one of my

favorites it highlights Ferriss design

aspects but takes it to the extreme

creating these UV masterpieces

portraying history architecture and

nature including the great migration of

the monarch butterfly the swiss franc

reveals a glow with the earth rotated

slightly differently on each

denomination now this set of banknotes

still has a few yet to be released

but when complete the currency will form

a sort of UV flip book depicting a

complete rotation of the earth how

incredibly cool is that

I mean Canada should really be taking

notes right now

and lastly we reach was probably my

favorite purely for their intricate

design in the sheer variation of color

used the Hungarian forint the 1000 sees

the denomination in a vibrant rectangle

encircled by flowers as well as a raven

holding a ring the mm is also surrounded

by a floral pattern and features an arm

at hand holding a sword whilst the 5000

sees fluorescent gears in Cocke wheels

and a column of budapest same bridge in

orange and green ink ultimately UV ink

is just a security feature with the

clear and functional purpose of helping

us detect fake notes but that doesn't

mean it can't be creative banknotes are

something most people use every day and

yet without realizing that in the right

light they transform into UV