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hey there I'm really excited about this

master class because today we're gonna

talk about the cost of studying and

living in Canada for all you

international students now Canada has

been consistently ranked in the top ten

of the world's best places to live in

and it's arguably also one of the best

places to study in so in this master

class we're gonna tell you everything

you need to know about the cost of

studying and living in Canada as you go

there being an international students

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in this master class we've divided the

content into four portions the first is

going to be undergraduate and graduate

tuition fee divided into the various

fields of study and also broken down

into the different provinces of Canada

the second category of information that

I'm going to give you in this

masterclass is the cost of living third

I'm going to give you the most

affordable schools in Canada and I'm

also going to tell you about the tuition

fee charged by some of the top ranked

universities and finally we're going to

do a cost comparison of Canada with us

UK Singapore Australia and New Zealand

so you want to make sure you watch right

till the very end one of the most

distinctive features of the Canadian

higher education system is that each of

their ten provinces is responsible for

their own education system so you might

find some variation between one province

and the next depending on where you

choose to study in also just as a note

typically undergraduate degrees in

Canada can be completed anything between

three years and four years unlike the US

where you would complete your

undergraduate degree in a minimum of

four yer postgraduate degrees could be

completed between one to three years

depending on which program you take

now let's get to the first section of

this master class the undergraduate

tuition fee that you pay as an

international student in Canada now

typically an average undergraduate

tuition fee is in the region of 25,000

Canadian dollars which works out to at

the current exchange rate about 18 lakhs

80 thousand rupees the arts humanities

Social Sciences agriculture some of

those fields could be a little cheaper

and the average tuition fee for those

could be in the region of 22,000

Canadian dollars for annum and all the

figures that I'm gonna give you now I'm

gonna be Canadian dollars and it's going

to be a per annum tuition fee a program

and architecture could be about twenty

five thousand dollars a law degree now I

know law is most often a postgraduate

degree but like I said some of the

provinces have different education

systems and they might offer you an

undergraduate law program as well so if

they do when an undergraduate law

program would be charged at about thirty

thousand Canadian dollars per annum

looking at the pure Sciences Computer

Sciences mathematics and engineering

programs these are also costed at about

thirty thousand dollars and Business

Administration now mind you this is not

an MBA we're still at the topic of

undergrad so this is like a BBA program

a Business Administration program would

cost you about twenty six thousand

Canadian dollars per annum now let's

look at the postgraduate cost per annum

in Canadian dollars for international

students in Canada the average cost is

about sixteen thousand dollars which

works out to approximately eight lakh

eighty thousand rupees arts and

humanities continues to be cheaper and

Social Sciences etc tend to be in the

region of thirteen to fourteen thousand

dollars per annum a law program at grad

school will be about sixteen thousand

dollars now a pure Sciences graduation

program Computer Sciences mathematics

engineering could be anything between

$15,000 and $18,000 again we're talking

Canadian dollars and this is per annum

medicine pharmacy dentistry veterinary

medicine could be anything between

$15,000 to $21,000 and now the most

expensive programs are the MBA programs

a regular MBA program could cost you

around $40,000 per annum and an

Executive MBA program could cost you

around $60,000 per annum and as it is

all over the world the Executive MBA

programs tend to be the most expensive

program now just a quick distinction

between what is a regular and BA program

and what is an Executive MBA program a

regular MBA program is for students

typically who get in and want to do a

full-time MBA program and they go

through entrance exams and they clear

all of that it's a competitive route and

they study full-time these programs in

Canada could be even up to 18 months

Executive MBA programs on the other hand

are for people taking a mid-career break

coming back with some element of work

experience and they'll not perhaps able

to attend classes regularly so these

tend to be weekend classes so this is

very expensive and it also lasts for two

long years so for example if you want to

go in and do the Kellogg Schulich MBA at

the Schulich School of Business that

program could cost you a hundred and

twenty thousand dollars a quick note

about the medicine dentistry pharmacy

and veterinary programs at Canada

typically these tend to be very

difficult to get admission into not only

are they competitive the seats are

limited and a lot of the seats are

reserved for the local students but if

you get it the scholarships tend to be

very generous and many a times they will

insist that you need to come back to

your home country after completion of

the program now let's look at a break up

of the undergraduate tuition fee and

graduate tuition fee based on the

different provinces in

Canada the top three universities in

Canada are McGill University in Montreal

University of Toronto in Ontario and

University of British Columbia in

Vancouver and these three provinces also

tend to be the most popular areas that

students tend to go into study so

looking at the costs in these three

provinces Ontario is the most expensive

where the undergrad tuition fee averages

about 35,000 Canadian dollars per annum

and the grad tuition fee is about 22,000

Canadian dollars per annum Quebec where

Montreal is as an undergrad tuition fee

of about $22,000 and a grad tuition fee

of about $15,000 per annum British

Columbia as an undergrad tuition fee of

about $25,000 and a grad tuition fee of

about $17,000 canadian dollars per annum

these are average numbers the lowest

cost province in Canada is Newfoundland

and Labrador and they're the undergrad

tuition fee could be as low as $12,000

per annum and the grad tuition fee could

go low enough to 4,000 Canadian dollars

per annum now the second section of this

masterclass will talk about the cost of

living in Canada under your Canadian

visa you're required to maintain 10,000

Canadian dollars as your living expenses

per year and it goes on to say it should

be about eleven thousand dollars if you

are in Montreal but my suggestion to you

is that ten or eleven thousand dollars

might be a little less for you the

average number that's more realistic is

about fifteen thousand Canadian dollar

for annum and this includes your cost of

stay or rent in the DOM or outside your

food your books your personal expenses

your transportation your health

insurance mobile phones and some of the

other basic requirements that you will

have in fact University of British

Columbia prescribed a minimum living

$15,500 and that does not include about

a $900 mandatory health insurance policy

now Vancouver is one of the most

expensive cities to live in and so

therefore you've got to factor that

aspect in as well so anything between

$15,000 to about sixteen thousand four

hundred dollars looks like a good number

for living cost you might also bought a

budget a little bit extra for woolen

clothes knowing how cold Canada can

become especially if you're looking to

buy all of them once you go there now go

back and take a look at the video we

made recently called part-time jobs in

Canada and if you're looking to part

finance some of your living expenses

you'll get some wonderful ideas in that

video of on-campus and off-campus jobs

that can help you earn that little bit

extra and also tell you about one extra

head of cost which is called your visa

cost and your application cost now the

student visa cost is about a hundred and

fifty Canadian dollars and the

application cost for university is

roughly about one hundred two hundred

and twenty Canadian dollars now assuming

you're applying to about four to five

universities and you're incurring the

visa cost you need to set aside at least

about six hundred Canadian dollars which

is about 33,000 indian rupees now in

Section number three I had promised to

give you the list of the most affordable

universities in Canada and the tuition

fee for an undergraduate program at some

of these universities ranges from

between five thousand Canadian dollars

to about twelve thousand Canadian

dollars per annum and let me read out

the names for you this Dominican

University College Branden University

University they st. Boniface Canadian

Mennonite University Memorial University

of Newfoundland southern Alberta

University of Technology the Kings

University College Athabasca University

University their Moncton

st. Paul University University Saint and

Mount Royal University University of

Winnipeg and the Canadian University of

Edmonton talking about the top-ranked

universities and the tuition fee for an

undergraduate program that they charge

per annum to an international student

McGill University in Montreal charges

between sixteen thousand dollars to what

forty five thousand dollars at the upper

end and the range is wide because from

all the way from maybe the arts programs

to going up to the more expensive

science and medicine programs that's the

range at McGill University looking at

University of Toronto the range is

anything between thirty thousand

Canadian dollars per annum going up to

forty five thousand Canadian dollars per

annum and University of British Columbia

in Vancouver continues to be one of the

more expensive universities with the

tuition free ranging between thirty six

thousand dollars all the way going up to

forty nine thousand dollars for annum

now let's take a look at the entire some

of this to see what does it mean for us

in Indian rupees per annum so for an

undergraduate program we said that the

average tuition fee is about twenty five

thousand dollars we said the cost of

living is about fifteen thousand dollars

putting that together we get about forty

thousand dollars in Indian rupees this

comes to about twenty two lakh of rupees

now if you finish your degree program in

three years your total cost is sixty six

lakh of rupees but if you take four

years to complete it it could cost you

up to eighty eight lakhs this is for an

undergraduate program looking at the

postgraduate program or the grad school

program the average tuition fee that we

had mentioned earlier was about sixteen

thousand dollars Canadian dollars per

annum the living cost is the same which

is about fifteen thousand dollars per


what's that together the grad school

total cost is about thirty one thousand

dollars and a grad school program could

be anything between one year

two three years so for one year it could

cost you 17 lakhs of rupees and up to

three years it could cost you fifty one

lakh of rupees okay and now we're into a

final section where we're going to do a

comparison of cost between studying in

Canada US UK Australia New Zealand and

Singapore so looking at Canada first and

in fact Canada's perhaps of the lower

end of all these countries so we said

that the average cost of an

undergraduate program is 22 lakh of

rupees per year which was about 40,000

Canadian dollars per year now if I

complete the degree program in three

years my total cost of doing an

undergraduate program in Canada is about

66 lakh of rupees in New Zealand the

average cost of an undergraduate program

is 35,000 New Zealand dollars which is

about 17 lakh of rupees per annum

but since New Zealand and the foyer

undergraduate program the total cost of

the undergraduate program is about 68

lakhs a little bit more than what it

costs us to go to Canada but pretty much

in the same range looking at the two

countries that are marginally more

expensive than Canada and New Zealand

coming up is Australia the undergraduate

tuition fee in Australia for annum is

35,000 Australian dollars which works

out to 18 lakh of Indian rupees and over

a four year period because in Australia

also the undergraduate degree is for

four years your total cost works out to

72 lack of Indian rupees similarly in

Singapore in fact the numbers of

Singapore and Australia look pretty much

the same

you've got Singapore dollar 35,000 being

your average undergraduate cost per

annum which in Indian rupees is 18 lakh

of rupees and into four years once again

is 72 lakhs

Australia and Singapore are similar in

cost and Canada New Zealand tend to be

at the lowest end and similar let's look

at UK in UK the average cost per annum

of an undergraduate program is about 30

thousand pounds

which is about 28 lakhs per annum now in

you came once again the undergraduate

degree is a three year program so the

total cost would work out to about 84

lakhs in total and now coming to the Big

Daddy which is us roughly the cost per

annum of an undergraduate degree in the

US for international students is about

$55,000 per annum u.s. dollars this

works out to about 40 lakh of rupees per

annum and the total cost over a

four-year period is 1.6 crores and that

brings us to the end of this masterclass

on the cost of stunning and living in

Canada and I'm sure you're waiting to go

to the land of maple leaf very soon so

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