How to Convert Indonesia Rupiah to Dollars & Euro


good morning everyone

okay so this is Tanisha Davis coming at

you from the funding budget act and I

want to go over something really simple

today money conversion being that I

travel a lot I find it super super

helpful to learn how to convert your

money from your currency or where you're

from to the currency of where you're

going even if the place accept American

dollars this will let you know if you're

getting a good deal or not and it also

gives you some peace of mind because let

me tell you and some of the countries

the money currency that they use can

sound like a lot of money but they're by

the time you finish converting it it

ain't nothing but a few dollars y'all

okay so let's talk about this right now

we are in Bali Indonesia and their money

currency is the rupiah and so they do

not take American dollars some places

some of the bigger touristy places do

but most of the local places don't so

the best thing to do is to go ahead and

convert your money to rupiah I did not

convert my money to rupiah back home I

waited to like got here and converted

the currency that I had to rupiah I had

euro and I had American dollars because

I was coming off of travel throughout

Europe and that was super helpful too

because the Euro actually gets a better

conversion rate than the Europe than the

American dollar so kill two birds with

one stone use whatever I have left over

for my euro and traded it and traded it

in for rupiah

okay so panas my money this is the money

that I have in my wallet right now it's

a change so what do I have I have

this is four hundred thousand rupiah

sounds like a lot right and then we have

okay so we have four hundred and six D

ones the two four six seven eight five

four hundred is sixty eight thousand

five hundred rupiah that's what we have

on hand and so what does that exactly

equal what I do is I take a base

conversion rate because a lot of you who

travel may know that conversion rates

fluctuate daily and sometimes even

hourly but most countries will keep it

for whatever that conversion rate is for

the day so I don't figure it out by the

day I just take a base I can get a gist

of the number so the base we're gonna

use for this exercise is thirteen

thousand three hundred which is what the

conversion rate was when I got here and

so what we're gonna do is I said I had

four hundred sixty-eight thousand and

five hundred rupiah so we're gonna take

that number and we're gonna divide it by

the conversion rate of the dollar one

dollar equals thirteen thousand three

hundred rupiah so I'm gonna divide that

by thirteen three hundred I have 35

dollars y'all I have thirty five dollars

that's what all of this equals thirty

five dollars but believe it or not in

Bali thirty-five dollars can get you

really far yesterday we went and had a

wonderful chicken dinner I had a chicken

meal chicken rice vegetables and my

friend Erica had a veggie plate so the

veggies and rice and vegetables it came

up to fifty nine thousand rupee

which was approximately four dollars

yeah I'm about to go get a massage and

I'm gonna get an expensive massage my

expensive to massage is gonna cost me

approximately two hundred and fifty

thousand rupiah which equals what does

that equal y'all two hundred and fifty

thousand rupiah divided by thirteen

three hundred thirteen thousand three

hundred that's about eighteen dollars

trying to get an $18 massage and that's

an hour and a half massage and so there

you have it that is the conversion rate

for rupiah and we also see this is a

thousand rupiah but they also have it in

coins as well this is a thousand rupiah

as well this is 500 rupiah and if you're

coming from a country that uses euro the

approximate euro exchange rate is 1 euro

equals fifteen thousand six hundred

rupiah yeah so your euro goes a little

bit further than the dollar and that is

the lesson here how to convert your

money to rupiah this is me again and

thank you all for watching and if you

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will see you again in another video

okay one last thing where do you get

your rupiah converted you don't have to

wait to get a converter at the airport

you can actually wait till you get to

town and you can have a driver anybody

bring you to a bigger shop to do your

converting there are a lot of small

money changes also but you know what we

found that the difference between the

smaller money changers and the bigger

money changes is a matter of change like

it's not even that big of a difference

to really put a lot of thought into I

find that the money changes all over

have been pretty much around the same

now one thing they do do that is

differently is that the bigger bills

that you have the better the conversion

rate so 150 s get one conversion rate

they usually get the higher conversion

rate 20s tenths and fives get a slightly

lower conversion rate and dollars get

even lower conversion rate as far as

change goes I know all I know is about

the Euro so they will take the two

dollar euro pieces in the one dollar

euro pieces and they will convert those

as well and they usually go for half the

conversion rate so if the conversion

rate is about thirteen thousand three

hundred changes you gets about of eight

thousand conversion rate which if you're

not gonna do much with the change anyway

it doesn't matter but so those are my

tips insurance for converting your

currency to rupiah until next time y'all