Exchange Foreign Currency for U.S. Dollars - Wells Fargo Bank

all right what's up guys I'm back again

this time sort of a follow-up video if

you remember a few videos back was that

the I think it was a gas station and

looked on the ground and found a think

was a couple of two dollar bills and a

hundred-dollar peso note you know

Mexican banknote and just kind of

carried with me for a long time

figured you know let me try to go to the

bank and exchange that as you can see

right here and went to Wells Fargo I

just fold the paper to hide kind of the

personal information but yeah you can

see currency Mexico the amount was a

hundred there's that exchange rate and

worked out to be another five dollars

and ninety cents so it's pretty cool

first time I've even tried to do

anything like this so it was kind of a

little bit of a weird experience I

assume there were some fees involved for

this but they don't they're not noted

here on this paper they don't really

tell you about the fees and it's

actually different at each bank went to

a Chase Bank later on that same day and

just randomly asked the teller you know

what a hundred pesos would get me and it

was I think it was like a nickel less

than this so yeah I kind of looked

online just real quick on the you know

it changes all the time this was a few

days back and I think if it was you know

an even exchange you know without any

fees or any of that stuff involved it

would have been around six dollars and I

think like thirty six cents so not too

bad but you know just kind of seems like

they should

you know note on here how much you're

paying for a service charge or whatever

they want to call that fee but you know

cuz look at the bottom here they

definitely got their their small print

basically telling you if they made a

mistake they're just going to take it

back from you

so I don't know should work both ways

should tell you what what they're

charging you but yeah anyways kind of a

cool cool enough that I found an extra

five dollars ninety cents right there on

the ground let me know what you guys

have as far as experiences exchanging

currency maybe there's a better place to

go maybe there's a better way to do it

let me know alright guys thanks for