Apple's Trade-In Values For My iPhones, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro!

what is up YouTube John here and today I

want to share with you the trade and

values that I can get from Apple if I

was to trade in one of my older Apple

products for an Apple store gift card or

for a refund on the new Apple product

purchase so here are some of my Apple

products guys this is my iPhone 4s my

iPhone 5s my iPhone 6s an older iPad pro

with 128 gigabytes of storage and a

13-inch mid-2014 MacBook Pro with 128

gigabytes of storage to ironic things I

want to mention here I'm actually

filming this video with my phone 10s and

the iPhone 10s and this MacBook Pro are

in roughly the same price range also my

iPhone 10s has double the storage

capacity of this laptop I actually

forgot to point out my Apple pencil

sitting right here which is the first

generation Apple pencil with the

lightning connector and here we are guys

the moment of truth and I do want to say

something here before I proceed the

trade-in values that I'm gonna find here

for myself are not necessarily what you

will find for yourself that may vary on

your device its condition and on perhaps

anything else that I'm unaware of so I

just want to put that out there these

are the numbers that I'm gonna get for

my trade-in value based on what I enter

for my products so after saying that I'm

gonna go ahead and proceed let's see so

it says select your device together

trade an estimate for an Apple Store

gift card okay so let's start off with



now first of all I'm gonna check and see

if I can trade in my iPhone 4s first

that who made it now there's a bunch of

different manufacturers listed here

of course mines is made by applesauce

look at that which model let's see

iPhone 10 so you can actually trade

phones starting from the iPhone 10

iPhone 8 plus and my iPhone 4s is not

listed by number here so as you can see

it comes down from the iPhone 10 all the

way down to iPhone 5 and then there's

the other tap I'm gonna go ahead and

click the other tab and based on what

you've told us your iPhone is ready to

recycle well it doesn't qualify for a

gift card just send it to us and we'll

recycle it for free so that's it for my

iPhone 4s I can't get anything for that

so let's go ahead and have a look at

what my 5s will be worth select your

device to get a trade an estimate for an

Apple store gift card again I'm gonna go

for the smartphone of course first

accumulated Apple which model is it the

5s or is it there we go

does it turn on well last time I checked

it did so yes it's the enclosure in good

shape and do all the buttons work last

time I checked that will be a yes as

well how's the screen last time I

checked it was fine it's in good shape

okay my 5s is gonna be worth 30 bucks in

trade-in value and to be completely

Frank with you guys that does disappoint

me a bit not because the 5s is new or

anything of course the 5s is an old old

model at this point in time it's just

that I feel personally that the 5s is

perhaps the most beautiful iPhone design

that is out there of course that does

depend on taste and I am saying that as

a person who's currently using the

iPhone 10s so I do realize that

technology advances and life goes on I'm

just saying that for the form factor of

the 5s it was really a beautiful phone

now let's see what my iPhone 6s will be


Apple iPhone 6s does it turn on yup is

the enclosure in good shape and do all

the buttons work let's see what that

means is enclosure free of signs of

vending major dance and deep scratches

are there zero signs of liquid damage

and do the home sleep / wake and volume

buttons work as they should

well there are some small scratches I

wouldn't call them deep so based on that

since they're not deep scratches I think

I'll go ahead and say yes how's the

screen it isn't good shape

although the scratches are on the glass

but they don't seem deep or anything

based on what you've told us you've got

$100 in trade-in value that's a pretty

decent number especially after the 30

bucks I would have bought and throw my

5s now let's see if I can trade in my

Apple pencil oh ok so it doesn't look

like I can because there's a smartphone

auctioneering tablet computer watch

other devices recycled so it doesn't

look like I'm gonna get anything for

that let me go ahead and just go through

this Airport Apple TV I don't eat it Wow

oh okay I don't even see the Apple

pencil on here in the list of these

devices so I guess maybe even recycling

the Apple pencil isn't an option

hmmm oh well I guess if you really wanna

through cycles your older Apple pencil

maybe you can perhaps take it into the

store and ask somebody there if they can

recycle it for you anyway now I'm gonna

see what my iPad toll would be worth if

I played thin so let's select the tablet

made by Apple serial number I'll go

ahead and enter that serial number and

I'll be back and then back so I enter

the serial number I'm just trying to

cover it up here it's asking me if this

is my iPad I'll just click yes because

it is does it turn on yes it certainly


is the enclosure in good shape and do

all the buttons work certainly how's the

screen it's in good shape

Wow okay well that's not bad

so it's worth two hundred and fifty

dollars in trade-in value of course the

device was for around $1000 so 250 isn't

exactly even near 50% of its price but

still it's a used device and that's what

they're willing to offer and last but

not least I'll go ahead and see if I can

trade in my laptop which is the laptop

I'm actually using here my MacBook Pro

so I'll hit computer ample I'll go ahead

and enter that serial number and I will

be back and I'm bad can I answer the

serial number and it's asking me which

model so I'm gonna go ahead and flip

MacBook Pro what year it was mid 2014

which processor my MacBook Pros the

bottom of line so it's the core i5 2.6

gigahertz how much storage it has 128

gigabytes SSD

does it turn on and does the operating

system load properly I mean it's not a

new device but yes it does turn on and

the operating system does load properly

so yes is the enclosure free from signs

of warping or swelling

these are signs that a swollen battery

may have damaged internal components is

your Mac or Cree

now I have dropped this macbook pro

before and has got some dance scuffs and

scratches on it but there are no signs

of a swollen battery so I'm gonna go

ahead and click yes is your Mac in good

physical shape see what this means is a

screen for your tracks pixel loss and

lines while the screen seems fine

there's a body free of major scratches

and dents no it is not and there all the

keys where they should be the keys are

where they should be but it is certainly

not free of scratches and dents so I

will say no it's not in good physical

shape will you include the power adapter

it's worth more if you do well let's say

I would so I'll click yes okay so based

on what you've told us you've got 125

dollars in trading value so that's what

I get for my mid-2014 13-inch MacBook

Pro guys 125 bucks and trading value

I don't really feel great about that but

it is an old device and a hundred and

twenty-five dollars if you'd be willing

to trade in your MacBook Pro for a new

device it's better than nothing so there

you have a guy as goals would be the

trade and values I would get for those

Apple devices personally I'm not looking

to trade them in but if you were would

you trade them in for those trading

values if you would please let me know

in the comments if you wouldn't please

also let me know in the comments please

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