Where Can I Exchange Iraqi Dinar - You'll Be Surprised To Find Out

hi my name is Steve Dickerson I'm here

to answer the question on where can I

exchange my dinar once it RVs are

re-evaluates I went up to my bank the

other day and I asked them that question

I was talking about banker and I said

you know I own a you know a large amount

of dinar and I was wondering where what

does your bank do in regards to

exchanging the dinar and I bank with the

Bank of America and he obliged my answer

by saying we'll be glad to exchange it

once the dinar actually RV's and

reevaluate sigh can just bring my dinar

straight to the bank and they'll be glad

to exchange that tune or for US dollars

it was pretty simple a Bank of America

will do it for you there's not a lot of

Hoops to jump through or anything like


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family so anyway where what do you want

to do with your dinar take it to your

local bank

hopefully you bank with bank

America if you do they'll be glad to

take your dinar for you

so plow was able to answer your question

I'll talk to you soon bye-bye