The Jewelry Exchange May 2017

glad to see you again it's that time of

year we're moving into spring we're

moving into Mother's Day graduation

Father's Day and I want everybody to

think about father this year I know they

always think about mother hard but they

don't seem to give father anything in my

house anyway but tools to work on

something and garden tools or a lawn


but I'm always thankful for those things

and I'm more thankful when somebody

doesn't work for me but it's good to see

you again we've had a great year so far

2017 turning out great the one thing I

have noticed I remember when I was

younger we used to have 4 seasons now it

seems like we have two we have summer

winter right now it's a beautiful day

out there so is the most I think it's

felt like spring to me since we started

here I want everybody to remember the

first time I'm going to talk to you

about is some estate jewelry that's one

thing we're really known for

and speaking of father this comes later

but this is a Rolex these retail and I

think $7,800 range this watch is in

pristine condition has a one-year

guarantee this watch will cost you

$3,500 it's been completely redone it is

as fine as a new Rolex and it has a

one-year guarantee so remember that tell

me you solid on this commercial to get

this deal now speaking of the state

jewelry I'm gonna throw this out there

for any of the ladies that were born in

July or married in July that's coming up

soon this is rubies and diamonds and

we'll let this bracelet go for about an

18-carat will let this one go for about

twenty eight hundred and fifty dollars

and you have to see this one to really

appreciate it now diamond bracelets have

been around they didn't start to calling

them tennis bracelets till Chris Evert

or now she's Chris Evert Lloyd she

always wore one was she practiced and

just a diamond bracelet and it flew off

her arm and she made the comment I lost

my tennis bracelet at that point they

started calling a lot of diamond

bracelets tennis bracelets matter of

fact the diamond council presented her

with a a diamond bracelet that contained

14 karats a diamond II what made of

14-karat gold 14 karat because of what

she had done for the industry they sell

a ton of diamonds and a ton of bracelets

because of that but this has a dice

truck mounting which means the the metal

is pressed into a metal mode under

hydraulic pressure this is extremely

tough but this is an estate piece and

will let it go for about $1,900 now

speaking of traditional bracelets is

what a lot of people are used to seeing

but this is a four and a half carat

tennis bracelet as they call it but

really a diamond bracelet and here's

another type of diamond bracelet a

little different we're not going to give

the price of everything today but if you

come in and looked at any of these

pieces remember they're going to be

anywhere from twenty to forty percent

off of each piece in speaking of twenty

to forty percent off we've got all the

citizens watches and they go from about

thirty to fifty percent off so if you

want to watch for father this year or

watch for mother or for that person

that's graduating remember we can get

the backs of most of them engraved for

you so come in and see me but get in

early don't come in the last two days

don't shop like I do get a little head

start on it now

diamond ear rings when I first got in

the business I worked for a fellow who

our Prentice Thunder and he told me any

woman can have two three four rings they

have usually the two main ones they wear

and they switch them out sometimes when

they go out but he said any woman can

have a hundred and fifty pairs of

earrings so be careful fellas this is a

2.06 carat total weight and I think the

camera will do them justice because

Brandon's used I wanted the best cameras

I've ever seen here he does great work

for us for the whole community so if

your advertisers only remember what good

work he does even makes me look good on


but these are g2h color they're about a

si tu - si 3 and these are in what they

call a martini setting it's a three

prong course if you want a four prong

we'll switch them over for you but we'll

let these earrings it's over a karat per

ear of good quality these will go for

about eighty three hundred dollars

remember that that you saw it on the

commercial because you when you come in

you will see a great difference in the

price and here's one other parents want

to show you these are about seventy

three points we give you an exact weight

on all of us most people would call

these three quarters they're just two

100 from it but these will go for about

fourteen hundred dollars and we have one

character rings that go from anywhere

from around 2500 down to about $1,800

and if you want something special put

together for you remember we can order

anything we're an official State Farm

Insurance replacement center which means

we have a lot of site holders we can get

diamonds from but if you say I want

absolutely flawless D color D is the

best color diamonds come in if you say

you want those if you want to spend a

chunk we can get anything you want and

if you want something a little lower

quality we can show you the differences

in color clarity and we can order them

and build them for your specific needs

now this may is coming up and it's

emerald is the birthstone but this is

not an infant this is a green diamond

and a lot of people will substitute to

those this is an engagement ring with a

green diamond and if she was born in May

she might like it but if you want to

yellow diamond blue diamond pink diamond

whatever call us we can get them in this

piece right here will go for $3,300 and

it's in 14-karat and it has diamonds on

the side that are absolutely beautiful

now speaking of May we're going to start

with a big one today this is a piece

it's one of my favorite mountings we

have in here but if you'll notice it's

got trapezoid diamonds for the side

stones they're almost rectangular but

they've got a angle on the side that's

why they call trap is a

it and all you math majors you know that

and it's got side stones in it and this

is a very nice natural emerald will let

this piece go for about forty three

hundred dollars and you have to see this

one to believe it if you're familiar

with emeralds you'll see the quality in

this one and we can get them out of all

different qualities as well but this is

just a great buy for what it is now to

show you the diversity we have in

emeralds this one right here will cost

you about two hundred and ninety dollars

it is got diamonds inside the shank of

the ring there channel-set and then it

has a halo around it halos have been

very popular but we can build this an

inequality you want as well but if you

buy one of these that you see here

that's already built in in tact you'll

get a great deal on it this piece right

here this is a one that is a little bit

unusual because of the angles on the

shank because of the tilt it has to the

diamonds are in the side of the city

mount and it is a natural emerald as

well this piece will go for about eleven

hundred and fifty dollars now this is a

band that it could be used as a wedding

band it could be used as a right-hand

ring this one will be fourteen hundred

and fifty dollars and these are

beautiful natural emeralds as well we

try to carry a bunch of natural but if

you do want something custom-built and

he wants something that has a synthetic

a laboratory ground emerald or if you

want a natural of any quality we are not

afraid to accommodate you in that way

now this is one that I think is a

beautiful fashion ring these are

pear-shaped emeralds natural animals

once again and this one you won't

believe the price system would be five

hundred and ninety dollars

how about five ninety one now five

hundred ninety dollars and I just think

this one's a little different than what

you normally see and I want everybody to

remember this we've had people come in


and they'll bring us a picture and they

say I want this particular ring I saw it

in a fashion magazine I saw it on a

movie star of solid at Tiffany's I saw

it at Cartier's or I solid at Walmart it

doesn't matter if you want that same

ring made in that configuration with

better stones which sturdier gold or a

sturdy gold if it's called yeah I guess

we could say but if you want that thing

built like that you come in and see me

and I know I know we can beat the price

and somebody asked me they said why are

you able to beat the price of most of

the major chains I said I can beat the

price of all the major change and I'll

tell you why if any of you fellows out

there that are watching watch football

this year I saw three commercials for

one of the major chains three of them

three one-minute commercials on the

Super Bowl those ads cost ten million

dollars a minute

most of the huge huge conglomerates who

sell jewelry to spend 150 to 170 million

on that that's one thing you don't have

to pay me for we run these ads and

rather than y'all say you're going to

give these to me free this year I laugh

another anyway that they do me a great

job at an inexpensive price we don't get

into it so deep we can't stand it but

you won't be interrupted during your

favorite show like the car ads do you

like doing the Super Bowl I'm glad to

know they sell diamonds but I'd rather

hear some statistics on sports but I

know you ladies have seen them too

because if you're loyal and you deserve

a ring that's Mother's Day I know you

set there with your man during the

football game and I found out there are

a lot of female football friends thank

God for that well I finally figured out

what they're doing out there and she's

been she's been my companion for 30

years and she will sit there with him I

think she knows what's happening now but

these right here this is an estate ring

and this one will let go for three

hundred and eighty nine dollars for

three hundred ninety dollars but it's a

little bit unusual and it's got animals

stones set in it and it's got diamonds

around the side and you know when we

speak of the state pieces this is

something that a lot of ladies used to

wear this is a brooch absolutely

beautiful it has a three-quarter carat

of European cut diamond in it it's made

of platinum and it's got a great look to

it I might make this into a belt buckle

if I don't sell it this time but we'll

let this one right here go for about

forty seven hundred dollars and you can

hardly buy this center stone of this

quality it's not included it is

snow-white it is a great diamond and

here's another brooch that somebody

brought in to me and you know I remember

when people used to wear these and they

really look good on your on your coat

they look good at Christmas they look

good if you're going to a wedding they

look good on your jacket anything you

might decide to wear them for and this

one right here it's made by JB Starr if

you look it up online I know you're

gonna find this hard to believe because

I did this ring retails for $7,900 JB

Starr 79 hundred dollars and seven

platinum it's got great diamonds about a

carat 75 with this piece I couldn't

believe it was that much when I looked

it up and I hard to shock it's like the

quarry shocks me but this one right here

I'll let go for $2,900 it's in platinum

you have to see it to believe the

quality and also since it is Mother's

Day coming up in graduation things like

that if you need something special order

to get in here early if you need

something well pearls we have one of the

biggest selections in Dalton the pearls

we have teas and pearls we have South

Sea pearls we have saltwater we have

fresh water and I believe we can


anybody on those so if you need

something like that you come see me and

remember say you saw these ads on TV and

you were able to put up for me with me

for this link this duration of time you

come in and for your suffering you will

get a great deal I want everybody to

have a good summer when it comes up a

great spring I want everybody to be

careful and remember kids stay off your

cell phones when you eat suffering pay

attention to your parents okay everybody

have a good season