JAPAN RAIL PASS: How to Use? Exchange, Activation and Travelling Around Japan


hi I'm la Carmina travel blogger and TV

host I'm travelling around Japan with my

Japan Rail Pass which gives me unlimited

train access for a week or more let me

show you how easy this he use now that

I'm in Japan I need to swap my exchange

order for an actual Japan Rail Pass at

any one of these JR exchange offices if

you aren't sure where to find these

offices you can check out the map inside

this J rail path booklet that also came

in the mail



so now I'll just show to my passport and

fill the form with my name my mash

analogy and basic info then I get the

Japan Rail Pass here I must put my first

day of use this refers to the activation

date of my Jr's have I can select a date

from today until a month from now so I'm

going to choose today once the data set

it can't be altered great now I've got

my actual Japan Rail Pass

there's the day where it starts and it's

valid for the next seven days that was


the staff spoke perfect English and they

were so friendly yeah now that I've got

my Japan Rail Pass I have unlimited

access to explore in Japan for one week

I have full unlimited access to all JR

train lines and buses Shinkansen bullet

trains and some fairies I want a great

seat so let's figure out how to make a

reservation I can go to any ticket

office to make a seat reservation at

some fuel stations it's also possible to

reserve seats at the exchange counter


I just specified my destination and my

approximate departure hour so I'm just

waiting for the staff to figure out the

best part your time for me I can also

look up train times in advance on the

hyper diakon website that was easy I got

my seat reservation ticket here you can

see my destination Kyoto time of

departure train number as well as car

and seat number that's all the info I

need to find my train and seats so let's

head to the platform to enter the gate

all I need to do is show my path to the

staff now we're at the train platform

the monitor is a bug show where I should

head if I have a reserved seat and where

to go if I don't there's the bullet

train and this car number matches the

one on my ticket that's all you need to

know about Japan Rail Pass it's the most

cost efficient and fun and easy way to

travel all around Japan I love how you

have unlimited access to all these

trains including the famous bullet train

which I am on now if you're traveling

with me in Japan Rail Pass you can see

more of a journey on La cometa calm and

at like permanent on social media