Japan Rail Pass Full Tutorial (Purchase, Activate, Use)

what is going on beautiful people of the

world today we are talking about the

Japan Rail Pass now if you're going to

Japan this is something you're totally

going to want to look into if you're

traveling from one city to another city

and you're doing it over let's say seven

days 14 days 21 days this is something

you're gonna want to have it's gonna

save you a ton of money now if you're

gonna go just to Tokyo and stay there

this isn't for you but if you're wanting

to dip around and get around the

quickest way possible and the cheapest

way possible stick around I'm gonna go

through how you purchased the tickets I

use the tickets and how you activate

them all right now so let's just hop

right into the computer and we'll start

there okay so let's talk about

purchasing the Japan Rail Pass now if

you just go in Google

Japan Rail Pass it's gonna be a little

bit confusing there's tons of ads on

here so you're not gonna want to go to

that what you're gonna want to go is to

Japan Rail Pass dotnet that is like the

official Japan Rail Pass web site or you

can get all the information you need

once you're there you have a bunch of

tabs that will tell you about the Japan

Rail Pass but this can be a little bit

confusing because this is just an

informational web site there really

isn't a whole lot else here so that's

why I'm making this video so that I can

go through some of the things that I

think you need to know so first thing is

eligibility what is it that you need in

order to have the Japan Rail Pass in

order to use it you can go to your about

Japan Rail Pass and read some of this

but I'm just gonna explain it really

quickly it's that you need to be a

foreign tourist entering Japan from

abroad and you have to have a temporary

visitor pass a visitor stamp in your in

your passport that's 15 days to 90 days

long and you're gonna get this no matter

what as long as you're tourists and

you're not on the official business in

Japan now there's also some ways you can

get the Japan Rail Pass if you are a

Japanese citizen living abroad but there

are some conditions here that I would

suggest you checking out if that fits

your eligibility requirements if you're

a Japanese citizen living abroad for

most of you you're gonna be a foreign

tourist in Japan so that's not gonna be

a problem my only tip is if you do enter

a place where there is an electronic

entrance which some people are now

installing in a lot of these different

ports and airports

you're gonna want to make sure that you

do get a stamp from the stamp guard so

even if you go through the electronic

entrance you're going to want to go to a

garden ask them to get stamp so that you

can prove that you are a temporary

visitor okay the second thing is that

there are two types of rail passes there

is the green pass and then there's the

ordinary pass now what's the difference

obviously the green pass is a little

more expensive and the ordinary pass is

less expensive the reason is the green

pass is like first class let's call it

and the ordinary pass is well just

ordinary class now the difference is

there are a few more trains that you can

ride with the green passed and you can

with the ordinary past and you

supposedly get nicer seating in the

green section than you do in the

ordinary section I did the ordinary

section and I can highly recommend the

ordinary section there were tons and

tons of trains to get where I needed to

go they aren't that much slower compared

to the ones that you're doing in the

green so that is the main difference

between these two it's just classes and

availability of trains but like I said I

don't think you need to splurge on the

green one the ordinary pass worked

amazingly well okay the other thing you

need to know is that there are different

durations for these tickets so you have

a seven day fourteen day and a twenty

one day so basically what happens during

these things is you can use the Japan

Rail Pass as many times as you possibly

want in between these durations of time

seven days fortune' day than 21 days the

reason I bring that up is because if

you're currently planning your Japan

trip you should plan your Japan trip

around these durations because you're

gonna want to have the full pass in

order to get back to where you need to

go or you're gonna have to plan

accordingly so that way your pass

doesn't run out while you're not where

you're going to be leaving okay now that

we've talked about the past and what

it's about and the eligibility of use

let's talk about purchasing the pass now

you're gonna want to go over to this tab

here Japan Rail Pass purchased to travel

and if you come down you'll see that you

can't actually purchase on this website

you actually have to purchase from a

sales office and you have to purchase

these tickets before you get to Japan

you cannot buy these in Japan well you

can but they're phasing that out and you

have to go to special agencies and

special locations within Japan to buy

the pass anyway it's a real pain plus

most of the information on that is in

Japanese so if you don't speak Japanese

and you don't read Japanese

I would highly highly recommend

purchasing your ticket before you enter

Japan so you're gonna go down and you're

gonna click the location where you are

these are gonna give you the list

official sales agents that are selling

the Japan Rail Pass you can see here

they give you some options they'll tell

you the location they'll tell you the

office and they'll tell you the phone

number what I did was I use JTB in

Australia and I would probably suggest

using them they were super helpful and

responsive to all of my emails and phone

calls and questions but again it might

not be in your area so that's up to you

to decide let's go into what the JTB

purchasing process looks like so you can

see that they give you the different

types and prices and options and you can

have it sent to you via FedEx you can

also pick these tickets up at the office

so if you choose an office that is close

to you you can go and pick those up so

you're just gonna go through the process

of ordering the JR pass through the JTB

website once you go through this you'll

see that they'll ship you your

activation directions and we're gonna go

through how to use those to activate now

so let's take it over to Japan and I'll

show you exactly how to activate and

then use these tickets konichiwa

I'm Japan Josh I'll be walking through

all your JR pass stuff here in Japan

okay so today we're gonna be activating

our JR pass we're going into a socket

station to do it we're in Osaka so

that's where we're doing it obviously

well in your packet you should get a

booklet that tells you all the places

that you can activate your JR pass so if

you're in Tokyo or

sometimes came in somewhere else there's

a list of information in that packet and

tell you where to activate your j.r pass

we're gonna go through the process now

in Osaka


so you know Sacco you're gonna head to

the Central Station and then there look

for tickets and then they have to signs

for advance and today and season tickets

want to collect your ticket you can go

to the season tickets thing you can also

do it in advance and tell them when you

want to activate that was a little bit

confusing what I meant to say was when

you go to activate your pass in the

season's pass line you can tell them

that you want to activate your pass for

a day in the future meaning if you show

up on the tenth and you don't want your

passes start until the 14th you can

still go to the line on the 10th ask

them to activate it for the 14th so that

on the 14th you can start using your

pass that'll save you some time if you

don't want to do the activation on the

same day you're trying to grab your

first train alright back to the video

second thing is apparently everything is

booked so you probably booked ahead and

but you can also just hop on the train

in the non reservation cars so that's

we're gonna try and do now our three

cars turn on reservation parts 1 2 & 3

so just go there and wait and then you


I think we got here early enough that we

will get on so yeah no needs the

reservation I guess


okay so we made our first junior pass

trip okay a few tips I would say is that

if you're going to be driving a

no-reserve car if you're like trying to

go the day of no reserve first three

cars one two three get there at least 30

minutes early so you can just hop on and

impossibly get a seat I'd say that's the

best bet at least 30 minutes ahead of

time also book your trip a day in

advance when you get into the station

and you want to leave like two days

later three days later just go in to the

same station you're at so right now we

went to Hiroshima we went and got our

tickets for tomorrow to Tokyo so we're

completely covered for tomorrow and we

have reserved seats I think that's the

best way to do it just kind of be a day

ahead of it and that way you won't be

standing up on any trip but you can get

on the train so that's not a really huge

deal if you're glassman you can get on a

train welcome back I think that's

everything that I have for the Japan

Rail Pass my only final tip would be

that if you're planning your Japan trip

right now and you're budgeting it out

this Japan Rail Pass is a huge part of

your travel budget but it's not the

entire thing this is only between cities

travel when you're in the city you're

still gonna have to pay for the metro

the subway the bus or taxis or ubers and

it is pretty expensive so just plan

accordingly and hopefully you won't have

any unexpected costs as you go thank you

guys so much for watching this video I

hope it was helpful if you have any

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