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hi guys this is Katie and Samuel I talk

to you about how to find cheap

last-minute hotels now I love booking a

last-minute holiday I don't know about

you but there's just something really

exciting about booking a little trip

away for the weekend so today I thought

I would talk to you about if you've

decided to book a trip away for the

weekend what should you do to make sure

that you're not paying too much money

but also getting a great deal so firstly

you need to make sure you know where

you're going I know that sounds obvious

but I'm not just talking about

destinations you want to find out you're

going to the right hotel often people

forget about this step because there's a

last-minute trip this is not a set that

you want to forget about so you need to

choose where you're going looking at the

neighborhoods in that chosen City or

that chosen town and decides actually

where are the best neighborhoods to stay

because remember if you're only going

for two to three days you will want to

see as much as you can or for some

people like we live in Thailand we often

like to go to places and just chill out

so sometimes it's just nice to find a

place that's got a quiet beach nearby

that has a few restaurants whatever it

is you're looking for make sure that you

find a neighborhood that will offer that

to you to do this I would suggest blogs

blogs are the best way to find

up-to-date correct information

alternatively you can also look at

TripAdvisor you can look at travel

forums and see the types of

conversations that people are having

about different neighborhoods in your

chosen place next we're gonna want to

compare those hotel prices so generally

speaking we use booking comm for Europe

and America we use Agoda for Asia so we

generally find that those are the

cheapest like websites that we can find

for those particular regions we find the

hotel that we're looking for on there

and we compare them across different

websites to find the cheapest deal for

us a little extra tip as well is that if

you haven't a Gowda account you could

often get really good deals if you want

remember if you use it often you'll

often find that there's like a

membership price on there as well

so check that out as well because we

have saved quite a bit of money by being

logged into a go-to when we've looked at

hotels another thing to check is Expedia

Expedia are great for last-minute hotels

they will often drop their prices near

the Thai

of your check-in especially if there's

availability still so make sure you

check out Expedia as well because those

prices come me a lot cheaper sometimes

another thing you're gonna want to do is

check out the hotel website so

especially if it's a chain hotel you're

gonna want to check out the hotel

website sometimes they'll do online

deals more often than not those deals

are if you booked like 30 days in


but sometimes places can have a

last-minute deal booking type thing so

check the hotel website out just in case

the next tip if you decided to hotel

that you want to stay at is to download

the app again this generally tends to

work if it's a chain hotel so double

check I know that Hotel apps like Mario

or Hilton if you download the app and

you accumulate a set amount of points

you can get some really good last-minute

deals so double check those if that's

the type of hotel you were looking for

another app to check out is last minute

comm I love last minute comm they have a

secret deal section where you can choose

a hotel you don't know what hotel it is

but you can get really good prices for a

last minute secret hotel and you'll get

an idea right you can choose if it's

like a 3 star 4 star 5 star but then

when you book your dates they'll tell

you the hotel you're in and then you go

and it's kind of like a a mystery hotel

the rate file it would definitely

recommend it especially if you're doing

like a last-minute weekend trip away

another thing to check is coupons so in

the UK we have websites out hot UK deals

and Groupon but there are lots and lots

of voucher companies out there all of

the major ones I will leave links in the

description below but there are lots of

websites out there that will share deals

and vouchers for different types of

hotels and holidays especially if you're

traveling in the offseason so I will

leave all those below make sure you

check them out another website to check

out is rumor now I actually have a unis

website before but I've heard great

things about it so basically if someone

has booked a hotel room and they now

can't stay in that hotel room but they

can't cancel their stay they will put it

on rumor so basically you're paying for

someone else's room they get some money

back because they can't cancel their

trip but you're getting a discounted

room as well like I said I haven't used

it but I'm looking forward to trying it

and one last one do not forget top

cashback and I think I've mentioned this

one before but top cashback is a

fantastic website where you can book

your trip via their website and make

some type of Commission back so for

example if you were to book a

fifty-pound room on Travel Lodge you

might get yourself two percent back

which isn't much

it all adds up I remember we first

booked our trip around Asia all the

money that we made from top cash backs

we were able to buy it cans first DSLR

camera with so make sure you're using

cash back you can make money back it's

not just for travel as well you can use

if your clothes shopping you can use it

for your grocery shopping and you can

save money on there and get money back

so definitely check it out I will leave

the links in the description below and

actually if you click on our links you

can get some money back as well so check

it out but it's a really good website to

save money and make a bit of money back

when you're traveling so those are some

really quick tips on how you can book

yourself a last-minute hotel I hope you

have a great weekend or a great little

last-minute trip away thank you so much

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creative bye