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How to "Priceline Hack" a Luxury Hotel on the Cheap |

okay in this video I want to show you

how to get a really great price on a

hotel using a Priceline trick so for

this example I'm going to assume that we

want to go to New York and we want to

stay in a five-star hotel on Friday

night May 12th so before we go into the

Priceline trick I'll just show you what

a hotel like that would cost if we were

to buy it on Orbitz I chose Times Square

Friday May 12th through Saturday May

13th five-star and I sorted by price low

to high so for $233 we can book a hotel

and we get to see it's name and

everything but again for this example

let's assume we don't really care if we

know the name of the hotel were

satisfied with it just being five stars

in Times Square so before we go to

Priceline the one other place to look at

is Hotwire so we type in New York May

12th through May 13th and find a hotel

and the way Hotwire works is you can buy

a hotel right away usually I mean almost

always cheaper than you can do it on

Orbitz but you don't get to see the name

of the hotel but you do get to choose

the area so let's say I choose Times

Square South and Times Square North I'm

open to the hotel being in either of

those two areas and I say it needs to

have a five-star rating so you can see

right now we can book it for a hundred

ninety-three dollars plus tax of course

on Hotwire we don't get to know the name

of it until after we book but you know

it's probably gonna be a pretty good

hotel if it's a five-star hotel in Times


so this is the number we really want to

beat is 193 and in my experience with

the Priceline trick I'm about to show

you you can always beat the lowest

Hotwire price so we go to Priceline and

you don't want to enter your information

in up here because this is not the way

we want to buy the hotel we want to do

the name your own price method by

bidding now so we click on this bid Now


type in New York 12 to the 13th and bid


Priceline then pulls up a map similar to

hot wires showing the different areas

that you can bid in and you can see that

if you click on Times Square and then

you go down to the star level Times

Square has properties at all these star

levels and you know for our purposes

most importantly has a property in the

five star level one or more we don't

know how many properties but but it's

possible to bid for that what you want

to do before you start this is really

the key to the whole trick is you want

to go through these other areas and see

does Midtown East have a five star hotel

no it does not okay that's actually

helpful to us for a reason I'll describe

in a minute does Grand Central have a

five star hotel no it does not okay

that's great so you go down this list

and you figure out which of these have

five star hotels and which do not I

already went ahead and did that

so I'm going to show you here these

these ones from the list in red they do

have five star hotels so that's not good

for us

for this trick that I'll show you but

the other ones do the other ones do have

or sorry the other ones do not have five

star hotels here which is really good so

the reason this is good is because

Priceline allows you to choose an area

and a star rating

so Times Square five star and then to

come down and name your own price and so

let's say we choose something absurdly

low ten dollars you know we're never

going to get that Priceline tells us

that but if we submit this bid it's

going to get rejected surely at ten

dollars there's no way and if we want to

bid again but just change the price

Priceline won't let us do it it'll make

us wait at least two hours so let's say

our next bid would have been twenty

dollars well we'd have to wait two hours

to then submit that bid which would be

rejected then we have to wait two more

hours to

some that have been for $30 you know as

we continue to keep walking up the price

to find what is the absolute lowest

price that Priceline will actually sell

us a five-star hotel in Times Square for

the caveat and the trick here is

Priceline will allow you to submit

another bid if you add an area in and so

what we're going to do for our second

and third bid is we're going to come

back in here and we're going to say we

still want a five-star hotel we're still

open to Times Square but we're also open

to Midtown East so hey Priceline as long

as you give me a 5-star Hotel in either

of these two areas I'm fine with that

but what we've already done is we've

predetermined that Midtown East does not

have a five-star hotel so we know that

when we submit our are slightly higher

bid you know for twenty bucks if that

bid gets approved the hotel that we're

going to end up with is going to be in

Times Square then you know know our

twenty dollar bid doesn't get approved

so now we want to submit a bid for

thirty dollars we don't want to wait two

hours so we just come back in here we're

going to add another area we're going to

leave it at the five-star now we're

going to submit our bid for thirty

dollars and you know maybe it gets

approved product probably not but we

just keep walking it up knowing that

actually there are 22 areas in this list

that do not have 5-star hotels in them

so we can actually submit if we would

want we could submit up to 22 bids in

you know rapid succession without having

to wait the two hours so let me just

walk you through I mean that's really

the trick if you get that you don't even

need to watch the rest of the video

really but but I can just show you how

it works so Times Square five-star hotel

ten dollars

and I was like preview offer some terms

here but they're basically saying you

know no chance if you want to confirm

that you really want to submit for ten

dollars yes I do I click Next I deny the

trip protection I accept the terms click

continue verify my card and buy hotel so

Priceline is checking we're sorry we

can't accept a bid of ten dollars now

watch what happens if we if we don't add

a new area in here if we just come in

and say okay okay that's fine I'm fine

with twenty dollars and click continue

it's going to say select at least one

additional area or star level so it

wasn't it won't even process our request

by changing only the price however if we

add in Midtown East an area that we know

does not have a five-star hotel we can

now submit this bid for $20 submit that

let's see they're going to make me

confirm again

I do not want to purchase that and


well price I'm thinking about it okay

unfortunately we can't accept your offer

of course now what they're going to try

to do is they're moving me over to this

other page where they want to just sell

me things that are more profitable for

them so I don't want to get into this

loop I want to go back to the screen

that we were working on and of course

Priceline doesn't provide any easy way

right here that I see to get back to

that screen so we have to go back to the

home page scroll down to the bid Now

button type it in again bid now

and now you know Times Square Midtown

and now we're going to add Grand Central

which again we verify does not have a

five-star hotel because we determine

that earlier choose the five-star hotel

now we'll try $30 you know etc etc so

put in the name this is the last one of

these I'll do I think you get the point

at this point thirty bucks

no yes

and by hotel so you you know if they

can't accept their offer of $30 very

understandable so we just keep going

through this process just barely moving

it up like ten bucks at a time and

what's going to happen I mean I just

about guarantee at least based on my

experience is at some point and it's

tough to know when but at some point you

are going to get a price accepted by

Priceline that's lower than this one

ninety three and I mean it you know it

might be $80 it might be a hundred and

forty dollars it might be a hundred and

seventy dollars you know I don't know

where it's going to hit that Priceline

says yeah we accept that bid but by

virtue of this trick you are going to

get the lowest rate you can the last

time I did this was in Miami and I

booked $150 a night hyatt that's what I

would have had to have paid you know

just out of pocket for I think it was 65

was either 60 or 65 dollars and you know

it did that on Priceline using this

trick so it was quite a good deal

four-star Hyatt in Miami so anyway if

you like this trick please leave a

comment below or you know if you any

questions leave a comment below and if

you wouldn't mind sharing it with others

I'd appreciate it thanks