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How to Get Hundreds of Kindle eBooks Free

if you like to read and like free stuff

I'm going to show you how to get

hundreds of free ebooks and this

constantly changing supply will never

run dry you know each day we creep

closer to a paperless society it might

take a few more decades but I think it's

inevitable electronic documents and

ebooks will eventually take over for me

personally I've had a hard time letting

go of physical books I enjoy reading I

enjoy holding a book in my hand turning

the pages navigating around the book

with ease and then collecting books that

really touch me either emotionally or

intellectually or both there's something

about an e-book that just can't compete

with a real book but I'm getting older

and recently went through the process of

downsizing my in-laws possessions and it

makes me appreciate the simplicity of

e-books they take zero shelf space weigh

nothing and you can read them on just

about any electronic device that you

might be using so I am partial to the

Amazon Kindle eBook ecosystem this is an

actual Kindle book reader Amazon says

these can hold thousands of books and

they're available in multiple screen

sizes and the this display here is meant

to be very similar to reading from a

paper but it's supposed to be very easy

on your eyes however lately I have

abandoned my Kindle in favor of the

larger screen size of my regular tablet

Amazon makes their free Kindle reading

app available for Android and Apple

devices as well as on your PC or Mac

computer so you do not have to

these Kindle devices to read Kindle

ebooks Amazon wants to sell you ebooks

so they make reading ebooks easy to do

on numerous devices not just their

proprietary Kindle devices but here's

the great thing about ebooks they cost

almost nothing to distribute so that

makes it possible for publishers to make

their ebooks available for just a few

dollars or even free publishers and

authors can choose to make their titles

available for free either for a day or

some short period of time or even

permanently they might do this if the

author is unknown or in the case of a

book series they may give away the first

and hopes the series catches on with

readers and readers get hooked

so they'll purchase additional copies of

that series in the future it's like

getting a free sample while you walk

around Costco they give them away

because they know some percentage of

people will make a purchase in the

future ebooks may also be in the public

domain meaning the copyright has expired

and the book can be freely and legally

copied and shared without payment to the

publisher Project Gutenberg has made

tens of thousands of Kindle books

available free of charge there's a link

for that in the description below you

can also borrow Kindle books from your

local library through what's called the

overdrive program you will need a

library card but once you have that you

can borrow ebooks electronically but

let's look at the specific ways you can

get free ebooks on Amazon site if you're

an Amazon Prime member you can borrow up

to ten books that are available as a

part of the prime reading program keep

the book as long as you want then return

it when you're done reading there are

currently over two thousand books both

fiction and nonfiction available in the

prime reading program

well you don't own the book you can keep

it checked out indefinitely for Prime

members Amazon also offers the first

reads program

you'll get one or more free ebooks each


these are editors picks and the

selection is extremely small maybe five

or six books but once you make your

selection it's yours to keep now let me

show you how to find hundreds of free

ebooks right on Amazon site these are

free Kindle ebooks you can get them free

and keep them forever no Prime

membership is required no Kindle device

is required first let's start with the

top 100 free Kindle books this is a list

that it's updated hourly so it's a great

way to find new titles all the time it's

constantly changing from the homepage of

Amazon click the hamburger that's the

three lines there to see the main

categories click on Kindle e-readers and

ebooks then click Kindle books at the

top of the wide area click bestsellers

and more then scroll down to the best

Kindle bestsellers and click that at the

top left here you'll see the top 100

paid is selected just click on top 100

free now you'll see the top titles based

on the number sold or in this case the

number given away I assume that means

the title with the highest quantity

purchased at no cost or free in the last

hour I believe that's how that's

determined here you'll see mostly

fiction titles romance novels had a

bunch of washboard abs but there are

usually some nonfiction titles in here

as well you can see the ratings for most

of these are 4 or 5 stars so that's

pretty good

but this is only the beginning of the

free ebooks if we scroll back to the top

and click Kindle ebooks this page shows

us all the possible Kindle books

available almost everything you see here

will be books that require payment click

on advanced search at the top now just

change sort results by - price low to

high and click search

note this does not work as the results

are still sorted by featured but if you

click sort by and change it one more

time - price low to high you will see

free titles right now we're seeing

everything in the Kindle Store including

magazines and newspapers and ebooks some

of these magazines for example have free

offers for the first month so I believe

that's why they appear here in this list

even though it shows a dollar amount to

drill down to just the ebooks over here

on the left click on Kindle ebooks now

you will only see ebooks each ebooks

listing may look a little bit different

some of the books listings may show a

button that says buy now with one click

and you can just click that and get the

title free right away some may have a

Kindle unlimited tag on it but also say

or 0 dollars to buy you'll have to click

on the title and look closely at the

details on the top right of the book

page to verify whether and not or not

it's truly free you'll notice we are

still seeing mostly romance novels here

like we saw on the top 100 free page if

that's not your bag don't worry just

come over here to the left and click on

the department that you're actually

interested in for example click on

biographies and memoirs

we're still sorting by price low to high

but for some reason that I have not

figured out sometimes there are titles

with a price above zero dollars that

appear in the list here just be aware of

that and choose your titles carefully

and if you can figure out why some of

those titles appear let me know in the

comments below

most of the titles will be zero dollars

now you can drill down to subcategories

of most of the major departments for

example I can click here on leaders and

notable people you may be wondering how

good some of the free ebooks are as with

any item sold on Amazon you'll be able

to see ratings and reviews for each of

these titles I think there's some pretty

good ones here once you purchase a free

title the title will be delivered to

whatever Kindle device you've designated

in your account or you can just click

manage your Kindle content and devices

to see the books you now own and read

them if you wish new ebooks are made

available for free all the time so

you'll never run out of new content to

read one option that is not free but

that opens up over 1 million titles is

the Kindle unlimited program for $9.99

per month you can get access to over 1

million book titles and magazines these

include many bestsellers and popular

titles from well-known authors and

publishers just look for the Kindle

unlimited tag next to a book title to

see if it's included in the program as

long as your membership is paid you can

read as many titles as you want it's

like Netflix where you can watch as many

titles as you want for one price each

month and you can usually get started in

the program with three months free check

the link in the description below to

sign up for a free trial finally one

thing I recommend is to sign up to

receive the daily Kindle deals email

each day Amazon will send you an email

with extremely discount

book titles so these are not free but

are heavily discounted I've purchased

many of these titles they're very good

books most of them are $2.99 or less to

sign up click the link in the

description below or go to Kindle book

deals then click Kindle daily deals

newsletter from that page you can manage

a number of email subscriptions related

to Kindle emails including the daily

deals email so that's a quick rundown on

some of the ways to get hundreds or even

thousands of free Kindle e-books and

access to very low cost deals on ebooks

if you're ready to begin making the

switch to a paperless personal library

this is a great way to get started

building your collection let me know

what titles you're able to get for free

in the comments below I'm Fred Kelly

your nerd sidekick making you the

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