find the

How to book cheap last minute flights

were your family to book cheap

last-minute fights can sometimes be

confusing and seem impossible when I

need to book cheap domestic flights in

the USA there are about 10 good tips and

tricks that are used that can sometimes

save me a couple of hundred bucks this

week our passport kings I'm sharing that

information with you again my name is

Rockland I'm a traveler through his air

travel adviser who makes videos to

inform review and see if I can get you

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so you can be the first to know when I

upload the content when I want to book

cheap last-minute flights in USA there's

some tricks that I've picked up along

the way they are not rocket science or

quote unquote

secrets but there are some ways to fly

throughout the USA and save a lot more

money than the passage is sitting right

next to you of course the best way to

get the cheapest place is to plan way in

advance but as we all know sometimes

that is not an option a lot of times in

my travel business

I won't even book a flight for a client

for the next day for instance because I

know they will be getting a shocking

sticker price on the last few days

before takeoff flight prices can be

double to triple to what you would have

paid if you would have just booked the

ticket a week in advance but when you're

in the pinch and just need to book cheap

last-minute flights these are some of

the ways I suggest you wind up with a

reasonable price number 10 check with

frontier or spirit or if you're in

Europe use easyJet these fares are best

when traveling alone you can save

hundreds of dollars with these airlines

when you book cheap last-minute flights

these carriers generally have a bad

reputation and some is deserved but some

isn't if your goal is to get from point

A to point B by air frontier and spirit

is the way to go if you need to be

pampered wined and dined while you're in

for a few hours you probably should

gather up more money and look somewhere

else the downsides of using these below

economy fairs is when you were the party

of two or more you may not sit together

the seats are assigned for you at the

gate some and I do mean some gate agents

or passengers on the plane may have

mercy on you and let you and your family

sit together but that's a total gamble

usually you can pay extra to choose your

seat but that may run the price right

back up to what you were trying to avoid

paying the seats are not very

comfortable especially on frontier they

seem to be made out of lightly cushioned

plastic also these airlines will charge

extra for bags if you get caught up at

the door one of these planes trying to

get luggage on that's bigger than the

sizes that you agreed on when choosing

all of the cheapest options possible

they will make you pay and the luggage

of the gate will cost a lot more than

what you would have paid if you would

have just ordered the luggage online

also that luggage prices is a lot more

than what you would have paid on other

airlines people who complain about these

budget options are usually themselves to

blame for what they are mad about

everything they expect from you is

written out in plain English if you

choose not to read it that does not mean

that it was hidden fine print it just

means that you may have been trying to

get over on them tuck this light as you

can and don't expect anything extra and

your flight will be just fine number 9

be flexible and dates and destinations

check to see if you booked a one-way

ticket in each direction or check if

another close departure city is cheaper

to fly out of I live in Atlanta so

that's not really possible to do because

we only have one major large airport but

most cities in USA has additional

airports that are not that far away from

each other some airports have higher

landing fees so if the airport is 30 to

50 miles away from your home city it may

be cheaper to just drive or uber first

to either a smaller or larger airport in

the city and land in another city also

see if a roundtrip ticket may be cheaper

it just made and of course booked as

many days in advance as possible I know

that's probably impossible if you're in

this situation when you're in the

booking engine check if one day before

or one day after your trip would make

things cheaper most booking engines will

highlight that leaving a day before or a

day after will cost you less number

eight working the business or become

friends with and/or marry a pilot or

flight attendant if you're married to a

flight attendant or pilot in most cases

you will get the same employee benefits

that they

if you're just friends with one the

buddy passes which you're not as

flexible or still great just understand

that you will be on standby meaning that

if a plate is about to take off and

they're not full then they'll let you

want most times you will still have to

pay for a fraction of the gas being used

on that plane and sometimes

international fees that everyone on the

plane paid just remember that flying

this way takes a lot of patience and

sometimes you need fewer luck most

importantly you need to not cut your

attitude with gate agents if things

don't go your way you can wind up

getting the person who gave you that

benefit in a lot of trouble they're

using plenty of flights going to the

same destination you need per day if

you're not called for the first one you

will need to wait to the next one

leaving out this is bucks for flying to

unpopular destinations on a date that

the whole world isn't fine because

you're gonna need the flight to not be

full when you get to the airport if it

is you will be left if you're currently

in a relationship with a woman who is

between jobs or hates their job try to

encourage them to fill out an

application to become a flight attendant

they were even taken as a compliment and

go for it

or they'll just take it as a compliment

and ignore you either way they will take

it as a compliment

if that doesn't work maybe you could get

a position in the airline industry

yourself just follow the link that I'm

putting above number seven compare

different search engines of course I'm

going to tell you to check the passport

kings booking engine first you can find

that at Rockland landowning tele travel

calm but also keep an eye on sky scanner

and my mondo these services will keep an

eye on the skies for you a tip to add is

to remember to erase the cookies in your

browser and use incognito mode on Chrome

this may just be a theory but websites

have what's called cookies cookies were

made for websites to offer you things

that they think you would like instead

of mental overload and showing you

everything under the Internet Sun

cookies also have the ability to see

what you've been searching for and if

they see that you've been eyeing a

vacation in the Bahamas lately for

instance the cookies will let the

booking engines know the booking engines

will then try to make sure they get the

most money out of you as possible

clearing your cookies and using

incognito molds limits those cookies

abilities it will be like you're using

your computer for the first time and the

cookies will have no browsing history to

reference and then you'll be more free

to book cheap last-minute flames number

six buy tickets from the airport I've

heard people say that buying tickets

from the actual airport counter

get a cheaper price is hit or miss when

you want to book cheap last-minute

plates I know for a fact that I was able

to book cheap last-minute flights in

person at the counter I've done it when

I flew to Costa Rica and I've done it

when I was going to the Dominican


one person argued me down and told me it

was cheaper because I was going

international I've done some research

myself and found that not to be true

at last how fee is called website

convenience fees that are added to your

ticket price when you purchase tickets

online if you have any old receipts from

traveling by air look at the charges

that were included with your price some

carriers call it CIC which stands for

carrier interface charge when you

physically go down to the airport and

buy your ticket which you should do as

far in advance as possible

best CRC fee will not be included with

your ticket and the prices will be

cheaper number five of Ward stacking

which is sometimes called travel hacking

and it saves you more money on flights

than any of the strategy I've heard of

the price of the flight is the number

one factor that keeps people going from

adventures that they've always dreamed

of you can easily learn the six steps

that it would take to cut the time for

you to save on vacations in half

sometimes even less than half and this

new link that I'm putting above is of

course in it you will learn how to make

the cheapest bookings possible saving

thousands insider knowledge on a

frequent flyer cards and points how to

blow past your spending requirements

quickly how to transform your credit

score double your chances of getting the

most beneficient credit cards eliminate

the extra costs and fees so this course

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relationship between the credit card

companies and airline companies have

been so symbiotic that now you can use

loopholes to get extraordinary discounts

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called why not fly for free and they

guaranteed to teach you those strategies

or they'll give you your money back the

number four way to book cheap

last-minute flights is to type in a line

promo codes into Google Google is still

your friend a lot of people use discount

codes when shopping using sites like

RetailMeNot and just typing in the word

coupon code after the product that they

are searching for this method can

sometimes be used for typing in flights

and airlines now this is really

but it has worked for some of my

subscribers in the past try it out on

your next flight and remember to put

quotation marks around the world coupon

code quotation marks helps Google and

Google will not show you things that are

related but only show you results to

have those exact terms within the

quotation marks give it a shot

number 3 buy separate tickets from maybe

different airlines if you put for our

first class of business class and the

first part of your trip is the long one

likes it you going from New York City to

San Diego there will probably be a

connection in LAX since the second half

of your flight is so short you can get

economy class from LAX to San Diego and

probably with a different airline so the

side of booking two tickets in different

classes instead of one will make a

difference make sure to check other

airlines when you're choosing this

method number two flying on Saturdays

Tuesdays and Wednesdays when airlines

are deciding what prices to charge

people they take a lot of information

into consideration one of the main

things they look at is how busy flights

are on certain days they will prefer

that every flight of every day is full

the truth is people just don't fly as

much on Tuesdays Wednesdays and

Saturdays no one wants to be flying on

Saturday morning afternoon or evening

you'll be able to book cheap last-minute

fights on Saturdays because the airport

and planes are usually a lot more empty

than usual the same principle applies to

Tuesdays and Wednesdays most vacations

are planned from Thursday to Monday

every vacation spot you visit will be

going back to normal workdays for the

locals all around Monday morning and it

is when most tourists leave shifting the

vacation accordingly may have you

missing one of the best days to be at

your destination

but hey you will save a lot on the

airlines when you want to book cheap

last-minute flames

now this last way to bar cheat last

winter fights is something that I'm

totally against you using I am

mentioning it because a lot of people

say it's the best way to get cheaper

tickets and they're willing to take the


I'm not this method is called hidden

cities it's become popular from sites

like skip leg Airlines has actually sued

people using this trick of booking a

flight that connects in your real

destination for instance people would

buy a cheap last-minute flight from New

York to LAX and that flight would have a

layover in Denver since the passenger

originally only wanted to go to Denver

first place the passenger would just

leave the airport once they get to

Denver and just not tell anyone airlines

have been cracking down on his hat and

even sued some of the passengers that

were doing this

the airline wasn't successful in the

court ruling the court said the

passenger had reached the contract

however the airline's dilemma was how

much they were seeking for damages the

court couldn't agree with how the

airline calculated their feeds

essentially they pulled the number out

of thin air no pun intended so the

courts ruled that there was no loss to

the airlines I don't know about y'all

but I'm not interested in going to court

just the same 100 bucks is so on a plane

also it's really impolite to cause a

flight delay to other passengers because

the crew refuses to close the door

because they impede busy trying to find

the passenger who seemed to have just

disappeared it's an awful way to book

cheap last-minute planes and I suggest

you beware of that one always try to

book flights as far in advance as

possible but if that's not possible book

cheap last-minute flights using one or

more of these options and you will be

smooth-sailing and you'll be flying as

cheap as possible like a king of

passport King peace