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How to get Smartphones CHEAPER than retail!

- What's up guys, Saf here on SuperSafTV,

and I've got two mystery smart phones here,

which we will be giving away towards the end of this video,

so do stay tuned for that.

But what if I was to tell you that

I picked these up, as good as new,

but for a significantly lower price

than what they retail for, with a 12 month warranty,

as well as a 14 day money back guarantee?

Well that's exactly what I've done,

and that's because these devices are from Mazuma.

Now you may already be familiar with Mazuma.

They traditionally buy your old mobile phones,

but now they're actually selling high quality devices too.

So let's go ahead and get these unboxed,

and you can see for yourself what you'll be getting

if you order a device from Mazuma.

So let's see which device we've got inside this first box.

You can see that we've got the Mazuma branding,

and the box is actually sealed.

All right, we can go ahead and open this up.

All right, let's do this.

"Get excited."

Oh nice!

Very cool packaging indeed.

And there's also a little note here.

"Got an old device gathering dust,

"while you get to know your new one?

"Turn it into cash,

"give it a new home at

"We've got free postage with tracking.

"Get paid the same day we get your device.

"Most trusted mobile recycle in the UK,

"guaranteed fixed prices,

"and no reductions for marks and scratches.

"Hashtag, make it Mazuma."

Over 100,000 Trustpilot five star reviews, so,

clearly, these guys know what they're doing.

Right, so the device is on this side,

and it is

the iPhone 10 S

in space gray.

We're going to put that to the side,

and see what we get inside this little accessories pack.

All right.

(accessories rattle)

This is really cool because the power brick

not only comes with your standard

three-ping connector, for the UK,

but you've got a bunch of other connectors as well.

So if you're traveling, you can just take these with you.

Or if you're not based in the UK as well,

then you're going to be able to use these absolutely fine.

There's a sim card ejector tool,

and then we've got a braided USB cable.

And this actually has three different connectors.

You've got micro USB, lightning, as well as USB type C.

So, this is one cable for them all.

Not only are you going to be able to charge an iPhone,

but if you have another device,

you're going to be able to use this exact same cable.

And the fact that it's braided is really good.

Braided cables, of course, a lot stronger,

more durable, and less likely to tangle,

compared to traditional cables.

So that was the accessory pack.

Now let's have a look at the phone.

This is of course the iPhone 10 S Max.

Let's get it out of the plastic.

(plastic crinkles)

And check that out guys.

As you can see, this is absolutely immaculate.

There's no scratches or scuffs.

The screen is beautiful too.

And if you were to pick this up from Mazuma,

you'll be saving almost 20%,

compared to what you'd buy this for brand new.

And all of this is refurbished.

You're still getting excellent quality, but as well as that,

you're getting that 14 day money back guarantee,

and 12 months warranty,

which you'd get with a brand new device.

Right, now let's check out this second device,

which once again, is sealed by Mazuma,

to give you that fresh experience.

(plastic crinkles)

And in this box, we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

And this on Mazuma, is more than 20% cheaper,

compared to if you bought this brand new.

Now you get all of the same accessories

in this really cool looking,

soft Mazuma pouch, with a zip, so

you can carry all of your stuff right in here too.

And getting to the Note 9, it's once again,

covered in the plastic, so we can take that out

and have that very satisfying experience.

Absolutely immaculate condition, apart from the

greasy fingerprints that I've already gotten here.

And up front we have that beautiful, beautiful display.

So guys, if you're in the market for a new device,

then why not consider Mazuma?

You're going to be saving quite a bit of money,

compared to the official retail price.

And these refurbished units are as good as new.

They come with that 14 day money back guarantee,

as well as 12 months warranty.

But not only that, you are going to be getting that

fresh unboxing experience with accessories

that are actually better than what you'd get

with some of these devices.

And of course, you are going to be renewing

the life of some of these devices,

which is great for the environment.

Tech waste is a huge, huge issue right now.

And by buying refurbished models,

you're going to be saving money,

but you're also going to be doing good for the environment.

So if you want to pick up a device from Mazuma,

of course we've only seen the Note 9

and the iPhone 10 S here,

but there's loads more devices,

some at almost half the retail price.

Then I'm going to be leaving a link to Mazuma

in the description below.

So do go ahead and check them out.

And of course, the giveaway.

So as mentioned towards the start of this video,

we are going to be giving both this Note 9,

as well as the iPhone 10 S,

so you can have that same

Mazuma onboxing experience that I did,

and check out how good these devices actually are.

And we're going to be keeping things super simple to enter.

All you need to do is drop a comment on this video

with which device you'd like to win,

either the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or the iPhone 10 S.

Do also drop your social media handles in that same comment,

so that way it's going to be easier for us to contact you

if you are one of the winners.

And if you'd like, you can also follow us on social media.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,

that's where we're going to be making the announcement

of the winners, in two weeks' time,

as well as contacting those winners directly.

Those social media handles for myself and Mazuma

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Now a few disclaimers.

Please only drop one comment on this video.

Don't go around spamming it with 20 comments,

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And also, do not message myself or Mazuma,

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If you do that, then unfortunately

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So just play by the rules, and keep it very, very simple.

All of these details will be in the description below,

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So do go ahead and take a read at that.

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Thanks for watching, and a big thanks to Mazuma

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This is Saf on SuperSafTV, and I'll see you next time.

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