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College Textbook HACKS - How I Got FREE & Super CHEAP Textbooks Saving HUNDREDS | ESP Daniella

now before you buy your college

textbooks I highly highly suggest that

you wait before you buy them whether

your incoming freshman or you're already

in college you need to watch this video

so you know how to save the most money

possible so let's get to it what's up

YouTube and welcome to my channel ESP

I'm Bernie Ella and for today's video as

you already know I'm gonna be telling

you about how I was able to save

hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my

college textbooks now I know that it is

recommended to buy your textbooks before

school even starts so that you're ready

for class but for my personal experience

with my professors from my university

it's a totally different situation it's

a totally different scenario okay so the

first point I want to make is that some

professors if not a lot of them will end

up not even using the textbook that they

asked for for the class or if they

actually do end up using the textbook

they may only use it for like four or

five assignments but that's still not

nearly enough times of it being used for

you to go ahead and purchase it

especially if it's a really expensive

textbook so the first thing that you

need to do before you even buy your

textbooks it's the first ask your

professor whether that's in person or

through email saying hey do we really

need this textbook is really necessary

and a lot of times the professor will

still say yes it is required to be

successful in this class blah blah blah

but what I found out is that some

professors who may say that you need

this textbook in order to be successful

in the class they're mainly saying that

because because like perhaps part of the

cells from those textbooks from their

certain classes are going back to them

so it's kind of like all about money for

them right so if that is a case I

recommend that you get a second opinion

from people who took the class maybe

last semester last year and ask them hey

did you really need the textbook in

order to be successful and also just an

FYI for most of my classes I ended up

even having to use the textbook

whatsoever because we live in a 21st

century which has a plethora of online

resources from YouTube and Google and

Quizlet and so on so the same exact

information that you would be getting if

you were to go ahead and buy the

textbook is free for your access through

the internet okay so now to actually

buying or rinsing out your textbooks

sometimes towards the very beginning of

your course of the semester your

professor may give you and the whole

class free access to the textbook now at

my school this scenario has happened on

four separate occasions for different

classes so it isn't necessarily rare for

your teacher to suddenly give the class

free access to the books so the last

thing that you want to happen is to like

buy the textbook way before then but

then when you finally get into the class

the professor is like oh I got you all

free access to the textbook so that's

just money wasted that you could have

spent on something else see I actually

made the same exact mistake when I was

taking two summer courses a couple of

weeks back one of the online courses I

was taking was journalism and it

required that I get this fifty dollar

textbook and so I decided to get the

electronic version because I just like

having electronic textbooks right

however the thing about ebooks is that

they're non-refundable non-returnable

unlike physical books so when the class

actually finally started like three or

four days into the class the professor

was like hey I got you all free access

to the book that was 50 dollars wasted

that I could have spent on five bucks

combo mils of Raising Cane's I'm still

mad about that but yeah don't be like me

don't make the same mistake that I did

go ahead and wait it out a little bit

and see if your professor is going to

give the class free access or if you

actually need the textbook in the first

place anyways that leads me to my next

point when you are actually buying a

textbook make sure

make sure that it has a return policy

because every now and then you may catch

yourself buying the wrong textbook or

the wrong Edition that your class

requires or something like that and if

it's non-refundable then you're not

getting your money back you're just

stuck with it and also it's good to

check if your book is refundable

returnable because like what I mentioned

earlier your professor may suddenly give

the class free access to the textbook or

you find out that in your school's

public library they already have the

book for you to use and if this is like

a class of where you're barely using the

textbook in the first place it's best to

just check it out occasionally rather

than going ahead and spending your own

money on it with that said again check

your school's library collection most of

the time I can find the textbook that

I'm needing for a certain class however

at my school's library for textbooks in

particular we are only allowed a two

hour time frame to rent it out because

you know there's hundreds of other kids

taking the same exact course and they

may need the textbook as well so what I

do when I have the textbook checked out

is that I take a picture of each

individual page that I need to read or

reference to later and then I go to my

phone's photo gallery and then share

each of those images with my Google

Drive so that I can pull them up later

on my laptop and also with the library

and their textbooks they tend to have

earlier editions of the textbook rather

than the latest edition but what I found

out is that nine times out of ten the

earlier editions of textbooks basically

have the same exact information as the

newer textbook the only real difference

between the older version of the

textbook and the newer version is that

like the names of certain chapters have

been rearranged so for instance let's

say that in the older edition of the

textbook chapter two is named American

history but then in the newer edition of

the textbook chapter three is named

American history but as far as the

content of the chapter itself it's still

the same exact thing so as long as you

know the name or the names of the

chapters that you should be reading

rather than their chapter number then

you should be good now if you are still

concerned about whether or not the older

edition of the textbook matches up with

a newer edition you can always ask your


to compare with their textbook or ask

one of your classmates to see if it

matches up now let's say that you are

finally done with a class for the

semester and that you're wanting to

return the book that you bought and get

like almost a full refund on it right

well the gag is is that a lot of times

in many cases you will not I repeat you

will not get the refund that you are

looking for for instance last year in my

roomate she had to buy a textbook for

one of her classes that cost over a

hundred dollars she bought it through

Amazon I think and once the class was

over she tried to return it back to

Amazon but they literally would only

give her $20 right let me remind you she

spent over $100 on that textbook and

they only gave her back 20 when

returning it see there are two main

reasons why the value of textbooks go

down so significantly when you're trying

to return them reason number one it's

used a used book is going to be less

expensive than a new book and reason

number two is that textbook companies

are constantly fencing off newer

editions of the same exact textbook so

that would mean that the book that you

bought that was at the time the newest

edition is now an older edition so it

loses a lot of its value so that's why

in my opinion is best to just go ahead

and rinse a textbook rather than buying

it preferably it would do you much

better to rinse a eBook textbook rather

than a physical copy text book because

ebooks are digital meaning they are less

expensive because they're not having to

print off paper and number two the

reason why I prefer eBook rentals is

because it's easier for you to like take

your notes because you can just copy and

paste what you need to onto your Notes

document or you can use the keyboard

shortcut control fine to easily navigate

throughout your textbook rather than

having a physical textbook of where you

have to go to the glossary go to the

index to find what you're looking for

and also don't forget about buying a

used textbook like I said earlier use

textbooks are cheaper than newer

textbooks because they're like

hand-me-downs you can get a used book

for cheaper through online stores or

your school's bookstore and also some

people at your school may be advertising

through social media that hey and they

have a certain textbook that they are

selling for a fair price and that you

could possibly buy it from them so the

next tip that I have for you guys is to

cross compare prices this is so so very

imperative so very important for example

for my journalism class we were required

to purchase a workbook because many of

our assignments would be generated from

it so on my school's online portal it

directed me to the schools on campus

Barnes & Noble of where I could buy the

workbook however buying it through my

school through Barnes & Noble would have

cost me $65 buying a new and $45 for

rinsing it

however with me being very frugal I

still wasn't satisfied with those prices

so I did some more research and guess

what I found I found the same exact book

through Google Books for only $20

I repeat $20 not 65 not 45 but 20 so

with that being said the best two

websites you can use so cross compare

prices of textbooks are big word column

and text surf comm with these two

websites they cross compare more known

stores such as like Barnes & Noble and

shag as well as lesser-known places that

tend to have even cheaper textbooks see

I noticed with other YouTube videos that

suggest places to buy your textbooks

they mainly refer you to check com

however for me personally I have only

ever bought one textbook for check

because I'm always finding alternative

websites that have the same book for

even cheaper now one thing to note about

these two websites is that they do not

cross compare Google books so you will

have to do a separate Google search

to see if Google Books has the book

you're needing for even cheaper another

helpful tip is that sometimes on rare

occasions you will be able to find the

book that you are needing for free

online as a PDF however with these free

online PDF textbooks that you may find

most of the time the textbook will be an

older edition and older version but like

I said earlier older additional

textbooks tend to have the same exact

content as the newest version so you'll

still be just fine so another thing that

I really want to say is that whether

you're sociable or anti-social like me

make friends your friends will help you

get through college especially if they

are in the same class as you so that

means when it's the very first day that

you're in a class go ahead and

intentionally seek out people you can

see yourself communicating with and ask

them for their phone number their social

media and even better if you guys could

possibly form a group chat because the

more people you have in your group chat

the more likely you are to receive the

resources that you need such as like

screenshots from certain pages in the

textbook or perhaps or they could share

their notes or other helpful things that

you will need for the class finally if

you are a student then go ahead and sign

up for Amazon Prime right now I still

think that they are doing the six month

free trial for students so all you have

to do in order to get access to that is

to make an account using your student

email address that your university or

college gives you it's really just that

easy and the great thing about Amazon

Prime is that they have two day free

shipping guarantees so if you're needing

a textbook as soon as possible it's best

to just go ahead and buy it through

Amazon Prime very very last thing that I

want to say is that a lot of music and

movie streaming services such as like

Spotify title Apple music Hulu Netflix

and so on are offering free trials or

reduced rates for students and I say

this because coming from me a 4.0 GPA

student by the way I tend to be a lot

more productive when it comes

taking notes or studying for exams when

I'm listening to music or if I'm trying

to distress myself it's always good to

just marathon and binge watch through a

certain series on Netflix okay so that's

all for this video please please please

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